Sunday, September 16, 2007

Episode 40: Autumn Anime Season Preview # 1

Download Episode 40 here.

Yes, we took the "easy" way out this week. We blabbed on about half of the the upcoming shows for the upcoming "fall" Anime season. This wasn't out of laziness mind you. On the contrary, Alex was near death in fever, yet the show must go on!

We used the list from the Star Crossed Anime Blog. It's a great blog, even if we don't always agree with the opinions expressed within.

Shootin The Breeze

There's a monkey on the loose downstairs. No. Really!

I kind of reminisce about the things I'll miss, in my current "estate", and the things I will absolutely NOT miss.

As Richard Simmons was once again mentioned, check out this hilarious clip:

Autumn Preview # 1:

Today, we talked about:

Macross F (Frontier)

About a Frontier migration fleet! Isn't that what Macross 7 was about?

Kodomo No Jikan Aka. Set the reputation of anime back 20 years.


Gonzo's "bit of everything" anime. We'd rather see a master craftsmen instead of an "ok" Jack-Of-All-Trades.

Heroes Tale: Juushin Enbu

No aura of pretense, just a good action show for boys. I'm looking rather forward to this one.

Genshiken: Season 2

Do we really need to mention this? Of course we'll be watching!

Prism Ark (Moe Fantasy)

Myself: Yourself

Of all the cliche-ridden love shows, this is the one that we would be most likely to give the time of day, as Alex believes certain aspects show promise if depicted in the right way.

Kite Liberator

Rental Magica (Harry Potter For Hire?)

Gundam 00

It's got to be better than Seed, right?

It's a wrap!

Perhaps you might not agree, but our philosophy is "a lackluster show is better than no show". Kudos to Alex for recording this despite his condition.

Until next week!


ZombieToaster said...

Hey, want me to search for gay porn on my Nintendo DS? :P

Hey alex. You dont like fast cutting. Good. Have you seen the bourn supremacy. It cuts every two seconds even in scenes when the hero is talking on the phone :S

About pedophiles not having an anime of their own. Is it just me or do they have way to many animes aimed towards that market lately?
I mean, not as extreme as the one you are talking about, but still.

So chuck norris's delta force is the number one selling dvd? strange, cause chuck norris's the octagon is the number one selling vhs ever here in sweden :P
Not that vhs is being sold anymore. But it says so on the back of the dvd case :P

Looking forward to your next episode.


Dane Scaysbrook said...

hahaha, actually it's "Delta Farce" which is a film starring American comedian; "Larry, The Cable Guy".

I believe Moe was recently heralded as "the most profitable" sub-genre in the anime/manga industry. Now whilst it's not neccesarily true that moe fans are pedophiles, lot's of "moe" characters are getting younger and younger and/or lot's of thinly disguised loli-con stuff is labelling itself as moe, most probably to alleviate the guilt of the pedophiles that watch it.

ZombieToaster said...

Oh ok. So Chuck Norris aint taking over the world then :P

Dane Scaysbrook said...

It's only a matter of WHEN, my friend!

ZombieToaster said...

Ive been wondering. Were vhs's in japan very expensive just like dvd's are now?

Cause everyone is saying that ova's are dying out. And with so expensive videos its not strange that stuff that is only on video and nothing else doesnt sell well. But if vhs was also expensive, then how could the ova format ever have gotten popular in the first place?

Root Beer King said...

Wow, that was a good and funny ep, especially the deja vu with the "HOmage" line. Good times... Also, thanks for the blog plug! I appreciate it quite abit!

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Not a problem, Jake, I like going there!

As for VHS's, yes the pricing was generally the same, in fact it was probably a little bit worse in some regards. I mean, when we think about it, DVD's are relatively simple material-wise, whereas a VHS tape is a bulky, plastic contraption which is relatively complicated by comparison. In terms of mass production, it would be much cheaper to produce a DVD.

However, It should be noted that the Japanese wholeheartedly embraced Laserdisc, and a niche market in the rest of the world started paying attention to laserdisc about a decade after they were already popular in Japan. So, a lot of hardcore otakus bought their OVA's or films in laserdisc format. TV series on the otherhand, would usually be taped on VHS, in fact, a lot of Otaku would just tape anime that they didn't even watch. They were "tape Otaku" and they were most likely more into the collecting side than the "anime side". Although laserdiscs were on "disc", laserdisc is still in fact, an analog format. Thus, as many Otakus simply taped the TV shows, their income was a little bit more disposable and their would be more inclinded to spend on OVA's. (The Japanese ecomonic bubble has also been attributed to this).

Nowadays, most people are still receiving standard broadcasting, and VHS is pretty much dead. The difference between a standard TV broadcast and DVD is more significant and collectors would be much more inclined to buy the DVDs as opposed to simply recording. Secondly, digital cels ment that the budget and manpower could be better used (seeing as they didn't need to hire 100 cel painters anymore) and this resulted in better animation for most TV series, thus OVA's lose yet another edge they had (the superior animation).

However, for me, I think the greatest tragedy in the death of the OVA is the Freedom that the medium enjoyed as opposed to the restrictions or censorship they might be exposed to on TV and on the big screen.

Ironically enough, the name of the most popular OVA series currently running in Japan; Freedom

ZombieToaster said...

While tv series now a days might have almost as good animation as ova's. They definately doesnt have the same quality in the art. A tv series made now most likely has on shade layer on everything. While if you think about something like new fist of the northstar that often had four (and in some instances had painted clothes instead of cell shaded).
The backgrounds are always alot more detailed in ova's to.
Altho im guessing only people who are really interested in the art cares about this.

Well we still have theatrical releases with their 50 layer shading to drewl over. But ye, the freedom will be missed.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Yes, I agree! Did you watch Cyber City Oedo? I think one of things that catagorized Kawajiri's character designs and direction was a fantastic amount of detail and shadowing; especially for the characters. Wing's Of Honneamise springs to mind when I think about an absolute immaculate attention to detail as a whole. Although Bandai Visual have just released Wings Of Honneamise on Blue-Ray and we have bitched about them to no end on the show, I think I'll probably cave in and just buy it. It's like $80 US dollars!

ZombieToaster said...

*cough*steal it!!!*cough*


No i did not say download it :P

Ye, cyber city was the first of his movies that i watched that week when i watched half a dozen of his things about a month back.
While its sad that he stopped designing characters. The guy that does it for him now also does a good job of it.

I have yet to see midnight eye goku tho.

Root Beer King said...

Just watched those videos for the fall preview, and wow that one for Kodomo no Jikan made me shudder... The sad thing is I bet this show will be subbed, and not only that by more then one group...

However Dragonaut looks like it might be alright, and Heroes Tale too.

I'm also looking forward to watching the second season of Shakugan no Shana. The first season was pretty good near the end. Shugo Chara, also might be up my ally, and maybe Mokke will be something I might like.

Apart from that this fall season isn't sounding that great...

Though last year's fall season I only ended up liking 4 different series. But those 4 were quite fun.

ZombieToaster said...

Hey guys, you should really update that "We are currently watching:" thing on the leftside of the blog.

I see alex just removed all the stuff from his.

But im sure Dane isnt still watching otokuju as theres only afew subbed eps avaible :P

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I actually removed what Alex was watching, I will update that!

Regarding Dragonaut, I have to admit the fanservice which was shown for like half a second, was enough to entice me to check it out!

And check this out!

We were linked to on the very awesome Aint It Cool news!
Cheers, Scott Green!

Root Beer King said...

Nice, congrats on the Aint It Cool thing.

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