Saturday, December 23, 2006

Episode 3: Happy Non-Denominational-Yearly Holiday!

What better gift than a really really crappy review?
Episode 3 comes a day earlier than usual because I'm heading to Japan in a matter of hours, so forgive me if the shownotes are not up their usual Tolkein-esque standard.

Download it here:

LINK REMOVED (Episodes 1 - 3 are dead to us)

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0:00-30:35 Blah Blah

We shoot the breeze for half an hour, among the discussions are cautionary tales about going to Japan while on welfare, going on a spending spree on pornography and trying to evade immigration. Dane proceeds to verbal abuse Australia and it's 1950's stance on erotica.

30:35-31:25 Anime Pulse

The podcast that needs no mention which is fine, because I don't have time to mention it!

31:26- 44:45 News (Or lack of)

What a pitiful amount of news. Here's hoping something big happens when I arrive in Japan.

Tales of Earthsea won't be headed to US anytime soon:

Because Sci-Fi is sitting on "Earthsea 90210".

Gundam the ride to close:

Damn, I never even knew it existed. Here's what you have missed:

Joe Hisashi in Hong Kong, tickets sold out almost instantly!

I missed it! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Here's some "stalker-esque" footage of his concert.

44:50-45:28 Weekly Anime Review Promo

I've yet to be dissapointed yet by this podcast.

45:28 - 1:03:50 Anime person of the week: Yoko Kanno

Most probably, my favourite composer in the world!

Alex won't accept that someone is better than Billy Ray Cyrus.

1:04:00 - 1:17:15 : My Crappy Review Of "Brave Story"

In short, 4 stars (out of 4) I LOVED IT. Oh wait, Alex won't let me give it 4 stars.

1:17:16 - 1:23:01 Finale and Alex's "Song"

Next week, both of us will be in Japan and Dane has bought a new microphone, so finally the audio might be up to something post World War I.

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