Sunday, November 18, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 48: Retro & Wrath

Download Episode 48 here

Almost two hours long, we've caught the ranting plague!

First, PLEASE check out this video from CBC here.

Shootin' The Breeze

What's that ye say, Sonny? Kangaroos? Cute? Cuddly?

Hell no!

If you don't want to see them all, you at least MUST see these.

Japanese police have issued an arrest warrant for "Heroes" starlet, Hayden Panettiere.

Japanese landlords STILL refusing foreigners seeking to rent apartments

Article is here.

Eye on fansubs

The fantastic Anime-Classic have started subbing a true Anime classic, Giant Gorg!

Giant Gorg

Grab it here!

We also discuss Space Adventure Cobra briefly, which we'll be reviewing soon.

Review: Genmu Senki Leda (The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko)

Grab the DVD iso from the fantastic, Asian DVD Club.

From someone who doesn't even drink coffee, this Anime sure is "trippy". An animated visual treat from the more experimental 80's; Genmu Senki Leda surely couldn't be made in the risk-adverse times we live in, and that's where it's charm lies. Sure, it's far from perfect and the story is a little weak, but we forgive many of it's flaws simply because it is what it is.


For some reason, we discuss the age of consent around the world. (Perhaps Alex is moving yet again?)

It's a wrap!

We discuss the heartbreaking, Vancouver Airport Incident which pisses us off to end. Would the world be a better place if customer service representitives around the world flew to Japan to learn about real customer service?

On a lighter note, I recall the now legendary "Taco Incident", which just goes to show the outstanding customer service in Japan.

And, it's a wrap!

See you next week, my darlings!


ZombieToaster said...

Hahaha Bao, just keep calling me Bow :P
I wouldnt wanna be misstaken for a fan of Hirohiko Arakis Baoh... Oh wait, i am :P but its not my name.

Or better yet, call me "the amazing toasted zombie toaster! A god amongst gods!" :)

Abit loud music again. Especialy in the eye on fansubs part. Also will you do something similiar for scanlations?

I like how you said ""so and so is an ordinary highschool student" Is usualy a minus five in my book"
Cause thats exactly my feeling. (If i had known the main character for the most popular part of Jojo was a highschool student i would probably not even have tried it out, and missed what is now my favourite comicbook ever)

Oh and yes, that thing at the airport is very disturbing indeed.


N15PCA said...

I'm sorry no one is going to get to watch Heros. It just gets me mad because Marvel and X-men would make a much better tv show and dosen't get a chance.

When it dose it's chance it dosen't get pass the first seaon i.e Blade tv show that was on Spike tv. That show was great show and it did things so much better than anything else that Heros can do. Heros is show for non-hard core comic book fans and I don't fall in that mold.

Alex said...

Well, I guess Marvel figures that there is more money in feature films.

Back in the 1970s, the Original trek cast was set to come back in a re-launched TV series. They prepared props, and a few scripts.. they were all set... Then Paramount realized that there was more money in movies.

And anyway, a side benefit of not having Marvel or DC involved in the production of the show is that the producers of Heroes are able to created their own Mythology.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Bo, I'm actually very good at pronounciation of different things that I hear, but rather lousy at guessing the pronouciation of things I read. I shall try my third guess next episode! ;)

I think part of the thing I love about JoJo's is that Jotaro goes on epic adventures around the world in his frikkin' school uniform(!!) because he knows, just as we know that he looks more hardass in that uniform.

I actually got an e-mail from Kaori who just notified us that
* Heroes will be showing in Japan soon!
* She's sorry for bailing out on Alex, but the seductive wiles of Manuel proved too enticing for her to stay in Kamloops

From a writing standpoint, it's much easier to write a completely new storyline as there is no great need to respect some deeply routed canon and mythology.

Since 2005, Marvel have started producing films themselves; A rather wise move I think. Afterall, we're in the middle of a "Superhero Boom". Ironman will be the first in a long line of Marvel-produced films, and the one I am looking forward to the most. Unfortunately (or fortunately some may argue as they are, at the time of this post, unproven when it comes to film production) most of rights to their best properties have been bought long ago.

Marvel certainly have the power and the money to approach virtually any network and get a project off the ground, but as Alex has said, they believe that film is where the money's at.

Meanwhile, George Lucas has been saying the exact opposite. With two Star Wars TV series on the way, I aint complaining!

There were Marvel TV series in the past, but most of them are rather embarrasing to look at now. The live action Hulk show, for example.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Yes, grammar mistakes abound, but I'm too tired to correct them.

Alex said...

well I think that with Lucas it is safe to say that money isn't the motivation at this point. Just a happy side effect. Marvel on the other hand needs the cash.

He would probably say that TV as a medium enables him to do stuff that he can't do in movies. He also doesn't run the risk of diluting Star Wars as a brand by having it as a TV show.

With a Marvel TV show on the other hand, people might say "Why go out and pay for a movie, when I can watch the free TV show at home"?


ZombieToaster said...

Haha, i might actually have to send you a voice main with my horrible swedish accent and all, just to tell you how to pronounce my name :P

ZombieToaster said...

ehm, voice-mail. I should spellcheck before i post :P

N15PCA said...

Good points, but still when you have a Mythology like they do with Marvel you have something to fall back on when you back yourself in a corner with comes to writing or just what to do with the story next in general. I think they could do another show of X-men cartoon like they did back in 1992 and still make money off of it.

I just see Marvel get the respect that Heros is getting from non- comic book fans. You know people that are watching this show that don't read or anything about comic books are saying the show is so different and no one has very done this stuff before when we all know Marvel has done some dose things their talking about for years!!!!!!

Are G4 over is showing the reruns for Heros and having a half-hour post show so people can talk about it. WTF man.

ZombieToaster said...

Ye im also in favour of marvel starting to release cartoon tv-series again like they did in the nineties.

And it might happen as marvel have rescently released a handfull of OVAs by themselves, and asfar as i can tell they have been selling pretty well :)


Dane Scaysbrook said...

The Marvel OVA's have great production values and they've been releasing stuff at a PG-13 level which is great as they can give the properties the dignity they deserve. Weren't you the slightest bit perturbed at the X-Men cartoon series where every tank explosion had to show the soldiers running out to safety before the thing blew up?

Alex said...

Bo... oh god yes.. please send us a voice file... for the love of god yes.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

That sounded really orgasmic, Alex.

N15PCA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
N15PCA said...

And please when Bo sends this voice-mail Dane should not make fun of this voice and do the voice of Swedish Chef form The Muppet Show. Just Joking Dane.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

You're not going to believe this Paul, that's exactly what Alex did! We just recorded the episode. What a coincidence!

Alex said...

hahaha Paul.. thats great! As Dane said, we recorded the show yesterday, and.. bingo!

Great minds think alike or some such...


ZombieToaster said...

"That sounded really orgasmic, Alex."

I guess he just cant wait for some more Male ;)

Anyways, ill try to make a voice file as soon as i get the opportunity (the sound card on my own comp is so crap i dont dare record my own voice on it.)

ZombieToaster said...

Ive found out how to remove the background noise, it does make my voice sound abit more sleepy than it should... That plus the fact that i was really tired when i recorded it... I might redo it :p

But anyways, expect a voicemail in afew days.