Sunday, September 9, 2007

Episode 39: I am protodevlin!

Download Episode 39 here.

If you're wondering why there seems to be a general absense of male, cowboy strippers, it's most likely due to the fact that it's Alex's birthday!

Shootin' The Breeze

In the span of a week, I sold my apartment and bought a new one, Huzzah!
Alex also discusses what he did, or didn't do for his birthday.

We also talk about the consequences of celebrities leaking a naked photo and/or sex video in the US compared to Asia. Lovely topic for a supposed "Anime podcast" is it not?

Toby MacGuire to helm live action Robotech movie

Alex's dream has come true; Toby MacQuire has blown him............away, with the news that he'll be producing and possibly staring in a live action adaptaion of Robotech.

Promos Played:

Up A Paddle
Lather's Blather
R5 Central

Shoutout: Animefe

Male Mail

Bort2Bort kindly e-mailed us and let us know that torrentspy is no longer accepting US visitors and as such, the torrent link that I posted in my review of Koroshiya Ichi aka. Ichi The Killer is unavaiable for those residing in the US.

As it is scanlated by Band Of The Hawks, the torrent links to both high res and low res versions should be obtainable there.

Monolith e-mailed in regards to Shenmue and "Junior Idols".

Here's an interesting article regarding this at Japundit.

Rant: I'm sick to dead of the "puppy face" that's all the rage in Asia

Here's a good example of how to take a good picture:

Superb! Lovely!

Now, here's a good example of the "puppy dog look"! Egads girl, you know only coconut-haired moe freaks are going to go for that look! Stop it! Stop it I say!

Review: Macross 7

It seems no other fans in existence are as divided as as Macross 7 fans.

The beauty of this review is not so much the anime that I'm talking about, but the spectacular way in which I completely ruin in, much to Alex's delight. Whilst this is by far, my worst review yet, it's also the most entertaining.


Torrents are here.

It's a wrap!

We'll be checking out some of the new anime out there and will cook up some even more catastrophic lovely reviews and tidbits for next episode. Until then, farewell!

Bonus: Life with APEC

A bonus e-mail from my sister about the APEC conference going on in Sydney. This goes off on a political tangent and as such, wasn't included in the main show, feel free to listen if you are interested!


ZombieToaster said...

Good episode. I must say putting that thing at the end wasnt very good as that made stuff go out of order very noticeable.
Also, in this episode there were alot of sound errors... Oh the good ol days i say :P

I liked the review. Not boring at all. I will check it out as its something i havnt seen before.

Also. Swedish chanel 2 showed a buttload of anime last friday and i recorded most of it. Saw Perfect Blue and really liked it. Im gonna check out that guys other stuff.

Dont have much else to say. It was nice with a longer episode again. Please make the next one a record breaker ;)


Dane Scaysbrook said...

Thanks! I did relisten to my interview and it wasn't as catastrophic as I remembered it.

As for the thing as the end, it wasn't really anime related, and went on a little bit of a political tangent, which a few peopel may or may not like. Following Alex's suggestion, I thought we should just put it at the end after the "show" is over. I could have just made it a downloadable bonus but that screws up our overall feedburner stats.

Perfect Blue on Swedish free-to-air TV? "Very exciting!"

I heard that Portugal airs uncut hentai late at night, but I can't confirm it.

Monolith_2001 said...

The review was fine Dane.
Considering Alex's broken, rant infested, monotone, near inaudible review bore fests, im surprised you put up with his constant interruptions, criticizing yours.

Btw, watched that yakuza movie trailer, looks cool. Unfortunately well have to stomach the little moe girl saying "oniichan" every second sentence.


Alex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alex said...

Well, if you haven't noticed, we tend to exaggerate for laughs, and have a lot of running jokes in the show. Dane's review can get a check mark in both categories.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Hahahahah! I was hoping for an H.264 comment at the end as well. Thanks for your praise though, Monolith. It did brighten up my day. As long as the review is at least entertaining, if not enriching, I'm happy.

As for the Yakuza movie, I think considering the pedigree of it's director, Takeshi Miike, it shouldn't be very moe at all. I'm sure the marketers however, would want the moe market to think that it was, however.

Kent said...

Happy Birthday Alex!

So, I know that you guys touched on this in this episode but do you think that with the announcement that Robotech is on the fast track, that we will see a glut of giant robot movies in the near future? It seems that this could be the next big fad (after all the fantasy movies and superhero movies that LOTR and Spider-man inspired respectively).

I wouldn't be surprised if ADV generates more interest in getting the live action Evangelion made now. Whether or not that's a good
thing remains to be seen.

On the other hand, a Giant Robo movie would be glorious. It's a nigh impossibility but it would still be glorious.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I always fantasized about a live action Gundam film; One that didn't have to screw with canon and could just be another side story in the Universal Century. Still Gundam (aside from Gundam Wing) isn't the megahit that it is elsewhere, so I'd cast doubt on that. Unfortunately, Giant Robo has a troubling history. I actually remember the official website for the new Giant Robo TV series that came out this year actually had an option to switch to English, something that's almost unheard on official anime Japanese websites. Giant Robo was always given 10 / 10 reviews for the original OVA's in various magazines and online portals so I suppose they knew about the cult following it had amongst older school anime fans. However, a cult market in the already niche anime market unfortunately equals: very niche and thus unprofitable. Unfortunately also, it seems the Japanese creators have overestimated Giant Robo's cult status, as nay a fansubber has even touched the new Giant Robo TV series and nay an American license has been announced. And as I search Anidb, it also seems that nay (I love that word)a file is available to at least watch the episodes raw, is available either. Which is almost always an option. It seems this anime just competely went by unnoticed, which is say the least.....

I know a Voltron movie is in the words, though I must admit, I never watched Voltron as a kid. As for a live action Evangelion, last I heard someone in imdb suggested Lyndsay Lohan. I believe the scars on my wrists have started to heal since that dark, dark day....

Alex said...

There were some interesting comments on the slash-dot thread on the Robotech subject. Some seem to believe that it wont ever get out of development.