Saturday, June 2, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 25: So you want to be a Wannabe?

Download Episode 25 here.

Our "copper" anniversary so to speak...or is it silver?

Shootin' The Breeze

Seeing as my birthday has since passed, perhaps the internet will be less venomous towards me today; The afternoon, is young.

I've never really been one for watching beauty pagents, they feel so 1950's. Miss Japan was this years Miss Universe, the one and only Riyo Mori; Who managed to get back on the wagon after she hit the bottle during our turmoltuous break-up. I'm more than a delightful bit of rough, I tells you.

For some reason or another, we discuss "Wardrobe Malfuctions" and how they certainly seem to increase your fame. I recall the infamous "Yumiko Incident" in Hong Kong, which I saw live as I was eating hotpot.

Boycott IGN!

Check out the pathetic P. MacDougal's equally pathetic review here.

At least until this P. MacDougal gets the boot. Truly ineptitude of the highest calibre.

Essentially his review in a nutshell: Anime is a genre, (is Hollywood a genre, MacDougal?) It sucks becuase it's anime and all anime is the same. It sucks because I didn't get it.

Did you even watch it, MacDougal?

FlickChick's much more professional look at Kon's work can be seen here at the wonderful, TV guide editors blog. The article in question is here.

You can also e-mail FlickChick at that link there which could lead to your letter being read out on the TV guide podcast.

We then talk about the Suicide of a Agriculture & Fisheries minister in Japan over something relatively harmless compared to most American political scandals.


Alex discusses his "homesickness" for Japan. Home is where the heart is, afterall. He also discusses some interesting considerations to make about life in Japan as a foreigner, it's not as easy as it sounds and is an invaluable little bit of advice to anyone thinking of doing the same. This does slightly veer off into the dirty realm of the ESL industry for a while.

Debito's website about his adventures of becoming a Japanese citizen can be found here.


Nymphet cancelled!

Oh, the shock. The pain...This is akin to the Nazi party burning works of great literature...., not really.

But somewhat connected, this manga is just about the biggest atrocity since World War II and it won't be making it's way to American shores afterall.

Let's have a look at the tasteful ways which the 8 (yes E-I-G-H-T) year old protagonist tries to win the affections..No...wait..What's the word I'm looking for...oh yes, "cock", of her primary school teacher.

Luckily, as this manga is tasteful, there's no underage drinking depicted in this masterpiece. The delightful protagonist prefers drinking from a water fountain, like everyone else!

How sweet and insinuation-free!

The scary part...It's written by a female and I'm told that the target demographic is for older teens...

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Season Two

I only watched the first episode of season one and found it incoherant to say the least.

Mini Review: Tokyo Godfathers

Satoshi Kon, how we love thee.

Alex loved it of course. Satoshi Kon has yet to dissapoint. I've yet to see it. I know, disgusting aren't I?

Review: Wanna-Be's

Note: Right click "save as" in order to save it straight away. This file is in ".divx" format. If you wish it to be in avi format you only need rename it to ".avi" which can be done easily in windows.

Download Wanna-Be's here.

I love the 80's. Love 'em. For the purpose of this review, this is a good thing. One who does not at least have an understanding of the 80's will probably lose a large amount of enjoyment from this obscure anime title.

Obscure, yes. However, a relatively significant title at the same time.

This anime is significant due to it being the first pairing of Toshimichi Suzuki and Kenichi Sonada who would later be responsible (at least in part) for "Bubblegum Crisis", "AD Police" and "Gall Force"; all featuring Sonada's characters designs and Suzuki's influence in one way or another, either as original Manga-ka, planning or executive producer.

This, their first collaboration, is an epic cautionary tale about mixing Alien DNA and Japanese Female Tag-Team Wrestling.

Now, just to prove what a smashing young fellow I am. I managed to obtain this rare anime, re-encode it to DVD resoltuion with some sharpening & anti-aliasing and present to you, yes present, the best quality version of this anime in existence.

Click on the little symbol next to play icon to download the file to your computer. I ask for nothing but your feedback.

So, there we are. If I were you, I'd be wanting to make sweet, sweet love to me right about now. In the period of a week, I record a podcast, edit a podcast, write shownotes for a podcast, upload a podcast and now at the same time, I'm re-encoding obscure 1980's anime so I can share it with the fans. Give, give, give I am!


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed you weren't familiar with the Miss Universe wardrobe malfunction Alex mentioned, Dane - not only was the Miss Universe at the time an Aussie, but I think you'll find the place where it occurred somewhat familiar!

Root Beer King said...

Haha, I'm still alive guys! And I've still been listening every week, so do not worry! Each week there's been stuff I've been meaning to email you about, but it always slips my mind!

So that's the reason for not hearing from me, haha. But with the podcast still freash in my mind, I have some comments (other then that) to make!

First off Tokyo Godfathers is one of my all time favorite movies! So I'm really looking forward to Papurika. Should be good times.

Secondly, Alex don't be put off by the cute character in Paranoia Agent. Tis a really good crazy show, and the cute character is actually quite evil.
So I suggest you give the seires ago! As I remember tis only 13 eps, so it shouldn't eat to much time.

Anywho, I was working on sprite( check out the one I did a few days ago, ) right now, so I'm going to get back to that. Congrats on the 6 months of podcasting! I look forward to next weeks ep, as always!

~ Jake

Root Beer King said...

Hmm the link I posted didn't work... Just copy this one, haha.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Ahhh it's Miranda Fair! (A shopping mall near my hometown of Bonnet Bay in Australia)

Glad to see you're still alive Jake! Did you design that pixel art yourself? That's pretty darn amazing and I happen to be a pixel art fan myself, I actually own the book, "PixelWorld", have you read it?

One advantage of being in Canada, I'm pretty sure there's a lot of of Anime DVD's for rent at the nearest blockbuster in Canada, thus he can check this stuff out pretty freely.

Has anyone hear the lastest episode of AWO? Daryl's R5 Central promo was probably the most hilarious thing that's ever been aired in the history of podcasting.

Root Beer King said...

haha, yeah I agree that AWO parody of the R5 promo was pretty funny.

And yes, I designed that character myself! Glad to hear you like it!

I haven't read that book though... Should I? If it's any good I'll have to have a look for it, next time I'm at the good old book store!

Finally got around to watching Skull Man ep 2...Yes I haven't really been keeping on track with it's releases.(I've been watching quite a few documentaries latly. "Jesus Camp" is by far, one of the most fucked up things I've ever watched...) I just have to say: God damn that OP is a good song! "Supurinkara" indeed!

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Here's PixelWorld,

There's some great pixel artists in there and I enjoyed it a lot.

I've been interested in watching Jesus Camp, but I'm rather terrified it's going to scare the living crap out of me.

Oh yes, do you mind if I post that Pixel-Art in the shownotes for next episode? It deserves to be seen.

Root Beer King said...

Sure go right ahead man! I don't mind at all...

And yes, about Jesus Camp. If you share any of the humor I do, you'll probably laugh more then be scared.

Believe me it's not very scary. Fucked up though, that they basically brainwashed the kids... One of whom has a mullet! Which I laugh at...

Best line is when the leader of the group, randomly brings up Harry Potter and says "You don't make heroes out of warlocks!".

But alas thanks for the link to that pixel world site. I'll be sure to check it out after I wake up.

Root Beer King said...

I just finished that other sprite I was working on, in that first post. I thought you might like to put it up with the other one, so here it is:

She's suppose to be holding two Daggers, but I've yet to make them.

Dane Scaysbrook said...


What software and methods do you use to make your pixel art?

Kappa's Exist!


Freaky, isn't it! But not as freaky as This!.

Probably a rubber suit, but scary all the same!

Root Beer King said...

Believe it or not, I actually just use Microsoft Paint.

Though recently I have been experimenting with drawing the line work with pen and paper, then scaning, and srinking it down on the computer to color and all that good stuff.
That's how I made those two that I sent you.

I'm not actually sure if I'm saving time though doing it that way, for there is alot of clean up I must do to the lines and such...
But it does seem easier! And I guess that's what counts!

As for your Kappa near the river, I say "Japanese big foot!"

To your Kappa skeleton, I say "Holy crap that is freaky."

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Have you heard of ""

It's this awesome freeware program, that's up to par with a lot of commercial things out there.

Ummm....Anyone see Wannabe's? Anyone?

Root Beer King said...

Nope I haven't heard of that program.

And yes I watched Wanna-bes last night. Good times it was! Though how she lived after that fall, I do not know...

Anonymous said...

Hey Dane whats that one song you sometimes play before the Asian news section? It has that very Asian drums sound to it and sounds sweet but I have no idea what it is.

Anonymous said...

I was laughing before I read the english translation of this sign. Thanks to my Japanese knowledge I can import this "Masterpiece".

Oh and on a side not: Now that's a water fountain! They should have those in America. If they did, we wouldn't need porn.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Glad to see at least somebody watched Wannabe's!

Jim, I know the tune you're talking about, it's actually just a sound loop which I got from , It's actually some sort of Hindi music I believe (obviously with a bit of a funky beat added to it). With the exception of our Mr. Postman segment (which uses a song too old for most licence holders to care too much about) the other little tunes are royalty-free sound loops from FlashKit.

During reviews or in the background, I'll occasionally play some music from the soundtracks of various different anime titles.

I agree about the water fountains! The water fountain in the primary school I work at looks like a urinal for horses.

Anonymous said...

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