Sunday, September 23, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 41: Autumn Anime Season Preview # 2

Download Episode 41 here.

I think I've found the reason for our spike in female listeners.

First, apologies! I never supplied the link to Star Crossed Anime Blog like I promised. However, I'm sure any remotely sentient being would have just typed "Star Crossed Anime" in google.

Shootin' The Breeze

We finally crossed the coveted, 3 digit feedburner listeners score. (Although my stats show that we reached that milestone months ago!)
And now have about 1/16 the ratings of Anime World Order. I'm sure they feel suitably threatened.

As I promised that I would rat on other podcasters once we hit 100 listners, I let loose!

We were mentioned at Aint It Cool News, oh joy! Check this link out, there's some jolly nice stuff featured that we talk about.

I also mention the joy of travelling to Japan via Indian Airlines.

And, because we kept making jokes about "Left Behind", here's a totally non Anime / Pacific related video, that's simply hilarious.

Alex also has an emotional rant about how the Yen is at rock bottom and the Canadian dollar is doing great. Which might sound fantastic, but all his savings are still in Japan.

Season Preview # 2:

Night Wizard

A mysterious transfer student!? A run down school club!? Magic and alternate worlds with high school age characters!? Ingenious! How on earth did they think about this?

Soukou Kihei Votoms: Pailsen Files

An OVA sequel to one of the greatest Mecha Anime of all time? Yes please!


Making an anime based off cute marketing characters is nothing new. Having those cute characters be different types of bacteria, is. The synopsis sounds extremely funny and original, something sadly lacking this anime season.

Shugo Chara

Good for the kids, and younger girls. Sadly, I have a feeling most of the downloaders will be lonely 35 year-old males.

Ghost Hound

Whilst it sounds like a bad Hanna Barbera cartoon of the 60's, this deserves mention just for the talent behind it alone.

It's a wrap!

I chat about Mid-Autumn festival, one of my favourite festivals.

But forget that, I want me some Mooncakes!

And because me and Alex are sick of stories with young teens as the main stars, check out Shady Acres!


ZombieToaster said...

Alex: I like how you bring up those unmailed dvds in every episode :P

Ye its sweden who takes in all the refugees.

alot of talking at the same time today, alittle to much.

might be because its alittle off-synch. But im not completely sure.

Also, you should make sure the ads for other podcasts keep the same volume as your own. some are really loud like ladders bladder.

What was the point of this tales from asia? The ingredients for moon cakes? Where are the penis jokes and people falling into toilets? =P

I like it being abit longer :)

Oh ye and im writing this while listening, thats why there are so small paragraphs about everything in the order you tell it.


Root Beer King said...

Yes, I take back what I said about might liking Shugo Chara... Shortly after that comment I went to find out more about it, thus reading the scans, and man... Was it not the Shoujo Romance I was thinking it was... It was soooo boring!

I demand a second season of Bokura ga Ita!

But in other news,
Ghost Hound looks damn good!

Root Beer King said...

Also Alex just mentioned Journeyman in the podcast(still listening to it) I just have to say, that I watched the first ep today and I must say it was pretty good, there's a few problems I had with it at first, the slightly non-pretty acters, and the main character's fake american accent. But the accent I got over and the story was really good, only I can see the show being really episodic which isn't that great...

ZombieToaster said...

I thought you said ghost hound looked very cartoony? Got my hopes up for nothing :_(
It doesnt look more cartoony than naruto or any other shounen series. And here i was hoping for something tezuka like.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I did notice the speaking seemed to be slightly faster paced, I don't think it's out of sync though, as we don't just record the show all at once, and used sever files which I all check beforehand.

Benu, if you're reading this, I think I have the ideal idea for an anime-gen promo! Stay tuned.

N15PCA said...

I'm sorry I haven't email or post a comment in awhile. I moved form my house and I have to deal with the cable company out here and it took them four week for them to put internet in my house. Now that's really bad.

Hope to continue in emailing and posting comments on Anime Pacific and I try to work on my grammar. I'm sorry about not getting the part right about Japanese Hospitals being run by family. I got that info for a couple of animes I watch. I was right about those two podcasts. One being from Canada and the other form the United States.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Glad to see you're still around Paul, we were missing you! Don't worry about Alex, the grammar nazi, he just loves to play "bad cop" to my lovable "good cop".

Yes indeed, I noticed Anime Roundtable (Not Round Table & Review) have a maple leaf on their website now, I think they were sick of the confusion too. As for the 4 weeks to put in internet, I think that's the problem Alex maay be facing, which may mean, no episodes (or at least, episodes with Alex for a while) We did record another which I will put up hopefully in the next 24 hours.

Anonymous said...

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