Sunday, January 28, 2007

Episode 7:H264/3 Codec sucks

Download Episode 7

Perhaps our longest episode yet. Is that a good thing? Bad? YOU tell us!

This episode features not one, but two impressions/previews of two newly released anime.

Afro Samurai

Kelly Hu is rendered useless when doing voiceover work as you can't actually see her.

Samuel L. Jackson does a good job, but the character of "Afro" himself, doesn't look African enough, says Dane. He's got this gigantic.............nose. Well, kind of a pointy Slavic nose, certainly not African, and this annoys Dane to no end.

We discuss the Hip Hop shops and boutiques all around Japan and the Bro's from Da Hood (read Nigeria) who are paid to hang out the front and ... look Hip-Hoppish

Freedom Project (Aka Freedom)

Katsuhiro Otomo's new anime. Dane LOVES it, Alex plans on obtaining it.

Please note, that a great portion of this review is bitching about the H263 (ie. Let's make a codec no one needs or wants and is a bitch to modify or convert into another format) Dane re-encoded it FINALLY into Divx6, and not only retained the quality, but it was about 50 Meg smaller.

We hate hate hate the H263/4 codecs. Shinen-Subs did a GREAT job subbing this series, but please stick to Divx or Xvid!

Get it from:


Most of which consisted of us mocking an IMDB forum poster who made suggestions for the casting of the live action Evangelion film.

Promos: Anime Pulse

When you're on top, you don't have to be nice. But these guys are anyway! Thanks for running our promos guys.

Up a paddle

When the Fist Of The North Star-esque apocolypse comes, I want this to be what the archeologists dig ug and put in the "Geek Museum". I love it, I bask under it; it's like photosynthesis for geeks.

Beware of..........THE TAMINATOR

'Till next week bucaneers, ARRRRRRRRR!


Root Beer King said...

Let it be known I emailed you! fwahaha Oh and might I add I love the work you put into the show notes! Keep up the good work!

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Thanks a million Jake! Let it be known that Jake is *the* first "fan" to e-mail us!

We'll read the letter next episode :)

Dane Scaysbrook said...

What I mean to say is, we've read it of course, but we'll read it "out" next episode!

Root Beer King said...

Woot! I made history!

Kind of...

Anonymous said...

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