Monday, October 1, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 42: Somewhat exciting!

Download Episode 42 here.

Seeing as Alex is currently moving in and setting up a new internet connection, this could be the last "traditional" episode of Ani-Pac for a while. Whether I'll go solo for a few weeks, or we take our first "holiday" remains to be seen.

Shootin' The Breeze

We briefly chat about my idea for an Anime-Genesis promo.

Alex also discusses how the Howard Stern show has mirrored us (no doubt he listens...............................................................

Disturbing Cosplay

We've dug up even more, disturbing cosplay pictures and talk about them at length. Abandon all hope ye who listen here:

World of QueerCraft...

Moe; The Love-Story

Who said Seppuku was out of vogue?

Now, here's a good example of how your added bulkage can actually compliment your cosplay:

...It's a good thing for her, that Buffalo Bill is dead


Alex discusses Top Gear, here's a classic clip:

Promo: Anime Pulse

The podcast that needs no introduction!


Eye on Fansubs:

Yet another obscure 80's anime. Restored by the fantastic, To-Y Restoration Committee and released by the equally fantastic "Anime Classic".

Torrent is here

Muji Opening in New York

Japan's Ikea, Muji, is insanely popular in Hong Kong and Japan, and now it's opening in New York! We love Muji, you should too!

That's M-U-J-I.


I really wish they did pay us to say that.


China, South Korea and Japan surveyed on which countries they feel the most threatened by. Interesting, to say the least.

Evangelion Film bumped to # 2 slot

Currently, about $12 Million US in the bag. Alex vows Gainax won't see one cent from him.

Shin Chan Themepark

They won't have face painting here! Penis painting is distinct possibility. (Anyone who has seen the uncut show, will get what I mean).

Kite Liberator Trailer Unleashed

Unfortunately, the majority of footage is from the original Kite.

Bones Co-Founder Hiroshi Osaka dead at 44

Regardless is you know his name or not, you'll surely know his credits and agree that the Anime industry has lost a great person.

It's a wrap!

We'll keep you alert to the the latest happenings and hopefully I will get something out, with or without Alex.

Until then, take care!


ZombieToaster said...

Is it just me or is that skinny elf guy looking alot like cristopher walken only a hundred years younger?

Abit of problem with to loud music in this episode. Luckily not in the part where Alex complained about it :P

Ignoring the comment section in favour of emails is evil >:7

Anonymous said...

Muji is good stuff and all, but why would Americans want it when we have Ikea. I don't know about Hong Kong, but I have a feeling the markup is gonna be ridiculous. These days the entire world seems to think that anything from Japan is made of rainbows, diamonds, and the holy secretions of shrine maidens' prostates. Muji is essentially for poor students and cheap ass tourists like myself, if they try to bring it over as some artsy fartsy furniture for hipsters shit, I will indubitably laugh me ass off. Kind of like how Japanese girls will pay an arm and a leg for a ragged Mickey mouse sweater. One man's trash is another man's treasure I guess.

Also, a couple of episodes ago you mentioned how a lot of us listeners have these try hard names. I am entirely guilty of this. Though in my defense, I wasn't really trying to sound hardcore, the handle is just some shitty 70's song I like. Maybe I should have gone with my first choice of "Flowers on the Wall"... now there's a good song, hahaha

Anyhow, I'm pretty behind on the show. Gotta work my way through the 20 plus archive of episodes; that should keep me entertained at work for a good month or so. Glad you guys haven't podfaded, keep up the awesome work.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Glad to see you're still listening brokenenglish!

Trust me, "brokenenglish" is hardly a try hard name. There is nay an "l33t" character to be seen in it.

Were you named "j00 b3 0wn3d", then I'd be crying try-hard!

Muji is essentially the Japanese-Ikea, but perhaps the Japanese influence as opposed to the scandanavian influence in some of the stuff they offer there, will appeal to people. I do hope they can keep the prices somewhat reasonable. There's IKEA's all over Hong Kong too and I really hate the way they're designed as they force you to go all the way through the complex, no shortcuts, no exits. In Muji's defence, their shops are relatively straight forward (at least in Hong Kong) though as mentioned, nothing pisses me off more than "It's Japanese!" price-markup.

Case in point, Sogo, a department store chain in Japan, crashed and burned in Japan years ago, yet in Hong Kong and elsewhere it's one of the most popular "upmarket" department stores.

Anonymous said...

There is now way you could mimic my voice. Only I can.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Sadly, I fear you might be correct! Care to offer a soundbyte?

Anonymous said...

I have no problems with that.

Dane Scaysbrook said...


Let it be written evidence here at Ani-Pac, that Duomatrix, is a stand-up gentleman!

I shall e-mail you

N15PCA said...

I was listening to this other podcast on Gamespot called the Hotspot and why I bring this up is that 27 minutes in their show they talk about this one product from China that a total rip off of the Wii called the Vii. I was woundering if you seen any of them Dane in HK. Here the address to the web sites podcast.;picks;img;2