Sunday, December 10, 2006

Episode 1 (Pilot) Let's get manly, tearful and sweaty for Souten No Ken!

See above? Pilot! That means we're allowed to screw up a bit on our first episode! 

On that note, let's talk about the sound issues; Yes, I know my Audio was rather screwed up, while Alex sounded like he was recording from Disney studios in comparison. That, will be fixed.

However, the fact that my sexy, husky, man-tear inducing voice clearly outshines Alex's Corey-Feldman-esque voice... This I cannot help, bear with the poor fellow please!

Anyway, as this is a "pilot" some things will probably change or improve over time. My review was in fact a first episode review and thus, more of a preview. Regarding the "Anime Industry" person of the week segment, Alex will be there with me next time. He was rather busy this week.

Link Removed (Episodes 1 -3 are dead to us)

Show notes:

00:00 - 01:12          Our Grand Entrance

Actually, chances are you've never heard a podcast like the ones we were sending up there. They DO exist however, or perhaps it's better to say they did.

01:12 -20:46            Dane & Alex in a nutshell

Yes, just under 20 minutes, we discuss how we got into anime and where we are now. Included are some interesting stories about how it was to be an Anime fan in Australia aka (Our population is so small. we don't support anything niche and our highest rated shows are gardening shows - land). 

My man tears flowed freely as Alex reminisces abouthow Robotech changed the destiny of he and a room full of boys in his Canadian boarding school; With Sexy Results! <-- Kidding

20:47 - 22:02           Promos & Alex Singing

You won't believe which famous figure lending his vocal talents to us, and you'd be right to do so!

Promo: Anime World Order

It ranks among my most beloved podcasts, check it out!

22:03 - 40:16              News

Ikkitousen to have second season

Berserk, Trigun and 3x3 Eyes never got their anime continuations (at least not yet) and here's why. There's just not enough material for 15 years olds to masturbate to in those respective shows. The tissue companies CONTROL the anime industry I tells ya. 

Revival of Evangelion           

I barely remember the actual news item itself as Alex did his Mr Hyde-esque transformation at the very mention of Evangelion. Here is Alex's turn to shine.

Afro "Mother F***'in" Samurai trailer up

Good luck navigating through it. The website itself was really broken when we navigated through it.

40:17 - 41:05  Promo - Anime Pulse

I aspire to have the listener-base these guys do. I really enjoy this podcast, just stop speaking over the top of each other in reviews fellas!

41:06 - 55:04  Review (Epiosde 1) / Preview    -  Souten No Ken

First and formost: (The guys translating Hokuto No Ken, the TV series)  - My translation of Raoh Gaiden, translated from the Chinese subs. I'm rather proud of this, although there are still some obvious mistakes. - These guys are going to be doing Souten No Ken (among other things). They're jolly good fellows indeed!

Did you hear my voice when I said "Download this now"!?!?
This must be what "G4" is. Goodness, I sounded so forced when I said that, I want to beat the living crap out of myself
right about now.

55:46 - 1:06:50 Anime Industry Person Of The Week: Carl Macek

Carl Macek is seldom seen at any cons these days, I hear. Probably because he would get mobbed or raped by his adoring fandom! And check out that professionalism ofyours truly, what an epic screw up, I didn't even finish my conclusion before I ran the Promo!

1:06:51 - 1:07:48 Promo - Dave & Joel's Fast Karate For The Gentleman

Now here's some chaps who don't rely on SFX wizardry to make their podcast sound better than it is (unlike yours truly). They, don't need to! Check it out, it's a lot of fun.

1:07:49          -     1:10:52       Closing

Now, I know how earthquake survivors feel.

Next week, I'll be reviewing an anime that Alex can't poke fun at me for, Ghost In The Shell; Solid State Society!

Closing song is the closing song for Souten No Ken, and yes, the little "Gurandu Sponser" at the end was deliberate, I'm not that stupid right?


Daryl Surat said...

Note to self: release new promos because your current promo sucks.

Wait, I've been saying that for nearly a year now...

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I'm sure the promo I have in the pipelines will out suck any one!

By the way Daryl, did you get my subs for Raoh Gaiden?