Sunday, April 1, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 16 - Yokai M'kay

Download Episode 16 Here.

The temperature has since doubled in Hong Kong since our last episode. Oh how I hate summer. And yes, we talk about 300, AGAIN.

Those naughty royals

Perhaps our most immature segment yet! Check out these pictures of the Danish royal family's visit to Japan. There is a hysterical, yet childish sexual connotation in every single picture.

Picture one: Yep! They're real.

Picture Two: The Emperor is above indecent exposure laws!

Picture Three: Now that's what I call a salute!

And, the princess also met with the "prince" of animation, Miyazaki!

For some reason, we discuss Japanese police in Japan and the public perception of Japanese police.

Here is one such video that made shockwaves across Asia. Two Japanese police running like girls from a bat wielding maniac. Note, that the bulk of the video is in Cantonese, this is a TVB Hong Kong's news report of the incident.

However, they seem quite apt at defeating the Sith.

We pay tribute to one of the best police forces in the world, The Hong Kong Police Force.

Alex then recalls an amusing story about when he was pulled over by police in Japan for speeding in a rice field.

It's 'con Season (apparently)

We've never been to a con. Ever. I know it's shocking, but we've never had an opportunity to before!

Anyway, would we cosplay? Short answer no. I suppose if you want to cosplay, you shuold do it right.

For examples on how not to cosplay, check below!

Haruhi Suzumiya fans are going to have to find another character to whack off to after they see this pic.

Alex, (just to piss me off) thought this guy was me.

Compare THAT, to THIS ladies! (It's me)

Mr Postman

Alex, the grammar Nazi, isolates our fanbase further and further!

We get a fantastic e-mail from a hardcore mecha fan and talk about the "decline of the Mecha". For those interested the two classic Mecha animes that I mentioned were
Space Runaway Ideon & Aura Battler Dunbine (which I will review soon).


Not too much this week, but we talk in depth about Bandai's BS excuse for their extremely expensive US release of Freedom and why it's BS. (Thanks to AWO for making me aware of this forum post).

Special Edition Tezuka Watches & MTR Tickets

For Hong Kong only, though I'd be happy to help someone out if they'd want one.

Anime Person Of The Week: Shigeru Mizuki

This time, unlike last weeks debarcle, I chose someone close to my own heart; Shigeru Mizuki. This guy is big in Japan. I mean huge. Sadly, a lot of foreign anime fans probably don't know much about him or his work. Best known for his popularization of Japanese folklore, his life story alone is worthy of a segment.

Drafted and sent to New Guinea in World War II, he struck a close friendship with the Tolai tribe who took care of him when he lost his arm (his drawing arm no less) and when he caught Malaria.

Incidently, my own Grandfather fought in New Guinea during World War II so I myself have heard a lot of tales of New Guinea.

Mizuki is most known for the wonderful GeGeGe Kitaro which is one of the greatest anime/manga classics of all time and STILL running strong with a new TV series and live action film ont he way.

I can't stress enough how big Mizuki-San and his work is in his native Japan. The street of his birth has statues of Yokai all the way down and a Yokai museum which was featured in Takashi Miike's wonderful "Yokai Daisenso" (In which Mizuki-san had a cameo)

For more about the beasts of Japanese folklore, the Yokai, I strongly recommend:

The Obakemono Project

Also from that website:

The Fantastic Shigeru-Mizuki English Language Resource Page (Which English links to some of the Manga and episodes with English subs).

They've also got a forum there, so check it out please!

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