Sunday, April 29, 2007

Episode 20: Super Super Magic Happy Go Lucky Family Fun 20th Episode Special

Download Episode 20 Here.

This week, I'm Alex free. This is a double edged sword as while I can relax as I don't need to fearfully keep my buttocks tightly clenched, we don't have his snarkniness at hand. Luckily, he pre-recorded some things, and for the things he didn't, well you'll just have to see for yourself.

Intro 0:00-9:05

I won't spoil it for you!

Anime World Order & Up A Paddles Promos are also played during this segement.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex pre-recorded this with me last week, what a kind lad. He explains the reason for his absense.

Disclaimer & Alex: The True Story

This happened by coincidence, I just found some very amusing audio clips of Alex that I thought I could splice together into a rather interesting interview.


Kansai Airport to include anime shop

But seriously, who buys stuff from airport shops? They are usually a billion times more expensive than anywhere else!

Anime Figurines: Now with squish breasts!

No, those grubby fingernails are not mine.

Gedo Senki DVD Details

About 5000 yen for the standard version and 8000 for the the special edition. Both Include English subs and audio!

Catholic Church uses "Manga images" to attract more young people

Gainax Co-Founder Steps Down After 2Channel Uproar

It all started because someone said, "It has C-Grade animation". I'd be pissed off too! The animation in this show is probably the best of any anime this season (see episode 2 if you don't believe me!)

I sure hope this won't have any bad effect on the show. This show defies categorization. It's an adult's show for kids, yet a kids show for adults.

On A Sidenote, our last rather sombre episode, we talked about something that pissed off a lot of people. The "comfort woman" issue. For more on this issue, check this out.

Review: Hokuto No Ken; Yuria Densetsu

Anyone who has listened to more than one episode of this podcast should know my feelings on this series.

For anyone who hasn't seen this series before, I briefly explain the history of this series and what makes it the classic that it is.

Edit: Now that my head has cleared up a bit, I can be a bit more thorough with the shownotes. I apologise for the lack of links and what not and the rather brief nature of the shownotes this week.

Heart Of Madness are the subbers of the TV Series
Box Torrents is hosting the English Subbed Yuria Gaiden.

Impressions: Engade Planet Kiss Dum


Taken from Mendoi Subs:

Well, here's KissDum 2 finally.
We are also sad to announce that we will stall this show for now.
Here's why: this project is pretty much doomed @ studios.
They seem to have no money and no staff. Episode 03 was just
sad. The animation was incomplete, or absent. We will wait
until we get to see episode 6-7. If episodes 6-7 are as bad as
we fear them to be, we will drop this project. If not, we will gladly

Sorry for the delays, and enjoy Kiss Dum 2.

Anime Person of the week

Well...I had to keep my promise, and it would have made the pre-recorded wrapup inconsistent if I didn't!

It's a wrap!

Sorry if my prose is not what it normally is, but I have a splitting headache, feel dizzy and the first 10 mintues of the podcast took well over a day to make alone.

Next week Alex is back, Anime Person Of The Week returns to it's former glory and I'm sure Alex will have a lot to say about the content of this episode!

Until then, bye bye!


Root Beer King said...

Wow, now that just angers me about the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann news...

Those noob otaku need their eyes checked, cause the animation in that show is awesome.

And for people to step down from it, just because some lame otaku on 2ch said it was bad? Jeez, talk about childish...

I did notice, sadly the drop of sorts in animation, but I just thought it was a bad week or something.

Mainly the drop was just in mouth flaps. The action stayed awesome thankfully.

Though being this anime isn't based on a manga, could this lead to the show's story falling apart?
I sure hope not, cause this series is one of my favorites this season.

Maybe the folks that left will come back!?(Wishful thinking...)

Once again, fucking 2ch Otaku... Go lie down on your fake female lap pillow-thing(cause you can't get a real woman...And you know Maids don't count!), and stop being such haters!

/end angry rant

Root Beer King, Out!

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Well, I always appreciate passionate letters! I agree wholeheartedly there. I watched the first three episodes on my projector and was blown away by the animation, it's just gorgeous.

Benu from Anime Genesis also seems enamoured by this show. In fact I haven't spoken to anyone who has seen it who thinks it's anything other than great.

So naturally, I'm rather scared about the future of this show. I imagine that most if not all of the writing or animation has been completed.

Although ANN states:
His name has been removed from the series credits starting with the fifth episode, which airs on April 29.

I would imagine that this would not have a great effect on the show and it's direction for quite a while yet. I can't find any report on how long this series will actually be.

It is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi, who directed Dead leaves. His hyperkinetic style is very apparent here and one would hope that this debarcle won't effect the direction of this show. Imaishi's style is very particular and he should be able to deliver the goods if the production staff lets him.

Gainax has a good reputation for good, consistent animation so hopefully there won't be any Speed Grapher-esque drops in animation quality.

Anonymous said...

While i do find it annoying that a bunch of internet drama queens whined about a brief change in character design, I'm surprised that the producer actually took part in the online mud slinging. Seeing the producer taken off the project also has me worried about the shows future because i became an instant fan upon watching episode 1. As Dane said on the podcast, internet fandom will cry about anything and everything.

On a somewhat related note, ANN just posted a brief news bit on cartoon networks "adult swim" block and Eureka 7.'s-final-episode-broadcast

Long story short,CN edited out about 1-2mins of the beginning and conclusion of the final episode. (about 4-6 minutes in total) And this of course started a shit storm across the adult swim crowd. Having watched the airing of final episode that night, I admit I found it a bit annoying because they were important parts to the show. But seeing the drama that ensued was nothing short of stupid and moronic.

If you check out the first post in the thread that the article leads too, you'll see what I mean. The original poster makes it sound as if adult swim is the center of anime fandom i the U.S. and goes on the make it seem like its literally the end of the world for CN's adult swim block.

The end result of all this drama of course is that CN has decided to re-air the final episode this upcoming Saturday. Another example of internet fandom affecting the real world.

Anonymous said...

Grrr no edit feature, gonna have to register one of these days....

Anyways, the first link i posted was to the first news story. The results or follow-up to the story doesn't have a link. But here is the thread i was talking about.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

The thing about internet fandom is that it's a vocal community which at times, can often be misleading. I think studios are starting to realise this.

One good example is the film, Serenity. (Which I do love by the way). The internet community for Firefly were always begging for more, and they finally got their wish. Fansites and forums were abuzz with news abotu Serenity and it's release. There was even talk of Star Trek fans helping out Firefly fans in exchange for the FF fans helping petition for Enterprise not to be cancelled.

Serenity came, and it was an absolute collosal flop. (Firefly people weren't helping themselves by flaming Star Wars boards with "Firefly is better" rants)

Snakes on a plane, supposedly an "internet sensation", producers listened to the net fans, and another flop, (much less so than Serenity though)

Anonymous said...

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