Monday, December 10, 2007

Anime Pacific - 1 year anniversary special: Are the curtains closing?

Download episode 50 here.

In this, our one year anniversary special, me and Alex decided to give you what Anime Pacific does best, (whether or not what we do best is actually a good thing or not).

Update: Link fixed, sorry guys!

Shootin' The Breeze

For the most part, we talk about Podcasting and some lessons we learnt, (if any). We lament on the tragedy that was, Episode 1 (Not Phantom Menance, that was no where near as tragic as our episode 1).

We also lament on the fact that we put "Anime" in the title at all; It's just one of the many billion topics we dissertate.

We ponder our future, and what will happen to what iswas Anime Pacific.

Don't miss the male mail , Alex!

Alex issues a rebuttal to our good chum; Paul Acuna. He gets political people; You have been warned.

Alex, on a recent visit to a neighbouring star system (where Jesus apparently lives), imparts this Mormon knowledge upon you.

We got some fantastic voice-mails from a variety of fellow podcasters and listeners, including UpAPaddle , Anime Genesis, Eeeper's Choice, Regan of AnimeTalk, Jake from RPG Lamer and Bo "Bork" Zombietoaster our beloved fan from Sweden.

Our one hour plus "Blah-O-Thon"

Alex implores you to discover the beauty of "Bandage Dresses".

I can't beleive it's not a chicken dumpling!

Little Emperor's are getting more spoilt and more fatter, and probably more prone to fiddle with their "Vii"s.

Japan digs Canada's Olympic Mascots (Canadians Don't)

Aren't they cute?

My former flame ends up being Miss World! What a coincidence!

Japanese Man "works" to death.

...For the good of the company, right?

Chinese Immigrants Chasing The Japanese Dream

Chinese escape working to death in China so that they can work to death in Japan!

Article Here.

Japanese men learning to say, "I love you."

...because they normally pronounce it, "I ruv you!" (Sorry. Lame joke)

Check it out!

Rural Japanese Towns dissapearing.

Oh no!
What about all the foreigners who dream of moving to Japan and staying in a rural boarding house (hotspring included) with lots of single young women!?

Surely, that's not fiction is it? IS IT!?

Justin Sevakis' letter to the industry

Well said, sir. It seems a possible solution has presented itself, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE grab Vuze and support Neko Rahmen. It's anime, it's subtitled and it's free!

Farewell (forever now...)

And for 2007, we bid you adieu. The nature in which we return, and whether we do at all, is up to you; The listener. Let us know, give us feedback and drop a comment int he comments section and we'll keep you posted! Thank you one and all for your suggestions, compliments and most of all, your support.


ZombieToaster said...

New name: Commie patrol from the pacific triangle :P

Putting your show up on youtube is a splendid idea. I could make a cartoon intro for you in flash.

The only bad thing about that is that you would have to split the show up into parts of 10 minutes each (you can get your account upgraded so it can have longer stuff. But im not sure how. Im pretty sure it isnt money)

Or you could do like the angr videogame nerd and just post trailers and have the download somewhere else.

So my name stands for Bork eh? I like that :)

ZombieToaster said...

Oh hell, i accidentaly changed my name to zombietoaster when i helped another guy create a blog.

So now i guess ill have to writ bo at the bottom of my posts instead of ZT :P


Eeeper said...

The link isn't working =)

Anonymous said...

I laughed my ass off when I heard: "This guy must be on acid". I'm ZombieToasters/Borks bud by the way :)

N15PCA said...

I can't download the this podcast episode this week from your blog. I guess I will have to just hear this week episode from the Anime Pacific web site.

Eeeper said...

N15PCA said...

I can't download the this podcast episode this week from your blog. I guess I will have to just hear this week episode from the Anime Pacific web site.

Go to Ani-Pac's Odeo page and it should be there. That's how I got it.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Sorry for the hassle there guys, I'm not sure what happened with that link, but I fixed it and it should be working now!

Slintas, I don't think I'll ever delete that MP3 that ZombieToaster sent, it's insane, I love it!

You're good with Flash are you Zombietoaster? That's fantastic! Have you heard of Anime Studio Pro? I'm going to try and learn how to use that for the upcoming Christmas holidays. Just type "Anime Studio Pro" and you can see sort of the cool stuff it's capable of.

Well I know Divx Stage 6 has been pretty good to us in the past (besides deleting the Cockpit, from which I've been told could be due to a mass purge of videos containing the word "cock" in them), and there's no file limit for uploads, so I could very well up episodes there.

ZombieToaster said...

Ye i can do some pretty good animations in flash. Altho im quite lazy so i dont do it that often :p

I often do short animations featuring slintas voices. Here is afew firly good ones.
:P even tho i was kinda lazy when it came to the art on em :p

I stay away from programs like anime studio cause when i have animations i want them to be good old frame by frame animation, and not some cut out doll with tweened body parts.

If you do decide to go over to making videocasts and need an intro or something similiar. Dont hessitate to ask me for help. I think i might even be able to get slintas to do impersonations of you for it :P

N15PCA said...

I love the 1812 Overture or what I like to call the song that plays ever so briefly when you lose all your live's in Battlezone.

N15PCA said...

I've know allot of good Mormon people, but the Mormon faith is crazy and out thier.

I do have younger brother who his Mormon and has been a two year mission to speard the Mormon word. I'm Catholic has well.

We have so many Mormon were I lived it not even funny.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Yep, even in Hong Kong I have a Chinese mormon friend; The American mormons are also a common sight. One little kudos I will throw their way is that they learn Cantonese before they actually go to Hong Kong to do their missionary work.

The guy I knew in particular is a lovely fellow. Nice, friendly and funny. It's only after a while that you really see how a lot of Mormon's live. They can't drink coffee, smoke or drink. (I do NONE of those things anyway, so it wouldn't really matter to me)
They also can't drink tea! Although the Chinese are famous for their teas and their various health benefits, this poor fellow can't touch it. He was also giving away a huge chunk of money on what he called a "tithe". Although tithe, a word of Old English origins, would indicate a tenth, yet he was giving away more than that it seemed.

I love those Flash videos ZT, they are just as acid-inspired as that delightful audio file!

N15PCA said...

I been on some of the web sites on Cloverfield. It would so cool if the monsters in Cloverfield were the Angels from EVA! I wouldn't hold my breath though.

I feel the same way about Voltron that you do about G.I Joe Alex. I doing to watch the alive action version of the show when it comes out in the movie theaters.

I love Summer and winter Olympics. The United States is in almost on top of the medal count in the winter Olympics the pass couple of times and has far has the Summer Olympics go it's no contest. United States on top the medal count. I don't ever get tired of hearing the USA national anthem during the winter or summer games.

The one thing I don't about the Olympics is that the time differents between were I live and were the game are usually at. I can't go on to the sports sites because they have all the winners on their site before at watch in primetime. I can't go to those sites for a hole 16 days.

Maybe it so bad in the 2010 games. Since it's in Vancouver the time zones might closer to Arizona time zone.

ZombieToaster said...

Oh i get it, its really N15PCA that alex is talking about when he says "Those emails Bo(rk) keeps sending us :P"

ZombieToaster said...

N15PCA: You dont wait for reruns on primetime. You watch it in the middle of the night when its broadcasted live :P

Alex said...

Well yes actually, but I say "Those emails that Paul Acuna" keeps sending us.

ZombieToaster said...

You can not lie. I have an mp3 of you complaining about all those incoherent emails i keep sending you :P

N15PCA said...

NBC paid allot of money to show the Olympics games and the don't allow anyone here in the United States to show it live in the middle of the night.

It's sad really that the ratings are down for the pass few Olympics here in the United States. I guess most only like watching it when it was US VS. the U.S.S.R back in the cold war days.

Maybe in 10 years or so China can get better at just few more Olympics events and start competing for the top country medal count in the games and that well bring people to watch in the games like they use to.

Anonymous said...

Hay are you guy's realy going to stop the pod cast?

That wood make me vary sad if you did.
O and by the way did you get my e-mail's?

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Hi General Beefy, I was just about to reply to you via e-mail. I certianly did listen to it and it was a fantastic voince e-mail. I loved it, thanks! Regarding, Anime Pacific, it may well be at it's end, but the knowledge we've gained from this experiecne will hopefully pave the way for something better, I'm currently thinking of one idea in particular and will speak to Alex and a few others about implementing it.

Alex said...

We aren't ending the show. If you listen to the show, you can tell that we are just discussing stuff like name changes.

I am puzzled as to why Dane thought it was a good idea to phrase it the way he did in the show notes.

It gives people the wrong idea.

Anonymous said...

Sweet I am very glad you liked my voice e-mail. I have bin wanting to ask you guy's about that stuff for weeks but I am having sever problem s with my e-mail. So this brings up the question does my e-mail address bounce when you try to send a reply.
I have sent several things to AWO and, they have not replied at all. I don't even think they have gotten the e-mail's. I am very sad about this because the only way i can leave feed back now is by leaving a voice mail for AWO and when i do that I sound like a raving loon.

ZombieToaster said...

Hey guys hows it going?


Anonymous said...


Dane Scaysbrook said...

Howdy guys!

There will still be a few more "Anime Pacific" episodes left before we switch over to our new project (which also involves a podcast) to tie up loose ends and let people know what we're going to do, so stay tuned.