Sunday, April 15, 2007

Episode 18: Beware of Velcro Swimming Shorts

Download Episode 18 here

Warning: I actually talk about my penis in graphic detail this episode so expect a slow download as I'm sure a huge horde of female fans are downloading this episode as you are reading this.

Ok, crap aside we give a whole heap of "Series impressions" of new Anime shows that we've watched, and no, we didn't just watch the "boy stuff." We'll try to be as objective as possible; We promise!

Shootin' The Breeze 0:00 - 27:20

Did I like Singapore? Well, I feel "kindasortareally" indifferent. I think Hong Kong is a much better city overall, but I was glad for the trip.

For the most part we chit chat about a whole heap of stuff, including Alex's morbid fascination with American Idol, Alex praising my review of Cyber City Oedo and how Anime has boomed in Canada since Alex's return.

Alex starts complaining about the fact that most of romising "mature" anime titles of the season have remained untouched by subbers.

Promo: Up A Paddle

I was afraid ol' Kent was missing in action there for a while! Thank goodness, he's back.

Wait a minute Mr Postman! 28:20 - 45:40

All from our regulars, but the comments and questions they bring up are always great. Especially WatcherAngel's little revelation about the single greatest actor in the world, Kevin Sorbo.

News 46:45 - 1:19:34

Hokuto No Ken's Raoh to get Shinto-Buddhist funeral

Even as a Hokuto No Ken fan, this is disturbing to say the least.

Funimation aquires OnePiece

I would like to take this opportunity to toast Funimation for their compassionate treatment of rape victims.

Bandai USA CEO confronted by fans at Sakura Con

Anime News Network's audio clip of the incident is here.

He genuinely sounds dumbfounded by the response. This poor fellow obviously has NO idea.

The now infamous "Swimming Shorts Story"

Not exactly "news" but, hey.

Sarah Brightman's song featured in Pokemon!?

Honestly, what can I say?

Promo: Anime Pulse

Great chaps! They've played my promo numerous times and brought some fine listeners our oay!

Spring 2007 Episode "Impressions" 1:20:40- 2:10:05

Note: I clear my throat rather loudly several times during this, I actually muted it whilst I was clearing it but for some dumbass reason, the recording software still picked it up. Sorry for this disgusting lapse in professionalism.

Click on the title to find out more about each show.

Heroic Age:

We both loved it, we feel extremely positive about this one. Unusual characters, great action, superb score and Mecha's galore!

Idol Master Xenoglossia

Well....everything we thought it would be. Fantastic background art though. I'm going to check out the second episode, Alex won't touch it.


What else can we say about Claymore that you haven't already heard? So far, the outlook is extremely positive.

Seirei no Moribito

From the team that brought you Ghost In The Shell:SAC, many have anticipated this beautiful looking historical fantasy. Not much to report as it's a slower paced show, but it certainly has promise based on the talent behind it alone.

Darker Than Black

It certainly has potential. It's kind of a cross between Ghost In The Shell & X-men, If that's possible.


The biggest suprise for me, I actually enjoyed it. I was expected a Moe cutsie-pue crapfest but I found the slow paced style of this show appealing. The sudden unexpect supernatural element has me somewhat afraid however.

It's a wrap: 2:10:15 - 2:16:38

Next week, I'll be reviewing the next Hokuto No Ken OVA: Yuria Densetsu and promise a very interesting new "Anime Person Of The Week".

Until then my pretties!


Root Beer King said...

Give me that link to le porn!


Anonymous said...

About Xenoglossia, I think the show is targeted at the classical Japanese anime fan. 15 to 35 year old virgin males, that get all hot and titillated by merely looking at cutesy high school girls in pseudo-erotic poses. Where the mecha aren't even used as a plot device, but only there to make the voice actresses yell squeaky moe phrases.

I think there is an audience within Japan who don't fit the typical anime fan stereotype. Why else are good shows like Ghost in the Shell or To Terra still produced. The problem is we aren't the majority, so cutesy shows like Xenoglossia rule the airwaves.

By the way, I've been listening for a couple of weeks and I really enjoy your podcast. Keep up the great show.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

This is the link, (at least Alex has assured me it is)
Brokenenglish, thanks! We appreciate your praise a lot :)

I think you hit the nail on the head with that comment about "non typical anime fans". Case in point; To Terra has been completely untouched by fansubbers.

As mentioned, judging by the first episode of Xenoglossia, it seems that a fair amount of money went into the show, the producers obviously think that this mish-mash is an ingredient for success.
I'm pretty sure this anime will be forgotten a few months later.

Anonymous said...

Well heres something that might brighten your day just a little bit. It seems there's a fansub group that has chosen to pick up Kiss Dum -Engage Planet- Here's a link to their site:

I haven't downloaded many fansubs from them due to the fact that they seem to mostly sub romance/harem/moe shows, but i do have a few from them and i can attest that they put out quality work. I'm just worried that it will probably get the same treatment that most unpopular shows will get. Which is that they'll start off working on it on a daily basis and then start slowing down on their releases. I have a lot of fansubs backlogged at the moment because of that.

No word on Skull Man or To Terra which isn't all that surprising. Both are based off 70's manga which is like a red flag for the majority of the fan base. Very disappointing since I was looking forward to watching both. Oh well, I'll either have to wait and hope they get licensed or learn Japanese. I'm pretty sure we all know what will come first :p

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Wow! It wouldn't matter if the script that they were translating from was written in broken Catalan, I'd still check it out!

I suppose Skull Man and To Terra would eventually be subbed by bootleggers, but with their "quality output" we'd probably be better off downloading a Brazilian fansub of it or something.

Thanks again, David!

Anonymous said...

Having been inspired by you guys, I've started picking and watching new shows at random for possible filler for Up a Paddle.* I hit a few of the ones you talked about (Claymore, Darker Than Black -- liked both so far) and a few you didn't give impressions on yet (Lucky Star, Rocket Girls, Hayate, the Combat Butler -- also good stuff).

I was a little suprised at Lucky Star. After watching the opening song, I expected to hate the show. However, it comes across as being like Azumanga Daioh. High School girls just talking about random stuff. Kinda funny.

Thanks again for playing my promo. You guys rock!

* I've tried this on previous seasons. I ended up airing the Fall Preview episode at the end of Winter. I'm aiming to get the Spring preview out by next Spring ;)

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Howdy Kent!

I think it doesn't really matter *when* these episode impressions come out, because a rather substantial amount of people usually wait until the whole series has finished before they actually watch it.

I usually fall in that category, as much as I enjoy these new shows, I'll probably just get lazy and wait until the torrent and or box set of the whole series is out before I get it.

On a side not, Jake sent me an e-mail strongly praising "tengen toppa gurren-lagann", so that might also be a good one to check out.