Sunday, September 2, 2007

Episode 38: The Pros and "Kons" of Paprika

Download Episode 38 here.

We promised and we delivered! However, we promised MONTHS ago and finally delivered when the novelty of hearing an "early" review is completly lost.

It's probably our shortest episode, sorry about that folks, but this is being recorded at an extremely busy and hectic time for both of us!

Shootin' The Breeze

Anyone remember Shenmue?

Just one of many games that made the Sega Dreamcast, the best gaming console ever, at least in my opinion.

Sega's Ryu Ga Gotoku, known overseas as "Yakuza" is the spiritual succesor to Shenmue, and an all around fantastic game. (Actually based on a popular novel series)

For anyone who might appreciate this, the infamous Takashi Miike (who directed the live action Koroshiya which was revied a few episodes back)
is directing the live action adaptation to Yakuza. Not only that, but the look of the characters is modelled after the fantastic computer game.

You can check out the official website for the film, here.

Here's a cool sign:

Review: Paprika

How on earth does one explain the inexplicable? We have no idea but it's sure amusing to watch us bumbling through. Satashi Kon can do no wrong, that's for sure and it's a fantastic film.

Also noteworthy is the wonderful soundtrack by Susumu Hirasawa.

Spoiler Discussion (Warning!)

We do discuss the story a bit more indepth here, so if you're the sort of person who doesn't want to know any spoilers before seeing a film, skip this segment.

It's a wrap

Hopefully we'll be back in full form for next week's show. Until then, take care my pretties!


Root Beer King said...

LMAO@The End of this ep.

Yeah, I had the chance to go see Papurika in theater... It was playing in the theater an hour away. But I couldn't make it!(It was playing I think for only 2 nights and I was busy those 2 nights) I really wish I could have seen it, for it sounds really good. Guess I'll have to BT it one of these days!

ZombieToaster said...

When you said it was probably your shortes episode i was kinda worried. Luckily it wasnt that terribly short :)
Good thing that you didnt have to make it all by yourself like you were worried that you would have to do.
Great choice for ending music as always. Im sure Alex is furious :P

Dont think i have much to say this time as i havnt seen a single of the guys movies. Maybe i will in the future.

Oh yeah i almost forgot. I watched that video review of Yakusa. And maybe its just me but have they skipped everything that made shenmue good and just kept the fighting parts? They showed nothing but fighting.


Dane Scaysbrook said...

Yes, clocked in at an hour, so that's pretty good, it was made kind of rushed this very day!

That video review is a bit misleading, it's essentially Shenmue with a bit more fighting. The fighting engine is very good and the fighting parts are extremely fun, but they don't dominate the game anymore than Shenmue did.

Yakuza is full of mini games, places to explore and optional quests just like Shemue was. :)

ZombieToaster said...

Well thats good to hear. :)

I would like to once again recomend your next anime person of the week... Hirohiko Araki. No one has ever meant so much to so few as he has :P

Also, and i only ask this here cause i got nowhere else to ask it.
How do i change it so that my username (zombietoaster) is shown above my posts instead of my real name (Bo). I cant stand that horrible pronounciation that sounds like Bow and arrow :P

Dane Scaysbrook said...

hahaha, how *is* it pronounced then?

Bo as in Bon-Bon?

I beleive you have to change your "display" name as opposed to your username.

I vow that Hirohiko Araki shall be the next Anime person of the week, I just wish Phantom Blood would hurry up and come out on DVD, so I could do a review AND Araki as anime person of the week

ZombieToaster said...

Well you could always review some other anime by him. Or maybe make a 10 hour special where you take on the epic task of reviewing all of jojos bizarre adventure :D

Hmm, its a good question. I dont know how to write the pronounciation of my name so that english speaking people would understand it. To swedish people its no question about. They see my name written and then they pronounce it like my name is supposed to be.
I guess its more bou(but not drawn out) than bow tho. :P

And im to lazy to look around for a way to change it :P I only post on your site anyways.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

How about a 20 hour special where I just read the captions?

I do want to check out the Boah anime and manga, so I think I'll check those out first and do a review of those, if the Phantom Blood anime comes out onto DVD anytime soon, I could do an "Araki" special, if not, I'll just review them seperately.