Sunday, February 11, 2007

Episode 9: It's a nerd, It's a Dane....No...It's RAPEMAN!

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Champagne comedy all the way folks. Not much news this week, but we make up for it by reviewing the infamous title, "Rapeman".

Shootin' the breeze

Alex is actually in Canada this week, and has a rather blantantly sexist yet amusing tale within. Dane in turn, discusses a funny story about when he was stalking someone.

We bitch about the state of the internet in Canada & Australia.

Non Anime related Alert: A Great mod for HL2 has a huge update: Battlegrounds (our fav mod!)


We read another letter from our jolly nice fan, Jake "The Root beer King".

We bitch about what we like to call, "Cultural extortion". This phenomenon involves beefing the prices up 50% during times when people are culturally obligated to buy things for they're loved ones. (Such as Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day).

The price of the Wii went up almost $100 US dollars during the Chinese New Year Period, Dane is pissed.

Live Action Gatchaman set for 2008 release

Alex risks a flame attack and hopes the villain isn't a "dickgirl" like in the original Japanese cut.

Will it be cool? Will it be campy?

Will it have the original theme song?

I think the singer of the original song, died busting his colon while singing that song. Sounds like he's going to explode!

Metal Gear Solid To become a Hollywood live Action Film!

At least we don't have to complain about this being whitewashed, most of the characters aren't Asian anyway.

Who would make a great solid snake?

Dane says Kurt Russell, hands down:

Alex insists on Willem Defoe:

But knowing Hollywood, they'll do the opposite of what we want:

Haruhi Suzumiya Dub Cast Announced

Speaking honestly, we don't know much about US Dub Actors.

Autopsy/Review: Rapeman

This lovely Miyazaki film is a cautionary tale about how females will be led astray unless a loving parent hires a rapist to rehabilitate them.

Honestly how can one review such a title? Well, we don't try. This is more of an autopsy than a review.

Click here to see Rapeman's epic pose

We'll see you next week my pretties!

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