Sunday, February 25, 2007

Episode 11: Snarky & Hutch

Download Episode 11 Here

Greetings! Alex is still in Canada, so his audio is not what it normally is. I could hear him call the Anime Pacific Theme Song "A Gay porno wannabe", however.

It certainly is one of our longer episodes, just clocking in under 100 minutes.

If you haven't listened to our "guest spot" on the always great Anime-Genesis' podcast, check out part one here.


Apologies again for the uneven audio, Alex's connection and microphone leave a lot to be desired!

Things we talked about:

Dane's new garage kit hobby

Alex thought Dane had this one (he wishes) but in fact, he has this one.

Appleseed 2 on the way.


Dororo at Number # 1 for 4 weeks. Trilogy planned.

Check out not only the trailer, but also the pilot of the TV anime adaptation of the 60's!

Monthly Shounen Jump to be suspended

People see the words Shounen, jump & suspended and start crapping their pants. Bear in mind that this MONTHLY Shounen Jump. When Kekko Kamen is one of your magazine's most prestigious titles, you're in trouble!

Japxploitation Mini Review: Zero Woman

Warning: This Video Is NOT Safe For Work

Alex, finally does some sort of a review. Not 100% anime related, but certainly Pacific related, and this is Anime Pacific.

Alex also throws in an amusing 100% anime/pacific non related tale on how to tell your kids about the birds & the bees.

Review: Appleseed (The 2004 Anime Film)

Reviewing certainly isn't as easy as you think. Well ok, it's dead simple to review something you love, even easier to review something you hate. But when you have to make a review about something that screams mediocraty, it aint easy. Dane's um's and fumbling: Case in point.

Anime Person Of The Week: Go Nagai

Though these days, he might be associated with retro Looking characters and irreverant, ecchi comedies, his body of work and the impact that they have made on the anime & manga industry as a whole, put him in the top 10 most influential figures in the shaping of the modern anime industry. He can be attributed to the creation and/or proliferation of the "Magical Girl", "Mecha" and "Post apocolyptic" genres that have become a staple in Anime ever since.

Devil Man Opening for the TV show of the 70's


Our longest wrapup ever. We read another letter we got from someone called Monolith. This prompts us to talk a little bit more about what our podcast is about. I actually owe quite a bit of thanks to this person, as he/she's given me a great idea. More to come!

Until then, ta-ta!

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