Sunday, May 6, 2007

Anime Pacific 21: Chisneyland beckons...

Download Episode 21 here.

Alex is back (for real!) Forgive the uneven audio during the first few minutes of this episode, this supposed "wonder microphone" that I bought isn't exactly winning my heart over.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex discusses the enchanting hamlet, Rainy River; Where the closest things they have to anime are dusty Flash Gordon novels in the drugstore.

We also discuss the amount of effort that went into the first ten mintues of episode 20 and how no one seems to have noticed!

I am now "staff" at the newly resurrected Sentosha-Fansubs! Aint' I king shit.

The Souten No Ken fansub project lives! I shall be assisting with the timing and encoding.

We discuss "Chisneyland", the enchanting themepark in Mainland China; Where Shreek, Hello Katty and Mickey "not a mouse" enchant enchanted children all day long. Thus, the adjective, enchanting. Damn I love that word.

We also discuss the "worst Podcast contest" episode from Geeknights and their opinions on what makes a podcast bad.

For those of you who are not yet snared, one of the worst podcasts that they talk about is an Anime Podcast; One that I'm sure you all know!

You can download that episode here.

Wait A Minute Mr Postman!

Wait a minute Mr. Postman! We didn't actually get any e-mail this week. Still, there were some comments posted from our viewers in the comments section that definitely warranted discussion on the show. Mostly, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Alex also discusses how he's been "brought back into the light"; One of this podcast's objectives.

Alex also gives his opinions on Claymore and Darker Than Black; Alex's favourite show of the season.

Agent Aika Prequel OVA Subbed!!!!


Torrent here!

News while you Snooooooooooooze

Gedo Senki Screening in Austrlia & Goro Miyazaki interview

The interview is here. He really makes his father seem like a bit of a dick (as much as I love his films), to be honest.

Gegege No Kitaro: Awesome ratings & Live Action Sequel On The Way?

Here's hoping this can allow the series to finally get subbed!

Anime Person Of The Week: David Hayter

EA. Sports. It's in the game....

Yep, that's him.

David Hayter is truly a jack-of-all-trades. Not only has he voiced anime, but he has played an anime character in a live action anime adaptation; Guyver (mutronics) and the far superior Guyver; Dark Hero.

He gained the respect of the Japanese side of the industry for his stellar voice over work as Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid games. So much so, that future installments were English dub only with Japanese subs.

Not only that, he's also a rather adept writer. He wrote the screenplay for X-Men and co-wrote X-Men 2, and is considered the "go-to" guy when it comes to comic to film adaptations.


Next week, we talk about perversion and sexual deviancy. Finally, Alex's turn to shine!


Anonymous said...

Wow you guys covered a lot of topics in this show. Sorry i didn't send my email sooner, i got caught up ordering, tracking and building my new PC. Okay first off, Chisneyland...."omg", "lawlz", "rofl", and other internet slang that would get you an "F" in an English essay assignment. Second, I listened to the geeknights episode you guys were referring to a few weeks ago. And it was hilarious and very to the point. You guys brought up the subject of doing things to improve on your podcast and I think there's an easy change you can make.

I don't know what type of equipment you guys have to work with, but I think that if you spent some time making sure the sound levels all stayed the same, in both pre and post production, it would go a long way. Since you guys don't have the luxury of recording in the same room, its probably not easy to do this. But i think some preproduction on sound levels could possibly make post production a bit easier.

Third, Souten No Ken? w00t! I'm not too picky about which codec you guys use, I just have one request. Wide screen please. Now that I have a new monitor, fansubs done in wide screen (or done to fake wide screen) has become my new best friend.

And finally the 10min edit job in last weeks podcast was funny. So don't feel your efforts went unnoticed. Also, I think the genre you was looking for was "Sentai" and/or "Super Sentai".

Alex said...

Believe it or not, we do spend some time trying to set the level of Dane's microphone before the show with test records and whatnot.

However, you wouldn't believe the problems we have had to deal with. For example, the headphone closest to the mic on Dane's headset caused my voice to echo. We fixed that this week.

Then there is the playing around with mic boost, and mic levels (what sounds good on Dane's end, makes me deaf on my end with the sound at its lowest). Sigh it never ends.


Dane Scaysbrook said...

Thanks for the comments David, as usual they are most appreciated!

Regarding the sound quality, for the first chunk of the show, Alex was insisting that his ears (Alex, being a big-eared Ferengi, refers to them as his lobes) were bleeding due to my insane mic volume.

I turned the volume down only to discover that after the recording, my volume was about 1/10 as loud as his. So, I fixed this mostly in post production, whilst for the first chunk of the show, I am noticably quiter than Alex, it's much better than it would have been had I not adjusted that.

I also got an e-mail from Scott of Geeknights fame, and he's an incredibly cool fellow who sent a lot of great suggestions and encouragement.

Anyway, in conclusion Audio is now my top priority in terms of "show improvement".

Regarding Souten No Ken, it'll be straight from the Japanese DVD's so we'll be delivering exactly what their getting in Japan, I believe it is widescreen, I'll have to double check.

Ahh yes, Super Sentai! This stuff is ALWAYS on in Hong Kong, but admittedly, it's probably the aspect of Japanese pop culture that I know the least about, apart from Ultraman that is.

Skull Man is being subbed!

Grab it and tell us what you think!

Glad to hear something about the 10 minutes of Ep 20!

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching Skullman an hour ago. And I liked what i saw. Besides having a nice story pacing, the 70's character design was welcomed eye candy. I don't know how faithful it is to the original manga, but the designs really showed through. It's a nice change of pace from all the current art styles. I think between this show, Toward the Terra, and my newly acquired Macross collection, I'll be able to satisfy my old school thirst.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

It brings hope to see all these "retro" titles coming out.

Toward the Terra and Skull Man are older than I am!

Skull man is often called "Manga's first anti-hero", and was a huge hit in the 70's, I'm overjoyed that someone would adapt it now; 30 years later.

In fact, Skullman is older than Alex, which would mean it was penned at least in the late Jurassic period.

Root Beer King said...

Yeah, sorry... I meant to comment on the last eps opening scene(I've been addicted to a certain video game recently). I liked it very well done, and laughed quite abit at it all.

Anywho! As for Skull Man I noticed it was subbed, checked it out... And the first ep, was not what I was expecting with the name "Skull Man" as the title.

Well that, and I also read wikipedia, which was explaining anti-heroes and the such. Which you didn't really get much of in the first ep.

It was alright, as in it didn't make me want to stop watching. But it also didn't have much excitement, which was what I was expecting from what I had heard/the title of the show. But that's alright! I usally am a watcher of less action packed shows, so it didn't really bother me as much as I'm complaining.

All, and all I'm certainly looking forward to how this show is going to play out. Though I have to say, the female character with the camera, uh... alittle annoying...

Yes quite, anywho! I sleep now! Good day!

Also! Fucking word verifications! They never work the first, or second time I try! "Grr" I say! Let's hope it takes it this time!

Root Beer King said...

Oh shit, I forgot to comment on the audio! I knew I forgot something!

So yes, I just want to say this recent ep has been the only ep that's beem a problem with me. I kept having to turn up the volume on certain parts, and then on other parts I had to turn it down... Cause Dane yelling in my ear was not fun! I kid, it wasn't that bad. But still, having to adjust the volume constantly during the different parts of the show was a tad bit annoying.

And with that I sleep!

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Amen about the audio, it won't be a problem again though, upon threat of castration!

And yes, that word verification, in the words of David Lo-Pan "Really pisses me off to no end!"

Anonymous said...

Small correction. While Kojima made it known he didn't want anyone else but Hayter dubbing the English voice of Snake; the Japanese version was and is still done by none other than Mr. Mad Bull himself, Akio Ohtsuka. There's a couple of video games that retain the English cast and add Japanese subtitles, Capcom's Resident Evil for example, but that's not the case with Metal Gear.

About last week's intro segment, you did a pretty good job. I listened to it at work with my mouth constantly covered to muffle the laughter. Sorry I didn't get around to post a comment. Also about the audio quality, don't sweat it too much. Both of you are eloquent speakers, and your topics are either interesting or funny. If you're reasonably audible, which you are, that's really all that matters. Content is king after all.

Alex said...

Just got Skull man and Aiki R-16.
Will check them before this week's show.

And yes, that word verification feature is beyond annoying.

Root Beer King said...

So we all agree, the Word verification is shit?

Then why not turn that feature off?

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Thank you for the encouraging words Brokenenglish!

Regarding David Hayter, It was in fact Metal Gear Solid: Intergral that was the version with English only (Japanese subs), this was one of the factors that spawned the rumour about Kojima liking Hayter's Snake more.

The rest, as you said, had Japanese dubs; Little mistake on my part! Apologies all.

Speaking of Akio Ohtsuka, have you actually seen the Japanese version of Mad Bull? I only ask because I was under the impression that no subbed version of it exists, I wouldn't mind checking it out.

The word verification feature has been removed

At the first sight of spam, I'll have to turn it back on though.

Anonymous said...

Ah gotcha, I never bought a copy of Integral. Though I wouldn't be surprised if he and Hayter became friends. From what I've read about Kojima, he's pretty hands-on with all his projects. So much that he often interviews members of his staff on his "Hide-chan Radio" podcast.

About Mad Bull, I'm sad to say I haven't watched it in Japanese. I've tried searching Tsutaya, Amazon, and Yahoo Auctions, but all I've been able to muster is copies of the Manga dub and a VHS sleeve. I'm starting to think it's out of print in Japan, and a region 2 DVD probably never came out. Let us hope a fortunate group of fansubbers acquire it one of these days, or better yet, a dual language DVD release.

Here's the VHS sleeve. On the left side, underneath where it says CAST in red, beside the Katakana for Sleepy, is Ohtsuka's name in Kanji:

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Just looking at that cover brings back memories, I did thoroughly enjoy that show, it's just so politically incorrect and over the top!

Unfortunately, Ignition One's website, seems to be dead; The words "Ignition One Won't Be here for a while" (hope that means it'll be back) So the Manga Scanlation project of Mad Bull seems dead in the water.

Are you Japanese, Brokenenglish?

Anonymous said...

Nope, sorry to disappoint. But four years of Japanese in high school did me good, at least enough to help me sustain my anime hobby. I've done translation work for my company, but throw complex Kanji at me and I'll buckle faster than a belt. Maybe we could get Manly-Subs to help us if raw episodes of Mad Bull ever pop up.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Not a problem, just curious is all, seeing as you seemed to be able to read some Kanji!

I know there are some VHS rips lying around on the internet. If I could grab those I could re-encode it, up the resolution with some anti-aliasing, sharpen the video and have a decent quality video.