Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Episode 4: Have we found our feet?

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Our first face-to-face recording of this podcast and I must say, it turned out really well. I think the show is finally finding it's feet.

Anyway, here I am in Japan with Alex. You would think the chilly winter weather would put a stop to those short miniskirts but fortunately, no!

If you have to make a final judgment on us, then judge us by this episode.

We've been absolutely bombarded with e-mails, (un)fortunately, they're all from someone selling Viagra and in the "bulk" folder.

Remember, e-mail us at


Detailed show notes to come!

For a very brief synopsis, Dane & Alex talk about some misconceptions some foreigners have when they enter the "anime country" which in turn moves onto a discussion about child pornography.

We discuss the news, kind of briefly. Not too much to tell really but Dane discusses the exciting "Gundam Expo 2006" which is currently in Hong Kong.

Dane reviews the literary masterpiece, "Mad Bull 34" by none other than J.R.R. Tolk.... Oh wait, Kazuo Koike.

He also briefly reviews the now (sadly) out of print OVA series.

The scanlations for Mad Bull 34 are available at


And here's a small clip of this "Gritty, realistic cop show"

Our Anime Person of the week is someone who really deserves to be more well known. The great Michael Arias, the man who lived the "Otaku dream" by being the first foreigner to direct an anime in Japan.

Check out this article in the Japan times by the always wonderful Patrick Macias for more:


Here is a trailer to his film, Tekkonkinkreet

Just one more word guys: STUDIO 4oC (Is that one word?)

Hope you enjoy it, leave some comments dagnammit!

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