Sunday, May 27, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 24: Anime Pacific; Friend Of The Animal World

Download Episode 24 here.

It's my birthday today, and how better to celebrate than by writing eloquent shownotes for you all. My star of destiny, which would be the "lets get Dane's passions and dreams and crap all over them" star, decided it would be more amusing to make my computer crash near the end of me typing them.

And my lovely host, Gcast, seems to think it's equally amusing to not aknowledge that I've uploaded episode 24, FOUR times.

So my apologies, the shownotes are brief today. I really don't have the energy to write them again.

Update: It's the next day, and I have a bit more energy, so I'm going to put in stuff that I promised to, but didn't.

In brief, make that very brief...

We talked about:

Crappy Fan Reviews

GeGeGe No Kitaro Street Vandalized

Alex prays for your death if you haven't seen these films:

All the presidents Men
Day of the Jackal
The coversation
Three days of the condor

Harbin Zoo

I actually lived in Daqing, which is three hours from Harbin; which I would visit frequently. I adore the place. Harbin Zoo is the latest item to be attacked by the Japanese Media. Why? Because a video has surfaced, showing the "brutal attack" of cattle by tigers at Harbin Tiger Zoo. What they failed to mention is, that Tigers are very endangered and part of what Harbin Tiger Zoo is about, is the preservation of this species as well as it's breeding campaign. These endangered species aren't going to do very well in the wild if we give them slices of roast beef are they?

Japan should also look at it's own Zoo's before they comment methinks. (Concrete and bars sans 1920)

A cute little Haruhi Suzumiya vending machine that's making the rounds in Hong Kong

Doctor Snuggles

Rest assured, I did type much more eloquent shownotes until the fu**ing computer decided to eat them up.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dane!

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Thanks, Benu!

I just wish my PC was as kind!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dane and do you have any idea why the episode isn't in the iTunes store yet?

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Thanks Jim!

Well, the normal host of the show, "Gcast" seems to refuse any knowledge that Episode 24 even exists, nomatter how many times I've uploaded it, so I'm actually using the ftp server of the primary school I work at to host the file, which I'm sure is a big no no, but I have no other choice!

That could be the reason, I will try and upload it to Gcast again, I don't know why it's not accepting it.

Kent said...

Happy Birthday Dane! Hope you had a fun birthday (besides the computer related annoyances). Looks like episode 24 is in iTunes store now, though.

I'm really looking forward to next episode. I'm always on the lookout for good live action japanese tv shows and movies to watch, in addition to supporting my anime habit.

Also, in regards to this last episode, I wasn't the anonymous poster. The plot thickens.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Thanks, Kent! (See above posts, I'm really thankful this week!)

Gcast finally aknowledged the existence of episode 24; Previously I was actually using the website of the primary school I work at to host the podcast, a very naughty thing indeed.

The change of hosts most likely contributed to the itunes problem.

Anonymous, reveal yourself!

Eeeper said...

Happy birthday Dane! Shame on you for misappropriating your employers computer resources like that for our benefit! Now for bonus points you are required to get pictures of the hot female teachers where you work in various states of undress.

Alex said...

He already has those staff pictures.

Unfortunately, the objects of his eye are neither "hot" nor "female".

Just males and 6th graders for Dane!


Eeeper said...

Can you at least Photoshop them so they appear female?

What Dane does does with the pictures after that is no concern of mine.

So long as he doesn't LJ them he should be fine

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Re: Birthday. Thanks Eeeper!

Ahhh yes, the LiveJournal incident. Alex's lawyers have informed me that I cannot discuss that at present and that Alex left Japan for a "prospective job offer" and only for that reason. At least, that's the official statement.

Also, I'm glad to see that a new episode of Eeeper's choice is on the way, I'm looking forward to it. I'm absolutely jubilant that you've got the Project A-Ko soundtrack there. That too is an absolute favourite of mine which I would love to talk about in future episodes of the show (although I know that pretty much every other anime podcast has reviewed this one! Perhaps a testament to it's greatness)

I'm going to be that much more naughtier next episode, because I will not only be hosting from the ftp server again, but hosting a very hard to get anime that I will be reviewing. Stay tuned.

For all of those reading, I'd like to direct your attention to IGN's Review Of Paprika. Now, Paprika had mostly glowing reviews, and there were some people who didn't like it, or just didn't "get it".
Honestly, I seldom care about reviews to judge whether I'll see something or not, especially with the aforementioned "'net reviews" that we discussed last week.
Now, regarding this IGN article, it wasn't the fact that the reviewer didn't like it; this aspect doesn't bother me in the slightest. The source of my contempt for this review is pertaining to certain things that were said and how they were said. I won't actually mention those comments that "P. MacDougal" actually said, I'll save that for the podcast.(Perhaps the P. is short for "PooPooHead" or even worse; "PotatoSlayer". If the latter is the case, I believe Eeeper can use his fame and influence to help rally the people of Ireland against this P. MacDougal ) I do however, encourage you guys to look for one paragraph, which is, the main offending paragraph. I wish to see if you guys are as revolted and offended as I am with this reviewer's very unprofessional bias.

Anonymous said...

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