Sunday, January 14, 2007

Episode 5: Take THAT Earthquake!

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Despite the earthquake which pretty much raped the internet here in Asia, we managed to get the podcast up. No anime person of the week or reviews this week, but a LOT of news!

We had quite a few visitors during the week. 90% who came because we turned up in google under "download Afro Samurai episodes" or something to that effect.

Wouldn't it be childish if I did something


The power of google my friends...


Shootin' The Breeze 0:00 - 06:08

We talk about one of the most beloved cartoon characters in Japan. "Little Black Sambo". Little Black Sambo merchandise is in fact so hot right now in Japan that manafacturers can't keep up with the demand.

Is it racist? Ignorant? Innocent? You decide.

Promo: Weekly Anime Review 06:08-06:42

News! 06:42- 41:06

Afro Samurai ratings: 0.6

We won't get into the arguement of whether those are "good" or "bad" ratings. But opinions on this show were mixed. It has been said that Samuel L. Jackson was under-utilized and because of that, it feels like a cliche of any other Samurai show.

It's also been said to be some good light-hearted fun, so you decide.

Here's a clip of the first fight, so you can get a feel for the show.

Naruto DS game coming out in English

Not sure if it's this one or the 3D one, but the more the merrier!

New Ikkitousen Trailer Causes controversy

In our most unexpected, shocking news segment. We discover that the Ikkitousen: Dragon Century trailer has caused controvery because it contains....panties, nudities and upskirt shots. The director is reportedly in tears with the news that some 15 year olds have in fact masturbated to Ikkitousen and disregarded it's "Tolkeinesque" storyline.

This leads to a discussion on garage kit "chicks" which cost more than a night with a REAL lady.

Total HD

Alex wonders if HD will make anime look that much better.

Gung-Ho Developing a Fist Of The North Star (Hokuto No Ken) MMORPG

Dane hates Mmorpg's but he loves Hokuto No Ken. We spend a few minutes thinking (positvely & negatively) about what could be.

Studio Ghibli wants a "foreign" director to "further" Western Animation

Dane hates Michael Eisner.

We discuss how "Western animation" really has advanced in one way, but is still lacking in another.

M Knight. Shama-lama-Ding-Dong to direct the live action version of "Avatar: The Last Airbender"

We haven't actually seen Avatar: The Last Airbender, but if a large portion of anime fans actually like it, it must be doing something right.

41:28- 45:51 Our Promo & End

And a special gift to all 3 of you listening. Our promo! Full of completely unscripted whacky moments....

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