Sunday, October 28, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 45: Sow, was that good for yew?

Download Episode 45 here.

I am the Marie Curie of podcasting, as I have finally ridden the podcasting world of that podcasting plague; Alex.

Well, not really, he's just absent this week, so this is an Alex-free episode.

Pork your pork at Rappongi's beastiality restaurant

Amusing article on this here.

Very touching, the increasing love and understanding between man & beast.


Kent sends us a delightful rebuttal about Alex's comments re: Kent's mother.

We get another e-mail, hopefully in jest, from our good chum, Regan of AnimeTalk fame.

Anime Pacific's resident artiste e-mails with his old website with more lovely bacteria.

Anime Person Of The Week: Masamune Shirow

Wikipedia page here.

It's certainly been a while since we had this segement! The secretive Manga-ka has been bogged down in the last decade with increasing technobabble and pretenciousness. Will Ghost-Hound redeem him?

It's a wrap!

I talk a little bit about Anime news and also the current situation with Nova.

Until next week, my darlings. Hopefully this won't be a solo-job and this podcast can be saved from mediocracy.


ZombieToaster said...

Its both nice and abit sad to hear some other music than usual.
This new stuff certainly makes it easier to concentrate on the talking. But the old stuff had kinda grown on me.

The anime he talks about sounds more like the older of the jojo OVAs. Cause it *spoilers for the next paragraph*

Has dios body thrown out of a plane and turning into ash and then they have some touching moments remembering the fallen heroes.

*spoilers end*

Also while we are on the subjects of identifying animes. I have one to ask about.

Its possibly the first anime i ever saw and knowing it as an anime, i didnt see all of it and it was very long ago so i dont remember much at all.

It took place in the desert with goons in cars killin eachother. Very brutal head exploding scenes and stuff i remember correctly.

The only scene i really remember tho was one where a guy cut a part from a giant cactus and drank from it. Ye its a pretty strange thing to remember but its all i got :P

You sounded abit tired today, misspronoucing alot of words and things like that.

Great to hear another anime person of the week. Keep up the ranting :P


Anonymous said...

Just when I thought the Japanese thought process for Gonzo-sexuality couldn't get any lower...

Good podcast. Could've used a vampire though.

Root Beer King said...

Pretty good ep! I think you did a nice job without Alex! Though... I did miss him!

Too bad you lost all the music, all I ask though is that you please find "Stop oh yes, wait a-mintue Mr.Postman, (WAIT!) Waaaa~it Mr.Postman! Please Mr.Postman look and see, (oh yeah) if there's a letter in the mail for me~(Mr. Postman)" cause the male just won't be the same without it!

Once again good job Dane flying solo on this one! Maybe the next time Alex can't make it you can get Kentcer to fill in! He's Canadian so it shouldn't be hard to tell the difference! har har... I joke cause I can(Go Go Canadian Nationallity!)

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Thank ye kindly good suh!

I was actually thinking along those lines, I did look for Benu or DuoMatrix but neither were on Skype at the time, I wonder if Kent would be interested, certainly food for thought.

I think getting the old mail song would be the easiest task as that's a well known song which I can download easily. The theme song and all the other little tunes are free sound loops, so digging them up would be harder.

Bo, for a second there I thought you were jokingly talking about Hokuto No Ken, but this feels a bit familiar. Is it Violence Jack?

ZombieToaster said...

Heh yes, it does sound abit like hokuto no ken, but there was no martial arts as far as i can remember.

I'll look up violence jack (actually i have had it downloaded on my computer for months already, cause i wanna watch everything by go nagai :P)


N15PCA said...

I can't believe that first story here. That made me sick just thinking about it. Why would someone do that I just don't know. I don't think going to eat the rest of the day.

I'm sorry Dane but Star Wars Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movies. That's like saying I like Star Trek VIII: First Contact over Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Don't get me wrong I like Star Wars Revenge of the Sith and all it's just not in the same league has Empire Strikes Back. Same think goes with both the Star Trek movies I just talked about.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Funnily enough, Star Trek: First Contact is my favourate Star Trek film. Haha!

I really wanted the story at the beginning to not be true, but unfortunately, everytime I tried to verify the source, it seemed more and more likely to be true, so I just stopped investigating it so as to leave a small amount of hope in my heart, that it's a hoax.

ZombieToaster said...

heh, first contact is my favourite to.

N15PCA: this might be the wrong podcast for you :P just kiddin.

Alex said...

Huzzah! I got my modem today! All is well!


Anonymous said...

Does this mean Alex can start consuming males/mails again?

Anonymous said...

Interesting points you bring up about Masamune and Oshi. I saw Ghost in the Shell and Ghost in the Shell 2 when Ghost in the Shell 2 came out on DVD in the states. I rented both the films because I had never got around to see the original gits movie. I really was disappointed with the first one and thought it was quite boring and the story didn't make any sense to me. I really liked the second gits movie alot more. Never read the gits manga though. The original Ghost in the Shell sounds good on paper but I think Oshi isn’t that great of a director. Even though Masamune is working on Ghost Hound it has the director of Serial Experiments Lain behind it Ryutaro Nakamura who it an excellent director and one of my favorites besides Tatsuya Ishihara. The show was quite good without Alex actually.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Alex won't only consume the mai..males, he'll dig his teeth into them; Stanley Kowalski style.

I think Stand Alone Complex and the original Manga are still by far the best part of the whole GiTS saga.

Regarding Oshii, I pondered something and came up with this:

Oshii is in a sense similar to Bryan Singer (X-Men 1 & 2, the last Superman flick). He's a pretty good director but works in a genre he'd be better off not doing. I think Bryan Singer is a terrible action director; I cite X-Men 1 and Superman Returns as good examples. Do we not see these films at least mostly to see these childhood heroes in action? But for Singer's films, the action is never exciting. It just kind of happenes... matter of factly. Not only that, but the internet community, the most vocal minority in the world, always flood message boards about how wonderful he is and how Superman Returns a huge yawnfest for me, was the definitative Superman film. (It didn't even make that much!)

Now, I'm no big Brett Ratner fan at all, however I DO think, considering the studio rubbish behind the production of X-Men 3 (studio rushing the film, not enough time for production) I think Brett Ratner handled it masterfully.

Oshii did a fantastic job with the Patlabor films (just as Singer did with the usual Suspects), and that's a genre he excells at, the kind of Political thriller which benefits from his style and pacing. It could also be argued that he wasn't so full of himself from all the Oshii hype that is so prevalant these days.

Anonymous said...

I feel that Oshii has, over the last ten years, been working toward his masterpiece: a moving watercolour film. He achieved this with GITS: Innocence.

And nobody went and saw it.

So now he's smarting from the fact that nobody wanted to watch 90+ minutes of Batou talking with Togusa about Decartes and Plato while figuring out the mystery of...ah hell. That's it, I'm done here.

Stupid f&%king film.

ZombieToaster said...

Am i the only one that felt that the original ghost in the shell movie had 10-20 minutes tacked on it just so it would have an acceptable lenght for a theatrical release?
Moments like that long scene where music were playing and stuff such as a helicopter slowly flying past an extremely ugly 3d building.

I think GITS might be one of the most overrated anime movies ever.

Not to say its crap, just not nearly as good as its made out to be.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Both of you pretty much took the words right out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad Superman Returns was no good - I was (accidentally) an extra in it, they were filming it not far from where I work.

You are spot on about Bryan Singer's action scenes having no action. I felt the same way about the Spiderman movies. I sat there thinking `So much is going on. Why am I so bored?'

Perhaps you can copy the music you lost from old Ani-Pac episodes? You don't usually speak over the top of the music so you could probably get a decent copy.

Anonymous said...

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