Sunday, January 21, 2007

Episode 6: Wrap your tentacles around this!

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Don't slit those wrists just yet, episode 6 is out!

...*wolf howls*................................... hello?

Alex offends countless Sci-Fi otaku by calling Legend Of The Galactic Heroes "Legend Of The Homos".

Alex also mentions some inside info about some Ghost In The Shell Nissan Car offer! Alex is so enamoured by this in fact, that he seems to repeat himself twice and discuss this all over again. This is naturally the only possibility as Dane surely would not have screwed up in editing this podcast in post production!

If you don't want to hear Alex discuss Nissan's offer twice, then skip to 16:50 for the news.

This problem shall be fixed.

16:50 - 37:20 News

Ghost In The Shell May Become A Live-Action Film

Dane loathes the very notion. Alex thinks it might work.

Will it become White-Washed? Couldn't you just image who they're going to make Batou?

This also leads to other adaptation of Anime & Asian films. This you don't want to miss, Dane recounts how a Mikey Rooney lookalike sexually molested him in the cinema, this might have contributed to Dane's dislike of the film.

Hokuto No Ken: Yuria & Roah Gaiden Junai Hen Trailers out AND MMO-Game has a trailer!

Alex thought that the trailer was 10 years old.

Agent Aika Prequel OVA Coming!!!

This no doubt seeks to answer the burning questions that many Aika fans have about her past.

"What panties did Aika wear in the past?"
"What colour were her panties?"
"How many times can I pause and masturbate to this prequel OVA?"

37:20 Anime Pulse Promo

The Podcast that needs no mention! Definitely a favourite of mine & also the first
(and only thus far) to run our promo.

Thanks guys!

37:58 Anime Person Of The Week: Toshio Maeda

The God of Tentacle-Porn. Why was he chosen? Neither of us are really tentacle fans, but Dane considers him one of top 10 most revolutionary figures in the anime/manga industry. Like it or not, Urotsukidoji became a huge hit both in Japan & Overseas and introduced not only a new genre to people worldwide, but a tricky way to bypass Japanese censorship.

So what is he like?

He's a soft-spoken, articulate and funnily enough, rather conservative man; A fascinating person.

His inspiration comes from mostly American artists and goes for my of a "realism" style in his art. For an intereting comparison, check out Miko Mido, the main Character of La Blue Girl as depicted in the Manga when compared to her Anime Counterpart.

For some interesting reading check out's interview with the man himself.

Next Episode

As you know, the internet speed in most of Asia is but a snail's pace. But hopefully, Dane will be able to obtain Katsuhiro Otomo's latest Anime OVA series and review the first episode of that.

Until then my pretties.


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