Saturday, June 16, 2007

Episode 27: Matayoshi Compels you....

Download Episode 27 here.

Do not avert your eyes anymore, heathen. Let the divine light of Matayoshi cleanse you of your heretic ways.

Shootin' The Breeze

More Japanese were on the list than any other nationality in "The top 10 most bizarre people".

Mitsuo Matayoshi is by far, my favourite!

Alex brings to my attention, the terrible "slavery" news item about Child slavery in rural China. You can check it out, here.

Like fantasy? Like Sci-Fi? Like Chocobo's? Well so does Lorlandchain! And what a skilled individual, also hailing from China.

Spacecraft6 by ~wanbao on deviantART

paladin by *lorlandchain on deviantART

The lost golden tree by *lorlandchain on deviantART

An absolute master artist! Our collective hats go off to you, sir!


Gundam is back, and now gayer than ever. Bottom line: Will be most popular Gundam "Like'Eva!".

Look at these beautiful, pretty young stallions:

Now for the real "wankin'" material!

Alex then goes into a passionate rant about "The good ol' days of Mecha design" (Most likely scaring off what little female audience we have)

Here's Alex's ideal Mecha:

Nova is in the "poo" again!


Watcher Angel raises our podcast "above the rabble" with her always wonderful e-mails which always bring up wonderful points for discussion.

We also get our very first "voice message" from "GeneralBeefy", who asked us if we knew anything about "The Cockpit".

You're in for a treat GeneralBeefy, I do own the Cockpit and I am also in the process of obtaining a high quality subbed version which I shall review and post in the near future. (Yes, post the video for download!)

ZombieToaster, a chum of mine from the Heart Of Madness forums, makes Alex's day with the mention of the Russian version of "War & Peace".

Review: Aura Battler Dunbine

Probably the most epic review yet; a whopping 49 episodes long, this TV comes from Yoshiyuki Tomino, the "Father" of Gundamn.

It's difficult to sum up this review in words, suffice to say, this is the "Andromeda" of anime; A Fantastic first half utterly ruined by studio intervention, however unlike Andromeda, the last episode is pretty darn awesome. Tomino (Suffering from depression at the time) gives us a real "SCREW YOU, EVERYBODY!" ending, with tragedy only surpassed by Space Runaway Ideaon. (Also by Tomino).

Also notable for being the first Mecha show to combine fantasy elements.

It's a wrap!

Coming up, an "experimental" Anime Pacific Special: Tales From Asia...Woooooooooooo! (Cue Ed Wood-esque Sci-Fi music)


Root Beer King said...

That gundam picture you posted reminded me of some gay boy band album art...

Also nice work on the shownotes this week! I can tell you weren't lazy with them! Good show! I'm listening to it as I write this, woot!

Root Beer King said...

The 2003 Zatoichi movie was one of my favorite movies!
I just got to the news part about the change they are doing to Zatoichi, and my jaw dropped as I let out a "Waaaaahhhh~?!".

I'm not sexist or anything, and the blounde hair change they did to Zaitoichi was no big deal to me... But making Zatoichi a young female?! That doesn't sit well with me... Of course, I liked the female Ronald Mcdonald so I don't know... Still, I agree with you guys, why make the change? Why didn't they just use a different name?

Blah... Who's going directing it?

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I think the "gay boy band" appearance was probably the desired effect that the producers were aiming for.

Regarding Zatoichi, I haven't actually seen the film, although I own the DVD! I really should check it out, it was at the cinemas here and I totally missed it.

Imagine if they made a Female Robin Hood, I imagine that's roughly the equivalent to what they're doing with the Zatoichi character.

Root Beer King said...

Demand you watch that movie, Scaysbrook! You won't regret it!

N15PCA said...

What happen to the e-mail part of the show.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Holy shit!

I completely ommited the mail section of the show!

I'll have to tack it on with the special we're releasing soon.

My goodness, 27 Episodes and I still make screw ups like this.

Root Beer King said...

Haha I didn't even notice the mail section was missing. How silly of me!

In other news Sicko = Michael Moore's best movie ever!

Dane Scaysbrook said...

We're going to release a special for the coming episode which will include the missing segment.

Sorry GeneralBeefy, WatcherAngel & ZombieToaster! As your mails were read and addressed during that segment. Rest assured, the segment will be aired!

I actually obtained Sicko myself, haven't watched it yet but I think I'll watch it tonight!

Root Beer King said...

I'm quite bored waiting for a friend to get done with his work, so we can do some gaming. So all this talk of mail, has got me to thinking about all the funny gay jokes you two throw at each other and well, this picture(PG don't worry haha) is the outcome of those two factors(boredom and your gay mail jokes)

Root Beer King said...

Alex said...

I believe that is Dane's wallpaper.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I could just imagine Alex ripping those letters open with his teeth, Stanley Kowalski style.