Sunday, January 27, 2008

Episode 54: When Japanese cops get angry

Download Episode 54 here.

Show notes are brief this episode, I just spent the day rolling around in mud in what probably has been Hong Kong's mistiest, coldest winters day in years. I also heroically took a plastic pellet to the thumb today whilst ducking for cover; It hurt. Typing hurts.

Yet, I endure the pain for you; the listener.

Yet another Chit-Chat episode, largely on some funny events that occured in Asia over the week as well as a length discussion about the "state of the industry" with ADV's current woes.

I see your fingers heading for the ALT key and the F4 key...NO, STOP!

Phew! Nothing like a bit of poo eating to keep the rabbl....uh...I mean our delightful audience with us.

Hong Kong fireworks

I was playing an obscure Half Life 2 mod during New Years eve. I'm da bomb, I know.

Human Pachinko

Who said Japanese police run away from a confrontation?

Until next week, my pretties. A more traditional episode, we promise!


N15PCA said...

I though Mortal Kombat the first movie was a good movie. I also like Silence Hill movie has well.

N15PCA said...

I bought around over 7,000 dollars in anime. If more people bought at least quarter of what a spend in money in anime. Anime would not be in the place it at right now.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Well said Paul, on both accounts!

I enjoyed Mortal Kombat 1 also, it was an enjoyable flick and succeeded in at least appeasing fans of the original game for the most part.

As a fan of Silent Hill I was also pretty happy with the Silent Hill film. (There's a sequel on the way)

Anonymous said...

Hey i just got into mecha... Funnily enough by watching some old power rangers :p didnt really watch that when i was a kid but for some reason i felt like downloading it and watch it now. I love the campyness of it.
Then i watched all 26 episodes of blue gender yesterday wich was really nice. Am gonna watch some of the go nagai shows next (and votoms wich i have seen afew episodes of now)

I was thinking, now that you are gonna be more pacific and less anime. How about reviewing some tokusatsu or sentai stuff? So funny how you talk about stuff like that today :P

When will you have finished watching space adventure cobra? Cause I think I should marathon it before then :)

Also at the end you were talking about people not finding the comments section. Well i have no trouble with that on this pink one, but i never found it on the skulls one, did it even have a link to the comments?


Dane Scaysbrook said...

Well, I guess I probably could have a look at stuff like that, but it wouldn't really be through the eyes of a fan reviewing it for childhood nostalgic memories, but I could always try! The main thing we're trying to get out of the way is Space Adventure Cobra for now, as it's been on the reviewing pile forever!

You watched ALL 26 episodes yesterday? Wow! And you have been a paraplegic for how long? (kidding!)

I recommend the New Getter Robo TV series, it's only 12 episodes or so long so it's a good start.

ZombieToaster said...

I have no nostalgia for it either, doesnt stop me fro loving it now :P

N15PCA said...

Were is the new e-mail adderess on this blog.

Alex said...

the new email address is

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Corrected, sorry about that! I did a slight template change (unintentionally yet again) and the contact bar must have dissapeared, it's now on the top right hand corner of the mainpage.

Anonymous said...

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