Sunday, March 18, 2007

Episode 14: Homeages ahoy!

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Yes indeed, although I am an English teacher and my degree majors in English, I still managed to rape the English language rather well.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex discusses the fact that some poor fellow was dead for 2 weeks downstairs from him and that his father just thought it was the cooking of the Chinese couple nearby.

Here's a pic of one of the members of the "Cleanup Squad".

And no, Stutters did not sponsor this anecdote.

Also, for Ghost In The Shell fans, check out the "Laughing man generator" here.

We discuss Total HD a little bit more; It's not exactly what we hoped, but it's something I suppose. We HATE the format war.

See the article that Alex mentioned, here.


Moe Culture speading the globe

Dane slams Moe, but Alex actually thinks Moe is totally what i am about.

Paprika Trailer Out

The high quality version is at the Apple Trailers Website.

Highlander Anime Trailer out


Great production values and Kawajiri at the helm. It looks identical in art and tone to Vampire Hunter D; Bloodlust.

Tarantino's next film has Hokuto No Ken reference?

Actually, this seems somewhat inaccurate. From what imdb says, he just has producing credit. Nonetheless, apparently there is a biker gang in this called the "666'ers". (Hokuto No Ken had a motorbike gang all with 666 tatooed on their foreheads).

4 Kids Losing Money Again

I'm sure it's due to the expense of hiring genuine, talented rap artists for the US One Piece opening song.

Ex Adult Star & TV Personality Ai Iijima to retire

*wipes tear*


A whopping 30 minute review, mostly about how he feels that the interesting alternate history seems contrived and not considering some key historical facts.

Review: Aachi & Sspipak

Yes, not technically an anime. But as Manhwa has been embraced by a certain niche of anime/manga fandom I wanted to take the opportunity to review this quirky film. Also of note is that a lot of people responsible for this film are heavily involved in anime production (as much of the work is farmed to South Korea). Judging by the technical skill depicted here, our anime is in good hands!

In a word: One of the most thouroughly entertaining animated films in recent memory. See it with as many friends as posssible and you'll have an absolute ball.

I HIGHLY recommend this film, and YesAsia has it for a very reasonable $27 US dollars (with free international shipping) here.


No anime person of the week this week, as we had two reviews and clocked in at a healthy 90 minutes plus. We briefly discuss an e-mail we got from Jake regarding CLAMP which we'll save for next week as we plan on making them, the next "Anime Person (in this case people) of the week."

Until next week my darlings.

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