Monday, February 11, 2008

Anime Pacific Episode 55: Vexing Vexille

Download Episode 55 here.

After a rather long break, (by our standards at least) we're back with twice the content of a regular episode to make up for it!

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex has a whole cornocopea of crap tidbits to throw your way!

Among the stuff we shoot the breeze about:

The author of Alex's beloved Flashman novel series has passed on.

"Or"some origami!

Super HD TV; Making your new HD TV feeling outdated; Since 2008!

Decotora; Japanese Truck Art.

Japanese Street fashion!

Library Of Congress releases their picture archive in high quality COLOUR!

Check it out, here.

Check this picture out, from 1914!

The "Edison" Scandal

Popular star Edison Chen was at the centre of the Hong Kong entertainment industy's largest scandal in years when a computer repairshop clerk obtained some rather risque pictures involving:

Gillian Chung (of Twins fame, she's the one on the left)

Cecilia Cheung Pak-Chi

Vancouver plans to have "Hong Kong style" mass-transit system.

Article here.

Frozen Grand Central

Absolutely fascinating.

Geeky Home Cinemas

If you're going to be alone your whole life, why not do it in style!

Article Here.


The worst hotel in the world.

The unfinished symphony of Stalinist architecture, so to speak.

One very awesome fan makes an AniPac facebook page!

Check it out, and join here.

Dragonball Z Fan film

Huh? No Chow Yun Fat? Ohhhhh it's the FAN film!


The Yakuza Papers: Battle Without Honour Or Humanity

Directed by Kinji Fukasatsu of Battle Royale fame (and about a billion other fantastic films).

Star Meiko Kaji still looks good at 60!

Review #2: Vexille

Made by the same studio as Appleseed, and your enjoyment of the aforementioned film will probably dictate your opinion of this film. Listen for the full review!

It's a wrap!

Longest shownote composition....ever.


Root Beer King said...

Way to not link to the mp3 Dane haha.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Aye, Gcast is screwing with me again, I'm hoping to rectifiy this problem ASAP!

Anonymous said...

hey dane i was having problems with gcast aswell, I emailed them and they replyed saying they are having problem all over the place and it will take a few days to fix, why not post this one time on its free and works like a charm , thats what i did this week , hope you do so we can have the new episode tonight ..consider it!!!

Dane Scaysbrook said...

You da man, Mr Strongblood!

I never knew about that wonderful site, thanks a billion!

N15PCA said...

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This is now break down the General election. If McCain has to go VS Obama in the General. I don't see how McCain wins. I hope Hillary gets the Dems nomination. At least their McCain has a chance to win then.

I could see coming down to the Democratic convention of who gets the node. If Obama is ahead of the delegates count and the Popular vote and the Super delegates go with Hillary at the Democratic convention. All hell well break lose for the Dems.

Their be a spilt we haven't seen in the Democratic party since the 1948 convention when Harry Truman piss off the Dixie Dems and they left the party for the GOP party.

I like the United States political system. Once he or she appoval rateding gose under a % he or she well have to win their office again in Canada and western Europe? I’m I right about that.

ZombieToaster said...

At the beginning dane sometimes answered the questions before they were give. I hope this was an editing error or we will all be doomed :P


ZombieToaster said...

How many times will you end an episode on that russian song?

How about i send you some japanese 80s music that you can be truly embarrassed with if someone walk in and see you sing along to it ;)


Unknown said...

Zombietoaster, can you give us the time of that audio bug you found?

ZombieToaster said...

Well i cant say the exact time without relistening to it. But it happened like 2 or 3 times during the first segment.
One was when Dane for no reason at all mentioned flubber. Then you kept talking for afew seconds before robin william movies actually came into discussion.
I dont think it happened anytime after that first segment tho.


Dane Scaysbrook said...

Wow; Our podcast is so hip that Anime itself has posted here on the forum! Hi Anime, keep up the good work and less moe, please.

On a sidenote, the audio was slightly out of sinc for a while there at the beginning of the show, at least I think it was. This was by far, the hardest, most arduous episode of AniPac to edit and write shownotes for. The sheer amount of links to keep track of as well as audio editing (we record on two different audio streams, not just via Skype like we used to). The audio occasionally gets out of sync and I have to manually go in there and kind of cut bits out of it to put it *back* in sync. Given the time it took to produce this episode, I guess I overlooked some parts (especially during the beginning I noticed).

I also have to censor Alex's various rants and tomfoolery including:

* His wholehearted support of Al-Qaeda

* His contreversial views regarding the Front de libération du Québec

* His intimate details regarding his family funelling money to the Khmer Rouge

* His Democratic Kampuchea poster collection

* His secret DVD containg the original 4 hour cut of Caligula with the long rumoured horse scene

And finally:

* Any overly hostile comments towards the great one, Kevin Sorbo

Anonymous said...

Alex!!! must you always follow your complement with a insult ???

p.s Thanks alot for playing my promo guys.

Alex said...

yes, it's part of my shtick. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hola, Amigos

Where'd pink Pac-Man go?

Who am I going to get to clean up my pink dots? Not to mention Pinky.

Also, it appears that part of the new layout is in Spanish.

Alex said...

BTW - If you are wondering where this weeks episode is... I had to go Vancouver this weekend, so we were not able to record.

I will be traveling next week also, but we will put something out.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I've got something solo planned which I was going to release later on during this week also, I just wanted to let episode 55 stay out there for a while as we put a crapload of work into that episode and generally the release of a new episode means a large dip in downloads (as most people have their podcatchers set to download latest episode only, something we've learned from releasing episodes or files very close to each other)

ZombieToaster said...

I see that you updated the bg comic. Good stuff :)


Dane Scaysbrook said...

Why thank you! I hope no one misses the now infamous "Pepto Bismol" , though having a podcast with sometimes explicit content such as ours, would be more suited to a background that didn't look like "Pop Tates" diner from the Archie Comics.

I'm recording solo at the moment, I'll probably have the episode up today or tommorow.

Root Beer King said...

awesome can't wait to see what the solo show will be like. Should be interesting I hope haha.

Dane Scaysbrook said...
This comment has been removed by the author.