Sunday, November 11, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 47: Destroy our self-esteem DX!

Download Episode 47 here.

A microphone problem almost scrapped this episode, but luckily, our perseverance paid off. Excuse the mild echo you might hear sometimes.

Shootin' The Breeze

Scott Green of aintitcoolnews fame let us know that Colorful is in fact, licensed. Go get it!

Finally, Alex discusses something he knows a lot about;

"Where the boys are"

We also, ever so briefly, discuss different methods of distribution that might curtail some of the more negative effects of downloading Anime.

Alex also talks about:

The fatal Taser incident at Vancouver airport:

The anti-rape Ninja disguise

The chopstick bra!? Yummy!

Promo: Upapaddle

Need we introduce this podcast? We play the promo almost every episode. Suffice to say, I enjoy this delightful podcast immensely. Kent had the wisdom to not put the word, "Anime" in the title of his podcast, thus he can excuse himself for not always keeping on topic, anime-wise, unlike us!

Alex digs his teeth into the malemail

Alex gets a compliment from longtime listener Jim, who encourages him to discuss off-topic things such as politics and the economy; And so it begins. The beast is resurrected.

Alex talks about the Canadian impression of the USA.

........And he gives Caligula 5 stars

Promo: Destroy All Podcasts DX

Their impression of me is dead on; except for my "thick accent".

Review: Dororo

Grab it at Asian DVD Club

Osama Tezuka's classic, set in the Sengoku period of Japan, was filmed in a quasi-historical setting and filmed in New Zealand. Which beckons the question; Why? It would have been actually easier to keep it closer to the source material.

Did I like it? Yes. At it's best, it's an entertaining film. At it's worst, it's slightly clumsy and ineffective.

The direction, special effect, music and action range from fantatic to inept and ineffective at the worst of times.

Regardless, it was a huge hit in Japan and two more films are on the way.

It's a wrap!

How could we not discuss the recent news regarding Space Adventure Cobra!

Until next week, farewell.


ZombieToaster said...

Ive always tried to find the up a paddle podcast, but google never found anything.
Well not strange as i always heard it as upper paddle :P

There were some strange popping sound going on in some parts of the podcast. Kinda like someone touching the microphone.

And that is definately the older of the Jojo OVA's that he is talking about. Just as i said last time.

But make sure to let him know that in america, the old ova is episode 8-13 and not the first 7 episodes wich is the newer OVA.

Or perhaps he's just messing with us :P

Also, me and a friend are planning to make a podcast. Not about anime tho.

Well anyways, I need some help, when i record stuff there is always this hissing sound. I mean, even when i unplug the microphone that sound still gets recorde. Im guessing it has something to do with my sound card or my settings.
But as ive never really had to deal with things like this before, i am completely clueless of what to do.
Do you know what my problem might be caused by?


N15PCA said...

I wanted to post my blog site that I started a couple of weeks back. Here it the link to the site If you want to post comment on the site fill free.

Alex you miss the days of Bill Clinton. I hated those years. I glad he's out of office. Now I can only hope that his wife doesn't get win the White House in 08.

I got on allot blog site myself like Hot Air and Little Green Footballs and I watch Fox News all the time.

Root Beer King said...

What's with the Bill Clinton hate that I've been seeing recently? Living in Canada at the time I always thought people liked him. I too long for the Bill Clinton days.(Must be a Canadian thing...)

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I'll check your blog out now, Paul. Thanks for the link.

Yes, the popping is some sort of issue with Alex's microphone, I did manually erase a lot of it, but it's difficult to find all of them in an mp3 file that goes for one hour and a half. However, it's better than last weeks which was like a techno song (took me forever to erase them in that one).

Bo, I'll also let that fellow know about the older Jojo's OVA. I really should watch that again and review it, I have the DVD's afterall!

What's the topic of your upcoming podcast? The problem you described could be a variety of things. In the sound settings of windows, check the "recording volume", and make sure that all other recording inputs are muted. Sometimes, "Line In" is activated and if nothing is actually plugged in, it could just be recording a minor kind of static. Alternatively, it could well be the sound card. How old is the soundcard?

ZombieToaster said...

My podcast will be a strange mix.

Our site (wont give you the link yet cause it aint fully finished :P) Is for hosting our flash movies that we make featuring the old jazz musician Benny Goodman.
Ofcourse the stories has nothing to do with his real life and career. But he is still the main character :P

So the podcast would be about jazz music and flash movies, and we would probably have a segment where we made some kind of radio show that was just like the normal flash movie episodes but without the pictures.

N15PCA said...

Of course when a country like the United States go thought 9/11 and hurricane Katrina the government has to spend more money to keep your country running smoothly. I think they when a little to far in some of that spending but for the most part it was understand able to say the least. I don’t think most other counties could threw a event’s like that and say afloat.

ZombieToaster said...

They also threw alot of money into making life harder for people that "look like terrorists" :O

N15PCA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
N15PCA said...

I rather be safe than sorry Bo.

I have a question Dane. How do you post Google or You Tube videos on your blog Dane.

Alex said...

ah American politics. I regret brining it up now. Even as I was discussing it with my Maoist friend Dane, I was thinking "a tangent too far".

Once sucked into the periphery of that topical black hole, it is almost impossible to escape.

Perhaps a time limited, 60 second response on the show... .. or will that just drag the show further into the vortex.... perhaps not.


Dane Scaysbrook said...

hahahah now I'm Maoist!?!?

Regarding posting episodes in the blog, Paul, if you go to any youtube video, you can see an "embed" code just to the right of the video box.

It's an html code to embed the video, you just merely need to paste it into your blog entry and it will appear. Hope it helps!

Karaoke Ninja said...

Hey, it's Jeremy from Destroy All Podcasts DX. That heart-stopping scene is in the JoJo's OAV from the 90's for sure. Jotaro has his Stand stop his heart so that Dio thinks he's dead.

Shameless plug: We discussed this scene in our review of the JoJo OAV a couple of weeks ago.

Alex said...

Ho ho hello! Thanks for the info!

We will (or rather Dane will,since I am too lazy) be sure to email that answer to that Nigerian fellow who promised us untold riches if we could just come up with an answer.

Now if I can just find a way to come up with the $1000 fully refundable transaction fee..... hmmmm

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