Sunday, February 4, 2007

Episode 8: Alex; The Fugitive

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Dane channels his "inner Mexican". Alex channels his "outer nerdy social outsider" by lamenting that most of his time next to his wife involves thinking about his next turn of "Europa Universalis III".

Breaking News: One of the Kano sisters has aged terribly, hooters not as good as before.

Former Miss Nippl... *ahem* Miss Nippon has aged terribly according to Alex. See the before and after shots below.

Alex recalls some interesting tales about dating and the social scene in Japan.

Incidently, welcome to our new segment! Anime-Pacific Personals.

We also read out our first fan letter! Hopefully not our last. A shout-out to Jake "The Root Beer King" who found us via Anime-Pulse. (Thanks for running our promo again Anime-Pulse, we love you!)

We kind of discuss about other new podcasts that come and go and don't last long (hopefully we're not in that category).

We also discuss how it does seem like most of a podcaster's audience is in fact, other podcasters. (Which coincidently, Kentcer at Up a paddle mentioned the same thing).

25:30 Promo R5 Central

Every time I listen to R5 Central and it's podcasts, I think poor Mike Dent must collapse from exhaustion at the end of each recording. Great stuff!

27:10 Up A Paddle

A Counter-Counter shoutout to Up A Paddle, our leading source of geek news!

24:40 News

We discuss the Futurama & Simpsons "Anime style" pictures (check 2 posts below to have a look) Apparently the artist has been contacted by 20th Century Fox about doing something on the revival of Futurama, good stuff!

Gedoh Senki won the Razzie! Yet was Japan's highest grossing film of 2006

Though it was here in Hong Kong, I have yet to see it. Opinions are mixed on this one, and all news articles about this contradict each other. Still, it wouldn't be the first hit to suck. (Ie. Titanic!!)

Rozen Maiden Manga Suspended

Strange, since Rozen Maiden merchandise is all over Hong Kong, but there you are!

Mushishi Live Action makes waves at Sundance

English name is...Bugmaster. I choose you Mushishi-Chu! Katsuhiro Otomo directs! (yay!) Mushishi was one of Dane's favourite Anime of 2006 so he's looking forward to this one!

Check out the trailer!

48:20 Promo: Anime Pulse

Thanks for bringing us some more listeners guys! :)

49:00 Review: Arashi No Yoru Ni (One Stormy Night)

What a gem this turned out to be, I first noticed this when it opened theatrically in Hong Kong and got quite a bit of notice there. I LOVED it, yet there was not a tentacle to be sighted!

You can get the fansub of this wonderful title here:


59:40 If you know this song, I think I love you

1:01:00 - 1:12:56 Wrap-Up

Alex & Dane discuss English chains in Asia, (Mostly Japan's NOVA, in which 6 English teachers got busted for drug possesion).

Let's bitch about Sony

I had both a PS1 & a PS2, but I don't seem to have such a hard on over the PS3, quite possibly because I've grown to hate Sony over the years (The Lik-Sang incident is but one reason) Kentcer informed us that Sony just decided to Raise the PS3 by $50 in Canada.

Dane also mentions the Wii Modchip thats on the way (Import gamers rejoice!)


I DO support the Wii, because while it may have the lowest specs, it's the only console that seems truly "revolutionary" to me.

No anime person of the week this time, I've got a massive flu and feel like poo.
So, until next week.

And remember We love you!


Root Beer King said...
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Root Beer King said...

Yeah I noticed the website went through a few changes. The crazy blue layout you had for like a day was, was crazy... But it looks good now! The Backgroud is funny stuff.

"Truly Gods amongst podcasters!"

Hey, what's the name of the song you played at the end of this ep? I have fallen for it. it was also a nice touch at the end there how it faded in. It was kind of magical haha. You should do that at the end of every show. It could be like your closer haha.

Good times, good times.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Yes, I was messing around like crazy with the templates for a while, trying to kind of figure out how to insert all those things inside.

The song at the end is in fact the ending song to Souten No Ken (Fist of the Blue sky)

I do think it makes a good closing song, I very well might keep on doing it that way :)