Thursday, July 26, 2007

Episode 33: Old Habits Die Hard

Download episode 33 here.

....That old saying is more relevant now than any other episode. Clocking in at the dreaded 2 hour mark, we're falling into old habits.

I was also severely distracted whilst doing my review and this results in quite a lot of the dreaded "dead air" which was edited down, somewhat but most likely, not nearly enough.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex spends about 10 minutes speaking about the parrot from Aladdin.
This segment often made me wonder how Alex actually managed to get laid
didn't think of the ingenious idea of speaking about American comedians in an Anime podcast before.

And now in our longest Shootin' the breeze segment yet. Alex proceeds to rant and
rant and rant! For those of you who love rants, you are in for a treat. For those
of you who aren't really into them, slit your wrists now.

First rant

Internet in Asia VS Internet overseas (especially the American continent).

Finally Alex reveals a vein that won't get him convicted for indecent exposure; The big vein on his forehead; which is quite prominent whenever internet speeds outside of Asia are mentioned.

Second Rant: Legend Of The Galactic Homos Heroes

Alex, whilst loving history and Space Operas, doesn't like it when writer's pilfer history for the express purpose of not
needing to create the mythology for their respective works.

Is Legend Of The Galactic Heroes just an 18th century drama slightly re-written as a space opera? Tell us what you think!

The constant labeling also pisses Alex off to no end. The director
Is a rather notorious label-fetishist.


Pokemon hangs onto Number 2 slot at Japanese box-office.

The juggernaut that is Pokemon shows no signs of slowing down in Japan, it would seem.

Japanese File Sharer Gets 6 Months In Prison

The "scare the populace" scapegoat. Alex also points out that Japanese prisons
rival North Korea's as most Japanese consider criminals, no matter how petty,

Wait a minute Mr Postman!

Stanley Kowalski style (and Marlon Brando style, coincidently) , Alex likes to dig his teeth into every male mail he comes across.

He discusses in detail, the Japanese health care system. This is not really relevant to Alex, as he has never needed any essential surgery, though he could do with a
penis enlargement health check.

Japanese Products Of The Week

I had a ball, looking up these delightful gadgets. Here's the rundown:

Gatsu/Gutsu Kubrick Figurine

Berserk never looked cuter.

2. Disney "ChiBizu" Light & Keyholders

I thought it was important to mention this, Disney characters actually dominate a large portion of Japanese merchandising, Japanese characters by no means, have a monopoly.

3. Ragnarok Online USB Cup Warmer

Quite spiffy and useful, even without the tie-in.

4. Nintendo Special Edition "Pixel frames"

5. Super-Deformed Freddy VS Jason button activated fighting-toy

Whilst it might be a Japanese property, Japan certainly injected some of it's
"Anime Zaniness" into this delightful toy.


Do you know Japanese Adult Video Star, Ai Nagase?

Run out of Gym socks?

Now you can make love to Ai Nagase, at your complete convenience, presenting
"Ai Nagase's Vagina-In-A-Cup!"

Do remember, before you insert your penis in here, that any orgasm you achieve in this will most likely be dwarfed by the realization that you just ejaculated in
a fake, rubber vagina that you IMPORTED from Japan. You pass at life, sir!

Review: Robot Carnival

I was a little bit sick and also subsequently distracted during this review, and as such, it doesn't feature that "zang" that I wanted it to. Beware of the dreaded "dead air".

A gorgeous-looking experiment from a time when Japan could afford aforementioned
experiments. Some of the greats in Anime show their skills in what has been dubbed "Anime's Fantasia".

DVD ISO Fansub can be found here. (This has never been officially released on DVD
and the VHS is currently out of print, it's well worth the long download)

It's a wrap

Next week, we can only promise one thing, less dead air!

Until then my pretties!


Root Beer King said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Root Beer King said...

Podcast on a thursday?! Just the thing I need on a hot summer day... Stuck in a little office with the door shut... Because there's a hornet in my room... And I don't want it to attack me...

Good times... Me = Dieing from the heat.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

The podcast on a Thursday thing would be my fault. I was trying to use the "post later" feature and quite by accident, posted the podcast early!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's all good. Interesting points about broadband in the US/Oz. I'll send you a bigger email about ISP services here in Ireland. It's makes trying to get decent internet access in the states seem like bliss by comparison.

Alex said...

As a move on my part to Hong Kong is looking more and more likely, I have been researching broadband there.

A company in Hong Kong is offering 1Gb/s (yes GIGA - 1000 Megabit) connections.

Do a google search for "bb1000 hong kong" for more info.

Root Beer King said...

Woah you haven't heard of Vagina molding before? I can't remember where I did, but I seem to recall it was some late night show on one of those life style channels.

Basically they put this female condom like thing into the womans vagina, ah I should take this time to say, I forget the details... But I believe how it's all done is, they pour some sort of material(latex, rubber, or whatever they are made out of) and I think they let it sit and harden, or something. Yeah like I said I forget the details(it was awhile ago since seeing the program) and basically they take it out and it hardens more and wah-la! You have a vagina mold.

Also the latex "vagina" toy isn't something that's new. There's been "pocket pussy" around for quite awhile now.
How I know this stuff you might ask? I'm a fan of Sue Johanson(I wish she was my grandmother...) and that's the stuff she talks about haha.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

So that's why Alex wanted me to bathe in Candle wax....

Jeff Tatarek said...

Crap, my comment for this episode as accidentally deposited under Episode 32.

Anyway, I am simultaneously horrified and intrigued by the "Nagase-In-a-Cup" product. In fact, I became horrified at my intrigue.

I feel I don't need to ask the rhetorical question "What's next, Japan?" because I have no doubt they'll answer it.

Anonymous said...

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