Monday, February 19, 2007

Episode 10: No Robot Voices Here Folks!

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As much as we love Robot Voices......

Double Digits, can you believe it!?

Probably our shortest episode to date, not to mention our latest. Chinese New Year happened people, I was a busy lad!

Audio is a bit strange, Alex's microphone isn't too hot. He's in Canada right now visiting his parents.


We talk about our "guest spot" on Anime Genesis, we had an absolute ball doing it. Alex wanted to heaten things up so he whined about the pronunciation with DuoMatrix, bless her patient heart!

We also discuss what we think are the Do's & Donts' of Podcasts. (Dane listened to one recently who thought it was champagne comedy to talk about bowel movements in graphic detail). This discussion brings us to our first promo:

Blood, Crack & Anime

Inbetween balancing her time between kindergarten, teletubbies and the toils of life, OneSin also manages an occasional podcast.

Our good chum, Jake the rootbeer king, recommended Harrison Ford for the part of Solid Snake.

Sorry Jake, we don't quite agree on this one! Actually, Dane found an article stating that Snake was in fact based off Kurt Russell(!)

Though, Dane said that if they were to make a movie about Alex, he would nominated Rick Moranis, hands down.

Dane explains Chinese new year a little bit in depth.


Japanese Empire Rising Again?

Doesn't this image put a shiver down your spine?

Meet pickles, the lovable Japanese Military Propoganda Mascot. Here to tell fellow Japanese that the military is your friend.

See how Sanrio has changed the people who once slit their own bellies?

Japan: War has never been so cute!

Alex found these doozies in a military forum of all things.

Freedom Episode 2 To be streamed online for free! (Until tommorow)

Hurry up! Yahoo Japan is streaming it, oh...Too late almost.

Afro Samurai Director & Creator at a screening in New York

Don't know how it went in the end, hopefully he was heckled out of there.

Promo: Up A Paddle

We're kind of stuck in a loop here. Neither of us has the heart to stop what is now a counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter- shoutout!

Anime Person Of The Week: Osamu Dezaki

Hail to one of the greatest director's in Anime; Osamu Dezaki.

Check out the Blackjack trailer, that's Dezaki all the way. Those shiny city lights that seem to fly in the sky, the dark rooms, and Dezaki's patented potrait freeze-frame.

PLEASE Check out the starting and ESPECIALLY the ending scene to the classic, Space Adventure Cobra. This is CLASSIC Dezaki.

Ashita No Joe, no boxing anime would have followed without it.


Alex's mother was poking him with a broom to hurry into bed, (it was way past 7:30 ! ) So we ended rather quickly.

Until next week, my dears!

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