Sunday, May 13, 2007

Episode 22: .He's a Japanese boy!

Download Episode 22 here.

The always wonderful Jeff Tatarek, informed us that the girl that Alex called a "MILF" was actually, a "dude". Well at least that explains his mysterious trip to Thailand.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex actually composed a very touching speech about the whole "MILF" issue which is worth the download of this episode alone. Yes, that's my wife yelling, "shut up!" Grumpy old poo.

Alex discusses his wife's Japanese take on Chisneyland. I can understand her frustration, but I feel Chisneyland certainly shouldn't be representative of China as a whole.

Alex also mentions Jan Wong. The link he mentioned can be found here.

We also discuss gay innuendo! What!? Gay innuendo on Anime-Pacific!?

Wait a minute Mr Postman!

A whole heap of e-mails from new and old listeners ensures the best "Mr Postman" yet!

We discuss Jeff Tatarek's e-mail and Castle Of Cagliostro, which I will make sure Alex see's, even if I have to buy the damn DVD for him.

We got an e-mail from Scott of Geeknights fame, which made our year.

Special: Perversity in Asia

With, special Guests Benu & Duo Matrix from Anime-Genesis! Actually, they just called us in the middle of this so it was quite unexpected! I had actually lost the recording of this, but fortunately, Benu recorded it too. Huzzah!

We respond to David Lee's previous e-mail about depravity: Asian Style.

Those pictures were taken by Alex. He assures me that he was just "curious" and never entered the aforementioned dwelling.

Spring Season Chat

We discuss the Spring Season, yet again and how it's shaping out.

Series Preview: Skullman

The torrent for it, is here.

FINALLY! And yes, it's worth the wait; we love it!

It's a wrap!

ILA-Fansubs have finished Space Adventure Cobra!

An absolute classic and directed by Osamu Dezaki no less. This classic series is now fully subbed and I urge you to check it out!

The torrent is here. (It's 7.2 Gigs and 31 episodes long)

Here's a trailer for the film, which partially covers the first third of the TV series.

Next week, we finally review the Agent Aika prequel. Scourge of tissue boxes everywhere.


Unknown said...

hey dane....I was with Alex while he loitered outside this den of depravity and can assure you he didn't go in - though that could have been b/c I was there and suitably embarrassed and hoping no one saw us outside the door :)))

Dane Scaysbrook said...

hahah! Glad you visted the website Lise! Especially after listening to that catastrophe that was, "Anime Pacific Episode 3" in the car!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Actually, I've been listening for awhile, though not every week and not to the whole show. I find it pretty funny...though, regarding the gay jokes you both make - I believe the saying goes "he doth protest too much" :))) heh heh

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Well, from what I hear, boarding school does that to a man!

David Lee said...

Great show as always guys. You've pretty much summed up my feelings on Skullman. Didn't know that there was a prologue until you guys mentioned it. So after a 10sec google investigation I found what you guys may be looking for. I'll be sending the link in my email in just a sec. A little note on the site where i found it from. I've been to the site before while searching for torrents on rare and obscure anime and upon inspecting the site further, they also seem to host hentai torrents along with pics in their gallery. Very disturbing stuff and defiantly NOT work safe. So i guess Dane can add this to his ever growing collection of depravity. That is if he doesn't already have it. HaHa!

Status on Space Adventure Cobra download: 2gigs in, 40 hours to go.

Alex said...

Knowing Dane, he probably does already have it.

Dane Scaysbrook said...


Thank you so much!
I do in fact know of Delta Anime, as they do fansub as well as host.

For those of you who are interested in the live action Skullman Prologue,

For lots of strange and obscure Japanese related stuff, I highly recommend:

I feel that if Roger Corman were to host a torrent site, it would be something like deadfrog.