Sunday, April 22, 2007

Episode 19: Heavyhanded and sombre

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Not quite the whackiness that you might be used to, as we get a very interesting letter about the perception of Japanee in Asia and touch upon a few sensitive subjects this episode. Due to Alex's unavailability next week and lack of timing, no Anime person of the Week like what was promised last week. Sorry!

Shootin' The Breeze

Do you feel the Sony hatred that has swept the globe? The catastrophe that is the PS3 is one such manifestation of that apparent hatred. We discuss how we feel about the format wars (again) and subsequently the console wars.

Alex also discusses his rage at these new white pants that Japanese scientists have developed which ensure that no underwear is visible. Thus subsequently leads to a discussion about "taboo" trends in Japan compared to elsewhere. Honestly, I had no idea about some of these trends and why anyone would actually *care*, but Alex assures me it's pivotal.

Wait a minute Mr Postman!

Monolith asks us about the perception of Japanese in Asia. A rather epic question to say the least. I'm unsatisfied with our reply as I think it could have warranted a podcast in itself. Needless to say, we deal with Asian disharmony everyday in some small way or another.

We also get an E-mail from Eeeper of Eeeper's Choice fame, with a very detailed response on anime demographics and Code Geass. Glad you listen to the show Eeeper!

Watcherangel informs us that South Park have a whole episode dealing with the whole "You go girl" aspect of 300 that we ranted about for 2 podcasts! We'll certainly be checking that out!

David Lee & Jake also informed us that Kiss-Dum has been subbed! Huzzah!


Nagasaki mayor slain by gangsters

From all accounts a pacifist and a good man. If someone had to be shot, why couldn't it have been the mayor of Tokyo?

Romeo X Juliet to be streamed for free

If you can speak Japanese, you're in for a treat!

Berserk to rerun in the coveted 11pm Animax Timeslot

One of the, if not the, greatest anime TV series of all time, is being rerun in the coveted 11pm timeslot. This is usually done when a production company wants to test the waters, meaning that more Berserk anime could finally be on the way.

3000 turn up to Raoh's funeral

Apparently the greatest blurring of fantasy and reality for any event based on a fictional character in Japan. 3000 (some weeping) fans braved icy rain to pay their respects to Hokuto No Ken's Raoh.

Spring 2007 Impressions II

Alex gives his two cents on the shows I talked about last week. Suprisingly, Darker than black was number one on his list.

Heroic age continues to be great.

Alex's take on Sola was 100% the same as mine.


Alex is off to Rainy River next week, but we've pre-recorded some stuff to play in his absence next week. Next week, I will also discuss Gurren Lagann as well as the review I was supposed to do this week!

Next week, will have a special suprise for those of you who have been with the show for a while.

Until then, my pretties!


Root Beer King said...

Dear lord Dane! Do NOT watch Beck!

In my opinion, that show is not good! I could barly get past the first 2 eps...

And to Alex, yes NHK ni Youkoso is refering to the TV station in Japan. I agree it's a show worth watching, but I wouldn't say the pacing is the same as Sola.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Oh, it is referring to the TV station?

I'm going to have to check that one out, I've heard that it is a true mindscrew.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Anime News Network's Spring Preview is out, these previews are written by several people so the quality of these previews differ.

Check out the preview of Sola. Literally, almost word for word the opposite of our preview.

Root Beer King said...

haha yeah, I read that preview thing(well more like skimmed through).

The Sola thing made me laugh quite abit(cause like you said it's like the opposite of your previews.)

I have the 3rd ep on my compy, I really need to check it out...
I have a feeling the show is going to go down hill though...

I was thinking though while watching the 2nd ep, you can kind of look at the main female character as like a super albino, minus the whiteness and such... Then maybe the show wouldn't be so bad, but like Alex said, I think the "bad guys" are going to get in the way of that thought.

Oh well!

As for the anime news network preview... "Different strokes, for different folks", you could say.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading my comment fellows. After this episode, I decided to check out Darker than Black. The show reminded of those old cop thriller video games, like Snatcher or Policenauts. It was a nice surprise since I didn't expect to like it.

I feel a little bad for recommending To Terra, because the show sort of plays into the school boy cliche Alex talked about in episode 16. But the overall story is pretty good.

I know you're probably sick of hearing recommendations, but I got in the listener boat late, so I'd like to recommend a couple of good anime.

Black Lagoon. A show that doesn't pull any punches in the action department. Definitely nothing cutesy about it.

Armored Trooper Votoms. David's mecha recommendation, and a must watch for any Robotech fan. A sweet looking remake is set to air later this year.

Yukikaze. A somber show with an even more somber protagonist. It's somewhat a hit or miss, especially because most of the characters aren't that likeable. But it's worth a look just because of the dogfights.

Also, I forgot to mention that I found Anime Pacific through the Digg podcasts feature.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Wow! On Digg?? I haven't even looked at it since I registered there, I'll certainly have to check it out more frequently.

I've actually got some of Black Lagoon on my HD, I've heard nothing but great things about the show, so I'll be checking that out soon.

Regarding Votoms, I know it's a classic and something Alex would really dig. I'm currently half way through Aura Battler Dunbine which I'm set to review whenever I finish it (could be a while yet)

Root Beer King said...

Just finished sola ep 3...And I'm through with it.

Sure there wasn't much of the "bad guys" but I couldn't stand the prevert talk.
Normally I'm quite fine with it, but in this ep it seemed really, really tacked on for the otaku to go moe about...
"Oh! She was leading her on, about wearing no underwear! How moe~! I must make a doujinshi about this!"


Anonymous said...

All the "mind screw" things you hear about Welcome to the NHK has to do more with the manga rather than the anime itself. Like most manga to anime conversions, the anime was kinda watered down when compared to the manga. Also its not really a "mind screw" thats on the level of something like Serial Experiments Lain. Its just that the depravity explored is pretty bad. (or good depending on how you like your manga :D )

In either case its worth a watch. Certainly one of the more enjoyable animes of last year.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Well I might as well delete episode 2 of Sola off my HD then.


Well, there's still "Meet The NHK" to look forward to, I'm psyched about that one now!

Thanks guys

Alex said...

Ooo got a full on discussion thread going here. We should mention this aspect of the blogspot comment posting more on the show.

As for your anime recommendations BrokenEnglish , I will check them out when I have the chance. Now that the summer is almost upon us and we are heading into re-run season for US tv, it should get easier.


Kent said...

I'll second the recommendation to watch Welcome to the NHK. It was one of my favorite shows of last year. It's definitely twisted in a disturbing sense, like David Lee said. There's a reason the manga comes shrink wrapped here with a Parental Advisory warning to boot. The anime does a better job of making the characters seem more human. That may be due to some of the censoring.

Also, have you guys considered starting an official forum?

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Well, I have, but I'm a little bit afraid of being massively embarrassed if no one registers.