Friday, July 20, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 32: Ani-Pac & The Chipmunks

Download Episode 32 here.

When we started this podcast, me and Alex were a rather short plane trip away. Now, as I am in Australia for a holiday, we are further away than ever before. Neither of us are technically in Asia at the moment either. Which is kinda-sorta the selling point of this whole darn podcast!

Shootin' The Breeze

I discuss my arrival in

Nazi Germany Australia.
I also discuss the

primary school graduate dikes airport staff who kindly

interoggated chatted with every

non-white person in the airport.


Top 10 Girls Japanese Men Would like to

Bang every which way "Go to the beach with"

Aki Hoshino tops the list; good choice!

We then discuss the "Chinese pervert at the Japanese beach incident" which is only noteworthy in Japan because the culprits are Chinese.


Paul Acuna sent us a jolly good link about the "Cardboard Buns" scandal in China.
Here's a Japanese report of this scandal.

We also talk a little bit about health-care in Asia.


Pokemon film opens to HUGE box office receipts in Japan.

Who said the Japanese went through fads?

Blu-Ray On The Rise?

Either format can die, as long as there is one standard.


humpable huggable pillow out featuring Gurren Laggan's Yoko

I simply cannot contain my

erection disgust at the

like minded-individual pitiful geeks who purchase these things.

Tales from the

West East

Canine's that make Alex shriek so loudly it would make Fay Wray proud & The Girlfriend from hell.

It's a wrap!

Until next week, my pretties!


Alex said...

Hahaha Brilliant! Loved the show notes Dane.. Good work!


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys. Great show as usual, I especially liked the Groucho Marx reference, especially because I just watched "A Day at the Races" the other day. It's been a while since my last e-mail/comment and I just wanted to chime in again.

I finally got my Girlfriend to begin listening to your show and she loves it. Since listening to you guys, Dave and Joel, and AWO she has asked me to watch Hajime no Ippo, Master Keaton, and Hokuto no Ken with her. Keep up the great shows.


Dane Scaysbrook said...

A girlfriend that *demands* you watch Hokuto No Ken? My goodness, man! She's a keeper, don't you let go of her no matter what!

Glad to hear that she loves it and that you are still listening, Jim. I'm also immensely glad that at least someone got the "Groucho Marx" Gundam! Bless you!

Root Beer King said...

haha yeah those show notes are awesome! great job, I got a good laugh from them. Anywho i'm off to watch the show now! er listen to the show haha...

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Thanks guys! Well, I had just learned how to do that "crossing out" effect, so I basically went nuts with that.

N15PCA said...

Correct me if I'm wrong on this Alex but I think the best Health Care system in the world is Japan. Japan hospitals are run by families. So that way their give you good service and that way you will want to come back to their hospital. You don't have the somewhat mess up Insurance companies running things like they do in the US. Also you don't have to wait for ever to see a doctor like you do in Canada or Western Europe.

The only downside to the health care system in Japan is that is really hard to get any type of cold medicine of any kind.

Anonymous said...

LOL ... you are so right about the cough medicine! I had an awful cough when I was there and there just seemed to be no such thing as cough medication! I was given some bizarre herbal thing called Clara, which was tipped into a glass of orange juice,

I have to say that the healthcare system here in good ol' Nazi Germany is pretty enviable (as is our provisions for veterans), but it was introduced under a government that was considerably unlike the current one.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Alex demanded we leave aside a small part of the show to address the Japanese health care system, which I don't know much about.

Alex, does not place much trust in Japanese dentists however.

The reason for his last trip to Hong Kong? A dentist trip!

David Lee said...

Hey guys long time no post. :p Glad to see your still churning out those episodes each week. I personally had a hell of a time catching up with all the podcasts I missed for the past month. 15 podcasts + 5 weeks = bleeding ears. I have to say, losing the internet due to area construction (...see incompetence} Is pretty annoying. But enough about that....

Love the new "Tales from the East" segment. Hearing about your mis-adventures is pretty funny. And the depth that you cover life in Asia in general really sets you apart from the other anime podcasts. So keep it up.

About Wannabe's, before my internet went AWOL, I managed to snag it off of torrent. I enjoyed watching it until it got to the last 5min of the show, where i was treated to the most anti-climatic ending that I've seen in a while.

[Spoiler Alert]

The chick falls out of a window about 20-30 stories and then they cut straight to a cut scene where the 2 main characters are apparently fine despite the fact that one of them should probably be street pizza? wtf? :p

Ohh well, its 80's anime so bad direction kind of comes with the territory. If you look at most old media, anime or otherwise, bad direction always sticks out like a sore thumb.

Speaking of bad media, I had a look at the 2007 summer season list for anime. And surprise surprise, 90% of it is High School romance, harem, and moe. *sigh* Well at least i have a months worth of material to catch up on.....

Jeff Tatarek said...

Turns out that cardboard-filled steamed buns story is a fake, and the reporter involved is apparently going to jail for it.

Also, your Robot Carnival review has inspired me to do one as well in the near future. I figure I've got to weigh in with the geezer opinion on it and get it out for consumption before Anime World Order!

That is, of course, provided I can tear myself away from the images of the "love pillow". Eh-heh.