Saturday, July 14, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 31: Relax, relax, in the Cockpit

Download Episode 31 here.

Update:It seems, Divx stage 6 saw fit to remove The Cockpit. Luckily, a very well seeded torrent of this has been released mere days ago!

Get the torrent from here.

That was a swift recovery from depressing mediocrity!

This week, another Asian tale, round stewardesses and yet another obscure Anime title!

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex rants about the current state of stewardesses and wishes the golden age of the stewardesses, the 60's would make a triumphant return.

Alex suggests this tasteful uniform for all future stewardesses.

Tales from the East (or West)

Any excuse for a gong.

We talk about Alex's wife; Kaori and her 2 hour showers.

I won't spoil this story for you, but when you have to go, you have to go!


"Chase Wang" takes time out of his blooming gay porn career to chat about AX. Best stage name ever.

Life-size Gundam! Finally!

Check out the legendary Danny Choo's blog entry regarding this, here.

Gundam worth half a billion $US per year

Now we know why Bandai always gives Tomino hell with creative control.

Review: The Cockpit

Based on anime diety, Leiji Matsumoto's manga, this series, tackles the personal stories of officers on the Axis side of the war.

This causes Alex to rant about Japan and their belief that they themselves are victims of the war, not agressors.

Well, Mr. Sorokopud, check this out!

Look at the heroic pacific heroes liberating those poor Chinese, and don't they look happy?

Look children, a lovable Japanese savior! Thank you for liberating us, noble savior!

They're here, mama! They're here! Oh joy!

Some ingrates obviously don't appreciate the lovable guiding hand of our pacific overlords!

But seriously, folks. Leiji Matsumoto's work conveys a strong anti-war message, at the expense of historical accuracy. If you can accept this and appreciate the gorgeous animation, as well as the masterful direction from three Anime veterans, you're in for a real treat indeed!

Our Divx6 page is here.

Direct download!

Episode 1 here.
Episode 2 here.
Episode 3 here.

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It's a wrap!

I discuss the prospect of free, legal streaming anime via "Babelgum".


I'm jetting off to Australia, but fear not! The show shall go on.


Root Beer King said...

Yeah, last ep wasn't your best for sure... But this one returned to the good fun! So that's always good. I kinda noticed last week was kind of a "meh" week for podcasts, mainly your's, and TWiT.

I checked out Ep 1 of Cockpit, It was alright... But I kept thinking back to Interstella 5555, what with the art style being the same and all.
Thanks for uploading the series, I plan to watch the other 2 eps later on.

Speaking of Interstella 5555, I checked out that Babelgum program, it was pretty neat! But it was only showing two series, both of which had the same art style as Interstella 5555! It was a very strange coincidence... I didn't know the artist of Interstella 5555 did so many other anime! (Also all the main male characters in his shows look quite the same! Which I find amusing.)

Eeeper said...

You got no emails last week? None? Strange, but stranger still is the fact that we got our second ever email from a listener for this weeks show. So I'll take it upon myself to try and email you guys each week. That way you won't feel lonely. That or you'll have a psychotic episode, whichever happens first:)

As for Babelgum, I tried it after listening to the show. It's very similar to a sister program called Joost but Joost never seems to load the anime channel when I log on so babelgum did work. Cosmo Warrior was good but I think I'll stick to the original Capt'n Harlock, thanks very much.

In relation to the urine story, I'm imagining that from the point that Dane leaves the apartment I hear the opening notes of "The Entertainer" from the film, The Sting. It finishes with the camera disappearing down the rubbish chute as the music reaches the end. Oh, come on! You know I'm right.

P.S. Darker than Black got picked up by Funimation.

Have a good holiday, Dane.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Funnily enough, I believe quite a bit of Matsumoto's stuff has made it to Babelgum.

Regarding Joost, I believe that the anime channel "Gong" was for North America and parts of Europe only, however it's been available internationally on Babelgum.

Glad to hear you got an e-mail Eeeper, I'll have to get around to e-mailing your show as well!

I've actually rigged some speakers up in the appartment complex to play "the entertainer" everytime I open my door.

Regarding Darker Than Black, I'm sure Alex is in fetal position under his bed whimpering the whimper of Kings. (Not sure that makes any sense in this case)

Alex said...

Looks like Dane got busted by the Stage 6 piracy police.

You maybe have to set up a torrent.

Root Beer King said...

Ooo wow, you're right Alex! The files are gone from the server. And I was just about to download ep 2 and 3...

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I did link to a torrent at the top of the page, it pisses me off. People have tonnes of licensed anime up there and I put something which is unavailable and out of print and then they jump on that!?

What the hell!?

N15PCA said...

I second what Alex said about the Japanese. I mean how can they play victim card has far has WWII is concern. When their the ones that started the war with the US and what they did to the Chinese people.

That also sucks for me Dane as well. I didn't get a chance to download the three Cockpit episodes.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

What can I say? Divx Stage 6 are imbeciles. We can keep the newest episode of bleach, but heaven forbid an obscure out of print Anime be uploaded!

The torrents pretty good though, not as fast as the Divx stage 6 download, however. :(

Root Beer King said...

Couldn't you upload them again?

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Well, I'm in Australia now, I don't even have the files. I'm not exactly sure *how* I could upload them either, if Divx are just going to erase it again. I did send an e-mail to them, which I suppose will be to no avail.

Did you try the torrent?

Root Beer King said...

Ahh, guess I'll have to BT it then.

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