Monday, May 12, 2008

Episode 65: Only Few Memories After You

Download episode 65 here.

Yes indeed, the time has come ladies and gentleman.

The final episode of Anime Pacific as we know it. Do not fret however, ANIPAC will live on in some form; primarily from now on, in blog form!

Shootin' The Breeze

Truly befitting a grand finish, I give a rather large revelation involving how I single handidly manipulated the threads of destiny which allowed Alex to come to Hong Kong and thus meet his bridge, Kaori. A prequel that doesn't dissapoint!

We also discuss some rather disturbing news regarding the Shek Kip Mei market. Alex didn't know where I was going at this at first, thus his clowning.

This leads to a discussion about the difference in eating habits between me and Alex.

In keeping with the tone of the show, we present our first completely extended non-edited on-air orgasm. About what you may ask?

Star Wars Steampunk!!!!

More on Steampunk, here.


I've long beseeched listeners and friends alike to show more love to the classic animes, and I now realize that I myself have been missing out on a piece of the retro anime pie; Laserdisc games!

One such game is TIME GAL, a laserdisc game from the 80's when pretty much every company jumped on the post-Dragon's Lair laserdisc game bandwagon.

TIME GAL was animated by none other than TOEI, and whilst It's not a "show" in the traditional sense, it's beautiful 80's design should be rememebered and admired.

That and the possible endings, or "deaths" of TIME-GAL could easily compete with the Space Quest series in sheer hilarity and quantitiy.

We haven't forgotten you, Time Gal!

A TIME GAL calendar; Most likely for otaku to take note of how many times a day they masturbated over her.

Judging by the cover, Time Gal looks ready to leap into your arms! I'm sure she will, just stare at the box for a few hours....

Ok, here's what you've been waiting for... A nice graphic shot of Time Gal's box!!!

What did you think I was talking about!? You deviant.

Find out more about laserdisc games, here.

It's....It's...the colonel!


For once, Alex expresses his love for animals in a healthy way!

See, here.

Promo: Lather's Blather

Jeff.....a-a-aaaaaaaaa...he entertains every-one-of-us!

Do check out Lather's Blather, Jeff has a voice that deserves to be heard, and fantastic content to boot.

Colbert VS Rain

I am Condom, Care to dance?

Alex mentioned earlier in the show, that he likes several layers of distance between he and his meals, so quick, see this video before he removes it!

Promo: Eeeper's Choice

Our darn good chum (and now, occasional co-host), Eeeper certainly has a lot of great stuff in his podcasting bag


A little bit out of sync, for a while; Hey it IS Anipac!

We get some great listener e-mails that we read out as well as some absolutely FANTASTIC voicemails from Eeeper, Regan, Kent and Djdrastic. Kent unleashes all in an epic tearjerking song, be prepared!

Alex; deflector of compliments, proceeds to talk about Regina, Canada. I happaned to like it!

Special: Gold Lightan Rap; extended edition (By Regan)

Regan's da man! Do check out his fantastic podcast, while you're at it.

Promo: Anime 82

Regan does what I can not; have a podcast that is both entertaining and enlightening; all done solo!

My Ears Are Bleeding / Chinese Idol?

It's the first I've heard about it!

Review: Space Adventure Cobra

In space, no one will hear you masturbate furiously.

With nay a fully clothed female in sight, Space Adventure Cobra easily represents the best part about the 80's. Whilst they are drawn, the females depicted within are REAL females, with curves and shape; not ribs with nipples like most of the repulsive supermodels today. You see ladies, we aren't sexist! We're encouraging you to defy modern doctrine.

Torrent is here.

I'm stuttering on occasion because I'm destracted by Alex's loud typing. I later had him beaten.

Check out author, Buichi Terasawa's website!

Promo: Up A Paddle

Kent is indeed, kentagious. His lovable podcast, and his great wit have certainly helped Up-A-Paddle cement a nice chunk of our hearts.

It's a wrap!

Before I forget, grab TIME GAL, here!

A big thanks to all who have supported us with kind words and help throughout the year(s).

We are far from dead, however. The blog lives on, and a few announcements should make you very happy.

Until then, goodbye!


Jeff Tatarek said...

We'll meet again, somewhere beyond the Sea of Stars. More thoughts after I download and listen to this episode.

May I suggest a "post-script" episode where the feedback from this episode is played out?

Alex said...

Well, as I say at the end of the show, I'll do some short solo shows over the summer while Dane is in Australia. Dane will blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey alex it would be great if you do a solo show for a while,hope ani pac returns in full one day.Thanks for all the great shows guys!!!!

Jeff Tatarek said...

Alex, if you did solo casts I think that'd be a good thing. The closest I've heard to that so far was when both of recorded separate segments and then glued them all together--I'm specifically referring to your thoughts on the Nova episode about ape intelligence. You climbed several rungs on my ladder of respect by not once referring to the chimpanzees as "monkeys" but instead holding to the proper "ape" terminology.

That kind of faux pas cuts deep when you're married to an anthropologist who started her studies with primatology.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

...and you'll have that boorish dickhead of a sidekick filtered out! It's win win win, Alex!

But seriously, the "post-script" thing is a rather good idea, let's see how the feedback goes!

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Oh Jeff! Hakaba Kitaro 8 FINALLY came out, it's at Animesuki.


Root Beer King said...

Hakaba Kitaro 8!? Jesus! That took them long enough...

As for AniPac I'm downloading the show as I write! I would have listened to it sooner, but I'm a bit afraid of the end haha.

ZombieToaster said...

The future doesnt seem so grim afterall.

Good that the site will still be active and perhaps even some audio now and then :)

Send me that golden rap mp3 file please. Or maybe i should ask that on anime 82 :P

And send me a real photo of you guys, i need to do some goodbye fanart ;)

So until the stars align, this is Bork, signing out.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Hey, Borkinator!

I'll e-mail you the Gold Lightan rap now, anyone else who would like one is also welcome to ask. I'm sure Regan would be happy to see his song circulating!

As for pictures (for potential fanart, awesome!) I'll see what I can dig up.

Freeing up the "duty" of serving an episode each and every week will get our creative juices flowing, and I'm sure something new will evolve in the coming months

- Yes, Very exciting!

Alex said...

yes, I'm it will be interesting to see how this will all play out.

If you are serious about blogging regularly, we could get some synergy going between your posts and the solo shows that I'll do.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Right; I'll have to study up on the "Hot Cowboy Studs" franchise.

Jokes aside, we'll wait for this episode to "cool down", I have also received some other things such as the "Ani-Pac" clip remix and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

Dane you do know the Italian version of violence jack is cut right?,Every version in europe was cut the only two versions totally uncut are the japanese and the north american release when it was rereleased by critical mass...but i do have this version and i bought a mpeg recorder so if you like i can mail you the dvd of them, email me if you want them.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Howdy Regan!

I can confirm that this version that I have is indeed the uncut version, I downloaded the dubbed version that ILA release and matched it with that of the Italian DVD. It's definitely uncut and contains the scenes that you mentioned in your review of Violence Jack.

Anonymous said...

Dane there is a site that shows whats cut from each version of violence jack ,like content and length of cut,i will find you the link.The Italian version was infact cut.For instance during the cannibal scene in the evil town ova 40 seconds was cut out.

Anonymous said...

Ok from what I have been told by a italian dude on boxtorrents only 40 seconds have been cut in total ,so thats not really a big deal seeing how 40 seconds out ofone of the three ovas is cut hey.But as I have never seen that version you could be if only you had the critical mass version to verify..ugh thats why i hate cut versions its all so confusing...Now if you want a head ache try and sort out the cuts made to the different releases of the Lensmen anime throughout the years!!

anyhow sorry for all the post
p.s the Toki arc of the fist of the north star is out with english subs on "Ebay"

Unknown said...

Anyways curse you Dave (See what I did there) and Alex for the 95 odd megabyte file , the lack of good broadband over here made it a 8k/sec test of patience.

To Kent:

Your blatant guerrilla marketing of your show , whilst at the same time adding false sympathy for fallen comrades was disgusting , immoral and just downright sneaky.

Sir I am disgusted by this treacherous act.

Good job you just gained another listener.

To Regan:

Dude I just can't express how cool you really are.First the genius rap and now the Fist of The North Star references.

+500 Man Points to you

To "my" 2 boys , Dane and Alex:

Don't disappear of the internet.The internet needs more of you guys , to fight in the upcoming Hi Definition Maid Wars.

And lastly

Jesus was I on Valium or something ?

Alex said...

Fear not! We won't be disappearing.

On a side note, I have come across a Japanese TV series from the early 70s . It is called "Lone Wolf Cub" (Kozure Okami), and it is available subbed on mininova.

Alex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dane Scaysbrook said...

Yes, "Lone Wolf And Cub", it's one of the most highly regarded manga series, ironically enough, made by Kazuo Koike!

Alex, that Tom Hanks film, "Road To Peredition" was based off of Lone Wolf and Cub, you can actually see it during the end credits.

Thanks for the praise Marius, we're honoured to be praised by the manliest podcaster ever!

I'll certainly be blogging effective pretty much, immedietely. Naturally we'll wait for episode 65 to cool down first, and I assume there'll be some sort of follow-up as some people have sent in some stuff, posthumorously.

Bork, the picture is on it's way!

Regan, I'll have to double-check to see if the cannibal scene is intact, I'd assume it's not based on what you've said, but whilst translating, I came across part of the script that seems like a cannibalism scene.

Alex, Connie said you were attacking my MSN with "Are you at home now?" messages due to my posting in the comments section, I'm actually posting from work.

Yes, a primary school teacher is taking time aside discussing things like cannibalism.

Funnily enough, it seems the podcast "dry spell" totally ended all of a sudden:

Manliest Ever Podcast, Anime 82, Anime World Order, Up A Paddle and Anime Roundtable have all put up new episodes.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Incidently, I'd be interested in people's thoughts regarding the last episode; it was our longest ever and whilst we didn't try to make it epic in the sense that we weren't going to bring something new and special into the show. Instead we tried to include all the aspects that made a "good ANIPAC episode".

Unknown said...

Yeah I thought it was a great show.I never knew Road to Perdition was based of Lone Wolf And Cub.

If you want to read an awesome manga read Samurai Executioner that was also written by Kazuo Koike.Highly Recommended.

Alex try and find the movie Shogun Assassin.It's a sort of mish-mash of the first 2 movies and has lots of gory action.The desert fight scene near the end is fricking awesome.

Anonymous said...

Dane, how come you can't do some solo shows from Australia too?

Aussiepac ???

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Solo shows in Australia are very likely; fear not!

Ahh yes, Shogun's Assasin:

"Your technique is magnificent, when cut across the neck a sound like wailing winter winds is heard they say, I'd always hoped to cut someone like that some day, to hear that sound, but to have it happen to my own neck, is ridiculous"

I never did get around to reading Samurai Executioner, though I enjoyed Lone Wolf And Cub so I'm bound to like it too!

Incidently, Golgo 13, episode 4; Easily the best one yet! If any readers/listeners are willing to give it a second chance, give it a watch.

Anonymous said...

This episode was really good, I like the longer shows,and you covered all what ani-pac does best,even Alex made sure to trash my beautiful homeland of Saskatchewan(the traditon of the backhanded complement)One of your best shows,Its interetsing just to hear you guys talk about random things like polotics and shows your watching,your review on Cobra was great aswell.The Time Gal sega cd game is online and can be played with the sega cd emulator called: Kega ,also a space cobra cd rom game is also online for kega.

And as I said before the newest fist of the north star ova is out on "ebay"
the Toki arc

Anonymous said...

Sorry Alex i wrote polotics as i speed typed I ment Politics..sorry gulp!!

Dane Scaysbrook said...


Regan, personally If I lived in Canada, I would chose Saskatchewan; I love winter and I love green!

Have you played Time Gal before Regan? I noticed there's a slight difference in the colouring for the Sega CD version. The Cobra game looks awesome, I've long known of it's existence but haven't had the opportunity to play it.

I'm glad you liked to Cobra review, it was, essentially for you!

I saw Toki Den about a week ago actually, I was rather dissapointed. I loved the song, but the whole retcon of "Toki actually had a terminal illness" totally devalues his noble sacrifice at the bunker. Well, I suppose I can consider it non-canon.

Dane Scaysbrook said...


Ok, Regan. Cannibal scene found.

ZombieToaster said...

I liked the longiness of the show.
The return of the anime person of the week segment was a welcome suprise, to bad you havnt done it more often.
Alex clicked around abit to much but otherwise the show was top notch.


Dane Scaysbrook said...

Yes, I have to agree the typing was incredibly annoying!

As for the Anime person of the week, my inclusion of it was kind of accidental. "It just happened!" but in hindsight, I'm glad it did.

Bork, I hear you're helping with the Souten No Ken manga, good job!

Alex said...

AH, Saskatchewan - Beautiful desolation. A moonscape with wheat. Not green Dane, but gold/yellow is the colour you are most likely to see outside the city.

ZombieToaster said...

watched the patlabor movie today, liked it quite abit more than what i watched of the ova. Mainly because the main girl wasnt in it as much and when she was, she was alot less anoying.

Now im watching blue sonnet on recomendation from reagan. Ive watched one episode and its ok so far. I was expecting it to be alot more futuristic after hearing that review of it. Well maybe it will be, I'm off to watch episode two now, bye.


Anonymous said...

Alex said this:AH, Saskatchewan - Beautiful desolation. A moonscape with wheat. Not green Dane, but gold/yellow is the colour you are most likely to see outside the city.

Regan says this:Alex you obviously have never been to Northren Saskatchewan its very green and guess what..there are thousand of trees (gasp!!)where eles in the world will you see somthing like this

also there is plenty green

Alex I love Saskatchewan and before you call Regina and Saskachewan a dump and a waste land you should at least know what THE HELL your talking about...and yes there is a lot of wheat unlike so many places in the world you can be alone in a wide open beautiful prairie.
Now I know your in British Columbia now so your probably smoking that crop b.c is famous for ,so I will forgive you.

Alex said...

hahahaha shhhhh shhhhhh facts are interfering with my newest stereotype push. The next in a long history. Come on. We all know that Dane is into tentacle sex role play, hates Anime Pulse, thought duo matrix was a women, is incredibly obese and balding, and pirated his newest copy of Cowboy Bebop even though he claims to have got it on ebay. Now we add the "Saskatchewan is a goldish wasteland to our incredible tales. Which are true, and which as er.. slightly fudged! I leave it to you to find out. :-)

Root Beer King said...

LMAO Alex your last comment was great.

Anywho! I thought I'd comment on the last episode, seeing as I haven't yet... Pretty much all I have to say is, I'm glad Anime Pacific will live on in many forms.

I'm really glad to hear Alex plans to keep the audio alive. At least we anipac'ers will still get to hear his lovely, Norm Mcdonald like tone.

Though I'll miss the giant 2 hour long episodes each week I'm happy you guys won't be completely gone from the internets.

Also, to Kent: Awesome job with the Still Alive parody.
Dane! e-mail me that, and the Goldlightan Rap please ^_~.

Root Beer King said...

Holy crap! I just watched that Condom video! Best song ever!

N15PCA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
N15PCA said...

Thank you for the kind words Alex.

Anonymous said...

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