Sunday, December 17, 2006

Episode 2: From poo to chocolate & Hello Japan!

I think Sunday is a good day for our Weekly release, don't you?

We actually recorded this episode almost straight after episode 1, but I spent most of the week editing it and putting it together. Much to our suprise, most of our initial visitors are actually from Japan itself. This is is pretty much totally due to a very kind person who runs a really interesting blog regarding anime fandom outside Japan.

Not only did this result in a huge jump in visitors, but it also contained wonderful advice. Thank you so much! LINK REMOVED - (Episodes 1 - 3 are dead to us) Introduction 0:00 - 26:40

Yes, our introduction is the longest single segment of the podcast.

As we boldly brag about the much better audio quality, our integrity is once again flushed down the toilet as Dane's wife uses a hair dryer in the middle of the recording. He proceeds to establish dominiance, in a subtle...silent...kind of way.

Seeing as we're an Asian podcast, we proceed to explain in detail our stance on bootleg Hong Kong DVD's and aspects that you might not consider when you buy them. (ie. You're paying 10 times the price if you order these on the net, as well as the fact that you'd be funding organized crime.)

We also chat a little bit about Alex's returning to the anime light with Ghost in the Shell.

Promo: Weekly Anime Review 26:40 - 27:12

The always great, Weekly Anime In Review.

We're in the process of making a good promo as well, I do kind of want to ask other podcasters if they want to play our promo if we'd make it but I don't want to shove it in their face at the same time.

News 27:13 - 49:58

More emotional ranting from Dane & Alex. Not much actual news from Asia, (except Japan) but there's some stuff coming up here which I'll talk about next week.

The rape of One Piece is complete

Did we ever doubt it?

We also discuss some of the stuff they did, including the infamous "Black guy cut".

I suppose they were afraid that people would compare it to this:

They also made a Christmas tree into a purple "Non Denominational holiday tree".


Naruto Filler To End

Hitler must be freezing his ass off in hell right about now.

To truly propel it to Dragonball status, Naruto gets it's "Z".

Alex verbally rapes the Dragonball franchise, while Dane defends the original.

Frank Agrama in da sh**.

Alex takes this chance to defend Carl Macek with all the man-love he can muster.

This in turn, takes us to the subject of violence in anime. Where Robotech had deaths in almost every episode, 4 Kids sees the need to butcher One Piece. We look back at the mid 80's before the Soccer Mum's (that's Mom's in Yanklish) took over.

Chinese film adaptation of Manga, Bokko (Battle Of Wits) number one at Hong Kong box office

Dane gives a mini-review of the film, which he saw on opening day in a packed crowd. (Half which were high school girls wanting to watch their beloved Andy Lau)

Then takes an opportunity to bash the Swine-Steins, who hopefully won't touch this.

Promo: Anime World Order 50:00 - 50:34

Daryl Surat loves this promo. So as a token of brotherly love, we'll play this promo three times next episode. : >

Not so indepth review of Ghost In The Shell: Solid State Society

Alex discusses the role that Ghost In The Shell plays in his life. Especially now, in the "Dark Ages" of sci-fi, with Star Trek dead in the water, the Star Wars films over, Firefly dieing a brutal death with Serenity's failure, Babylon 5 & Farscape over.

Alex loves SAC, but thinks Yoko Kanno's melodies soothe him to sleep. (Our next episode's person of the week)

Dane proceeds to repeat himself with the fact that this was on pay-per view and it's budget and then curses loudly as he types the shownotes and realizes this.

Alex attacks the Fuchikoma's and wins because Dane can't get a word in.

Dane discusses which version of GITS in the most loyal to the original Manga (which he loves, until Shirow became a rambling lunatic full of technical jargon with Man-Machine Interface)

To make a long story short: 3.5 / 4 stars.

The reason for the -0.5 is explained within.

Anime Person Of The Week 1:06:53-1:14:23 Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Man, I'm stupid. I went off what I already knew about the chap only to discover that Wikipedia has a rather sizable amount of information already.

I should relay to you that, when we talked about his semi-retirement, I was more refering to his anime career than his (still strong) career as a manga-ka.
He is still working and better than ever!

Some more recent mangas of his

Next Week: I'll be headed for Japan! 1:14:24-end

Alex's sister is here, so he'll be taking her around Japan, then I'll be on my way! Hopefully episode 3 shall be delivered on time, if not, it'll be an extra special episode!

Ta-Ta darlings.

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