Saturday, November 3, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 46: Thank the maker!

Download Episode 46 here.

The prodical co-host returns; With a rather annoying microphone distortion that I did my best to eliminate, but couldn't completely.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex lets loose with an emotionally charged tirade about the destruction of episode 45 which broke his fragile little heart.

I, quite heroically, defended the honour of my PC and confessed the real story about what happened to episode 45.

We also discuss the rather shocking news regarding Anime-Genesis.

For those of you interested in being DuoMatrix's co-host and have the time and willpower to dedicate to a podcast please e-mail a sample of your voice to . It's a rather awesome opportunity and Ani-Pac will do their best to support and promote Duo's new podcast.

I also mention something completely non-Anime related.

The Witcher RPG, based on the awesome book series as well as the TV series which I managed a fansub of.


Paul Acuna sends us an e-mail about sex with robot which gives me ample opportunity to talk about one of my favourite theories; The Uncanny Valley.

We also talk about the prelude to robot sex which is taking off now.

Real Dolls!

And what a suprise, there's a huge Japanese market for them. Check out this intruiging video:

Lars and the real girl is an upcoming film which deals with this "very exciting" revolution.

Paul also recommended Black Lagoon to us, which Alex had previously never heard of!

Here's another article, believe me, you'll want to see it.

Them Irishman be takin' over the mail ye'see

Our dear chums, Eeeper of Eeeper's choice fame and Regan both sent us delightful e-mails. No doubt typing away with a pipe in their mouth and downing a guiness with contentment.

Mini reviews:


Tekkonkinkreet, we thought it would be sweet
but alas, we must weep,
As it put Alex straight to sleep

Wings Of Honneamise

Our views be identical,
although it lacks tentancle

Najica Blitz Tactics

If with panties, ye take no issues
drop ye pants now!
Ye best Prepare tissues!

It's a wrap!

Next week, Dororo reviewed and more tales from Asia!


Anonymous said...

Just you wait, Dane, you jackass! I'm going to read your last email to me in an Australian accent.

Now, how do you like them eggs!

BTW, great show

N15PCA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
N15PCA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
N15PCA said...

If Canada needs workers Alex why doesn't the Canadian government try to put out ads in the United States towards the illegal immigration problem we have here in the United States. Your Guys immigration policy in Canada is more open arms that most other counties. Here in the US we just look the other way and let anyone else cross the Mexican-US boarder.

Did you guys know that picture of the Irish Man is the official mascot of the Notre Dame fighting Irish. They play their home college football games next to the art on a building nicknamed Touchdown Jesus.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Hahahaha I most certainly do look forward to that Eeeper!

I wonder what those two comments that were deleted said? Anyone see them before they vanished?

That's a football team logo? I just typed Leprechaun in google images. Oops!

ZombieToaster said...

Thank Allah the almighty for a long episode again!

You mentioned how you actually added in small voice clips of Alex in half an episode just to make it sound like he was there.
While i did not get that it wasnt him, i did find it really anoying.

So i guess you succeeded in several ways on that one :P

N15PCA said...

Those other two post were just full of Grammar errors Dane. That's why I Deleted them and you got the final product.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Goodness, look how you've made people, Alex! Proofchecking in fear. Fear not Paul, the comments section is usually an Alex-free zone and the whole grammar nazi thing is more of his schtick.

Incidently Bo, I didn't paste Alex's voice in to make it appear if he was there, what I ment was, that we pre-recorded some of the show the previous week for inclusion in the next show, such as the opening and ending of the show.

The only time I did cut and paste Alex's voice was episode 20, where I pretended that we were at a convention in Singapore and were almost pack raped by female fans who had stormed the building until being miraculously rescued by a SWAT team, who had managed to make a barricade out of soiled underwear thrown at us by the female fans. I made the ultimate sacrifice finally and let all those fiesty woman ravage me.
Though hopefully most Ani-Pac listeners know that didn't actually happen!

Anonymous said...

Colorful was actually released in North America by ADV, back when everything was getting licensed. It's out of print, but you can find used copies through Amazon.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Hey, it's Scott Green!

Thanks for the info Scott; I totally missed out on that, It seems almost fantastical that something like that could be released nowadays given the current climate in regards to releases.

Alex said...

hmm, I do read these comments, I just don't post very often.

BTW, we were mentioned in the latest episode of Destroy all podcasts DX. Just a few minutes into it.

Very Interesting! We apparently hate America, and make non-stop gay jokes.

I guess if you distill us down, maybe that is what you would be left with.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Stop posting comments for those imperialistic yanks to see, you fag!

ZombieToaster said...

haha, so yotta play those parodies of you in the next episode :D