Sunday, October 14, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 44: Back to roots

Download Episode 44 here.

Skype again. Not out of choice, mind you. Alex woke me up at the crack of dawn (read 8:20 am) and told me that he was in an internet cafe, ready to record. Yes, very suprising.

I had to adjust Alex's audio manually, just like I always had to when we recorded episodes via Skype. I most certainly didn't miss doing that!

Shootin' The Breeze

We talk about a rather disturbing Junior idol picture.

The theme that this photo is implying is rather transparent, to say the least.

We discuss Japan's tight immigration laws (despite a rapidly aging population). Instead they'd rather, exploit foreign workers then spit them out.

We also discuss the death of Nova, which is getting uglier by the day.

Promo: R5 Central

R5 Central, 2 years of award nominated podcasting at it's finest!

R5 Central, refusing to play our promos for 1 year despite the fact that we've played their promos several times.

Alex ravages the male mail.

Alex does what he does best, starting a shitstorm and making me look bad. We talk about an e-mail we got from Ichigo of Anime-Pulse fame.

And if you're reading and/or listening Ichigo, yes, Alex is just being mischievous as usual.

We talk about a fantastic e-mail we got from a real "artiste". See some of this fantastic art here. I can imagine David Cronenburg purchasing every single one.

We now have the support of a genuine Messiah! Regan C (Christ, perhaps?) of AnimeTalk fame, e-mails us. Fantastic! Check out the link.

Our e-mailing regular, Paul Acuna, makes a triumphant return and mentions racism in Anime. I think this poster, ment to assist foreigners in Japan in case of an earthquake, says it all.

Note that all white men are somewhat fat, have blond hair and large Gonzo-esque noses.

Oh look, how quaint! A Negro has taken a break from Ghetto life (most likely in South-Central LA) and managed to pinch enough purses to afford a trip to Japan. He's obviously not a businessman, like all his tie wearing white counterparts, but I'm sure he's tagged along with them to make a few yen shining shoes. Notice the one hand in his mouth, no doubt licking his fingers to savour the last lingering taste of fried chicken that he no doubt ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Racism is of course, the child of ignorance; Further up the family tree, we have stupidity. I'm assuming the depictions here are the former. But it's sad that stereotypes such as these are still prevelant.

It's a wrap!

Next week; Alex should hopefully have his modem and the audio and regular show format shall return!


Root Beer King said...

Listening as I type, and regarding the Alex = Norm Mcdonald, I must say: 3rd time fools! Waaaaayyyyy~ back in the day I was the first to mention how much Alex sounds like Norm Mcdonald. So yes just thought I'd correct you folks on your mistake/bad memory haha.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Ahhh yes, I do recall you saying it, perhaps I had the order mixed up. I do apologise!

Incidently, Kent, if you're reading this, Alex didn't actually say anything about your mother.

N15PCA said...

I happen to love Fox news. It's ok Dane to each their own.

I guess your not a big fan of your fellow countryman Rupert Murdoch's.

I almost feel the same way about NBC and MSNBC like you do for fox news.

Erwin Rosales said...

I was thinking in writing you guys an e-mail but I feel lazy and just leave comment.
I came to the website to look for the forums the there are none!
Also can you guys make the video in a youtube format, it is a pain to watch it in the actual format, I tried to download it but I am only able to get about 2 megas out of the whole file.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

In all honesty Paul, I don't really watch any of the news channels, I was just messing around.

No problem Erwin, I would think about having a forum but as I've said I'm rather afraid it'll be empty save a spambot or two. I'll try and put up the Anime Pacific episode in YouTube.

Monolith_2001 said...

Wow, first the "world of queercraft" guy and now the bound half-naked pedophile idol. If you want more people to visit the site you need to stop letting Alex post his personal picture collection.

BTW, did all the people in the cafe Alex was recording from fall asleep like I did listening to him.

Anonymous said...

I thought the show sounded 10 times better then usual this week. Even though the sound levels were out of wack.

N15PCA said...

I was woundering about something Dane. Isn't the Emperor of Japan considered a living god to the Japanese people. I know he doesn’t have any real power over the Japanese anymore like he did the past and he's more of a figure head of sorts.

I was offend at all Dane. I know in China the only news you get comes from the government run TV news stations. Just joking. I know HK is different than the rest of China when it comes to getting the news I think.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Oh the levels, the levels! The Skype recorder records us as one mono stream, so I had to manually search for Alex and try and up the levels a bit.

Regarding the Emperor, he's no longer a divine figure, but certainly still respected. Especially if you compare it to the British Royal Family that are constantly barraged by tabloid scandals and chased by paparazzi.

However, Thailand still holds their royal family in great reverence. Everyone has portraits of the royal family and whilst the King might not have any actual power of state anymore, his suggestions or opinions hold great influence.

ZombieToaster said...

I didnt mention it back when i saw it because it wasnt a fresh show but i guess now is the time.
That was the swedish royal family, not the danish.

Anyways, im glad you were able to keep doing the show even tho all the problems you have with conection loss.

Gaijinder said...

I didn't become aware of your show until much later. Forgive me T_T
-Mike :P

Dane Scaysbrook said...

hahah, not a problem, Mike!

I still do play your promo's afterall.