Sunday, August 26, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 37: Save me Trap-Jaw!

Download episode 37 HERE

However, were Trap-Jaw with me during my adventure in Vietnam, there'd be no epic tales from Asia this week!

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex discusses where he's going to base himself, and what that might mean to the show.

I discover my annoying lovable catchphrase; " say the least".

We then discuss the format war, which is heating up yet again as Blue-Ray loses ground.

We also mention the epic China airlines plane explosion and the more amazing fact that no one was killed.

Tales From Asia: Vietnam

Yes, this does involve people seeing my genitals enmasse AGAIN. As male genitalia is Alex's favourite subject, he listens intently.

I paid a visit to Dam Sen water park, can you guess what happens?

Here's a hint, see-through shorts, transexuals and public embarrassment.

Here's a youtube video of the water park that I found.


Singaporean anime distributor Odex, denied third court order.

Downloaders cite quality as a reason for downloading in the first place. Odex place up to 12 episodes on a disc "bootlegger style".

Animax in Africa

Alex throws a hundred cliches into the mix. He then begins an epic rant about Holland and their terrible history with colonization.
(I know we have a few dutch listeners, feel free to e-mail us or leave comments)

Jesus: The Manga

Now, I KNOW Toki from Hokuto No Ken and Jesus are related.

Alex also defends his hardcore Mormon beliefs.

It's a wrap!

It's a shorter and somewhat less-than-epic episode, as I just got back to Hong Kong and Alex is setting off tommorow, but we'll be back with a more anime-intensive, longer episode next week.


ZombieToaster said...

Nice show this week. Maybe abit on the short side. Im one of those people who likes to have something to listen to for hours. Of course it shouldnt be at the cost of quality tho :P

Nice end with the Kill the fight song. All of us hokuto no ken nerds are creaming in our pants every time we hear it hear it.

I like this tales from asia segment (as always). I nearly gouged my eye out when i slapped my face trying to make myself stop laughing.

Oh and alex, you complain about Dane likeing to many movies? Well thats cause you're a critic. While Dane is a movie lover.
I to am a movie lover aswell. I like to like movies. I dont watch movies because im thinking "hmm, i need something to pick on". Sure, you sometimes run into a real stinker. But there is beauty in almost everything, you just have to look for it.

I have rescently been watching a ton of stuff by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. A guy i had never before heard of. (Even tho i had seen some of his stuff) before i started listening to this show.
While i was watching Wicked City. It hit me like a baseball bat to the groin.
That a movie can be built completely with the backgrounds.
I dont think i have ever looked at the backgrounds so much in a movie. (Especialy not one full of naked women :P)
The darkness, the fog, the eerie lighting. I was all greatly made to enhance the mood of the film.
Im wondering if you know any movies or series with similiar mood setting backgrounds?

Only thing i can remember being alittle close. Is the city hunter tv series. Albeit not as dark. It still had its beautiful moments with its blue city full of bright neon lights.
Sadly, i couldnt really enjoy it as they had really dumbed down the actual story from the manga.

Yoshiaki Kawajiri might now be my favourite director of anime. Miyazaki in all glory. But these are the kind of movies that i like the most.

Oh, and before i end this. I just wanted to mention how great it is that sentosha fansubs are finaly, after what feels like years. Finaly they are staring to release the uncencored fist of the blue sky episodes.

Well anways, have a good day... Or night, depending on what it is now where you live. And I hope alex will survive in Canada.

No i dont hate you.

And dane, Dont deny that you really reviewed rapeman with a passion. You might not have said the number four. But we could hear it all too well ;P


ZombieToaster said...

Holy fuckin shit. I almost got a heart attack.
After writing that huge comment i put in my username and password. But when i send an error message appeared saying that i couldnt post it because i was already logged in on google with another account. There was a button to log out so i pressed that. It brought me back here, but holy shit. The comment was nowhere to be seen.
Thank god it was there when i went back afew pages.

Im getting to old for this shit :P


Root Beer King said...

Is it just me, or is Tales From Asia slowly turning into "Tales of Dane's Penis"?

Haha, great show once again! A bit short, but that's okay... I've recently I've found this awesome podcast that is 3 hours long, so I've been getting my long podcast fill.

Also "Pirate Hip hop" = Good times.

ZombieToaster said...

"Is it just me, or is Tales From Asia slowly turning into "Tales of Dane's Penis"? "

Slowly? Hasnt it always been since they started calling it tales from asia? :P

Dane Scaysbrook said...

It's rather amazing how often I seem to get involved in these wacky adventures with my penis, I'm almost afraid to even aknowledge it, for fear that it'll get me into trouble again!

Alex is currently in a hotel, doing training for his new job, so we had to keep it on the short side, I'm afraid!

I'm glad you're enjoying Kawajiri's work, if you enjoyed Cyber City Oedo, you should also check out Goku: Midnight Eye, it's also a cyberpunk anime which was made almost at the exact same time as Oedo, it also features Kawajiri's character designs and direction and is definitely worth a look. Unfortunately, starting with Ninja Scroll, Kawajiri doesn't do character designs anymore.

About me being a movie lover; well said! Alex is one of those fellows that reads all the reviews and kind of pre-judges a film (in my opinion anyway). He also lacks the ability for "so bad it's good" enjoyment, which is a shame, because they're always buckets of fun.

I'm glad Sentosha is finally getting an output, I worked very hard timing those episodes that I did (I timed the first 4 episodes of Souten No Ken) and I'm glad to be a part of Senthosa, and of course the real credit goes to LoverOfHokuto who never gave up with the project.

What's the new long podcast, Jake? Out of curiousity.

Root Beer King said...

Tis called "The Awful Show" ( I think one of the longest podcasts I listen to now... Still trying to listen to all the eps... It's taking ALONG TIME! As one would assume.

Root Beer King said...

Also, have you heard the awesome news about the PS2 Memory card mod called "VAST"? Damn is it sexy. It's a PS2 memorycard with this software on it that lets you boot pirated, and import games without a modchip, or use of swap disc. Just plug it in and it'll boot to a special menu where you can then play said import/pirated game. I'll be picking up one of these memorycards as soon as they come out for sure!(For all my Japanese imports of course...) Currently using the swap discs, and damn is it a pain to have to use them every time I wanna play "Tales Of Destiny" and the like.

ZombieToaster said...

"you should also check out Goku: Midnight Eye"

Funny that you say that. As ive had it on in bittorrent downloading very slowly over the last couple of days. And it finished just afew minutes ago.

David Lee said...

Hah! i think Dane is going to have to edit the poll from "Tales from Asia" to "Crazy Outtakes by Dane".

About the Odex news bit. While it does bother me that the main guy behind the company seems to come off as an ass hole, I'm more bothered by the reasoning of the downloaders in question.

"Downloaders cite quality as a reason for downloading in the first place. Odex place up to 12 episodes on a disc "bootlegger style"."

To play devils advocate here a little, there seems to be a misunderstanding with the current generation of internet users. They seem to think that their entitled to media (music, anime ect..) when thats simply not the case. These things are a part of someones hobby and their not a necessity to life itself. So trying to justify downloading simply because of bad quality is the wrong approach to take when dealing with a situation like that.

Lets ignore our own justifications and all the shady practices that the big businesses (RIAA, Odex, ect..) uses to get their way. What we are doing is downloading copyrighted material for free off the net which is very much illegal. While our intentions may be good or bad in the end, the bottom line is that we aren't entitled to a quality or free product. Just like big business isn't entitled to our money. If they provide a crap product, we're more than entitled to not buy it and then tell them its crap. But in no way are we entitled to said product.

Now the point of the above banter wasn't to give a "holier than thou" speech. I brought it up because Odex's recent practices got me thinking that its only a matter of time before this starts to spread to other countries/regions.

Right now codec compression has advance to the point that we are now getting fansubs that easily rival what you would see on a commercial dvd. Combine that with the fact that the source material that the raws are being pulled from are now coming from Hi-def (or as they call it in japan, Hi-Vision) television broadcasts and you've got a reason to start suing people left and right.

Just take the shows Gurren-Laggan, Skull Man, or Kekkaishi. All being broad casted in HD, and all 3 make me drool at my monitor sometimes. With most peoples attitudes about downloading media for free these days, you can see why a company like Odex starts to worry about their bottom dollar.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in North America. My prediction is that Bandai Visual will be one of the first to step up to the plate when they see that their over priced DVD's aren't selling despite what they've been told at conventions. Instead of blaming their bad pricing strategy, it'll be much easier to just start handing out lawsuits.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

As always, very valid points, David. I think this problem will be especially prevalent soon enough as we're living in an age of high definition fansubs which can be downloaded extremely easily whilst in the midst of a format war, that added with Microsoft's possible intentions of having the PC being the home's "media centre" and all the associated hardware such as wireless HD video and 6.1 audio streamed to your TV from your PC means that at this exact point in time the HD fansubs will be superior to almost every official release that's coming out in the US and abroad. Bandai visual have started releasing stuff in HD-DVD and instead of charging at least somewhat reasonable prices to entice fans, they're charging through the roof. Not just with HD-DVD's but standard DVD's as well. Whilst downloading fansubs is blatantly illegal and no rationalizing is going to get people out of trouble if they do in fact get in trouble for it, it would certainly be in the companies (Especially Bandai's) interests to do what they can to entice people.

I think lawsuits would certainly add some spite in a lot of fans who will download it just because they don't want the company or companies in question to get their money, whilst from a legal perspective this is just as criminal but from a moral perspective, people have a lot less trouble pirating stuff when they not only are no longer interested in supporting the companies, but hating them for their actions.

From a legal standpoint, I'm aware that when I do download stuff, it's completely illegal, and no justification on my part will make it legal. However, from a moral standpoint, if a series was commercially released in the US or other English speaking countries, butchered, released dub only and even had the story or characters rewritten or cut (Much like the initial release of CardCaptor Sakura ie. "Cardcaptors") I have absolutely no moral issue downloading that series in it's uncut form.

David Lee said...

Ohh god, dont get me started on CardCaptor Sakura. I remember when that show first aired in North America on the "W.B." channel. When I first saw the butchered version at the age of 15 or so, i could remember thinking. "What the hell is this garbage". Then came along the internet and easy access to information. I soon came across a fansite that not only told me how butchered the show was, but listed in great detail what was cut from the U.S. release.

So curiosity beckoned me to search for fansubs of the original first season. Which ironically was one of my first forays into the fansub scene. I was amazed and disgusted at how much was cut from the original show. After watching the first season I vowed to buy every single last dvd of the original show which I eventually did when they went on sale. 18 dvd's for $80.

I havnt watched season 2 or 3 yet, but one of these days i'll get around to it. Or at least thats what i keep telling myself.

Anyways, with fansubs pretty much hitting the sweet spot in terms of quality, and a vast amount of hardware becoming more and more accessible to the general public, I wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing anime companies in other regions taking action within the next 6 months to a year.

ZombieToaster said...

Oh no! Dane died and cant reply :_(

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Sorry about the late reply, fellows!

It looks like next show might have to be done solo, I was speaking to Alex who e-mailed from a hotel computer, telling me that his computer wouldn't turn on. I since haven't heard from him again.

Perhaps the feds have discovered "those pictures" on his computer.

Regarding the whole digital fansubs issue, I think that's a great topic to bring up on our next show!


ZombieToaster said...

Need a guest host? need one that says "ja ja dat ist good" in a real swedish/german accent? Then im the man... Oh and probably not :P

Anonymous said...

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