Thursday, June 5, 2008

Episode 66: We're Back! Well,sort of....

Download Episode 66 here.

OK, not really. Well back, but minus one blimpy co-host (read Dane).

Yes, it is my (Alex's) first solo show. Ladies, get ready to self... OK, I am not Dane. I can't pull that off. However, I think I can deliver a somewhat half entertaining show.

I discuss Dane's future career as a Sanitation worker or cast member in a remake of Sanford and Son.

I talk about this cosplay picture:


and this one:

The horror.. the horror....
Read about them here.

See The Economist's week-long series on food in Japan here.

See the amazing Buzzfeed video on "Train Packing" here.

Read about Dane's perverted unauthorized biography - Sensei-tional - here.

Check out this Wired blog post about flying in the good old days. Take a look at the videos.

Thanks to Lather's Blather for pointing me to this interesting podcast on The Byzantine Empire.

I also talk about the Indy 4.

Well, thats all for now! Comments anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Alex good job.

welcome to the glorious Solitude of the solo podcasters universe!!!

I have a question for you Alex,now that you drive a train do you watch anime about trains???

-train anime-
-Night on the Galactic Railroad
-Galaxy Railroad
-Galaxy express 999

Alex said...

Ah thank-you for the welcome. Now that I have figured out how to post stuff, I wonder if I get Dane to record a bit with me. Hmmm.

I have not seen any of those train Anime. However, I remember in Kaze no Yojimbo, there is a scene where they couple and uncouple railway cars. And watching it, I was like "Hey, thats not how it's done. No one 'pulled the pin' to uncouple the cars."

And BTW, I don't "drive" the train. Not yet at least. I am a conductor.

Root Beer King said...

Whoa, I was quite surprised about this! I looked at my pod-catcher, and I noticed the update. At first I just skimed by, so I read it and was like "Oo Anime-82 put out a new podcast!" then I looked at it again "Holy crap that doesn't say Anime-82! That says Anime Pacific!" so of course I downloaded and listened to it right away!

Good job goin' solo Alex, it was of course not as funny as the old episodes, but that's to be expected without Dane to play off of. All in all I enjoyed hearin' the anime pacific again, I missed it!

Alas, I'm looking forward to more solo episodes, until the faithful day that you two reunite again!

Keep keepin' on Alex!

P.S. And for fuck sakes Dane add Intense Debate to this blog! ^_^

Alex said...

Yes, it would have been nice to be able to call Dane a homeless man face-to-face as it were... Dane's reactions would have been priceless.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Intense debate! I forgot about that! It shall be done!

Hahah well, I totally did not expect this episode; though Alex did tell me a bit in advance, I found four e-mails to the effect of:

* I'm making a new episode eh!
* I don't know how to post the new episode, eh!
* I found out how to post it, eh!
* Why didn't you reply, eh? Is it because I called you a fat homeless scab of humanity, eh?

I'll probably have to record a complete rebuttal at some stage, but I'll verify somethings first:

The glass table was not found in the rubbish; in fact nothing in my old Sui Wo Court house was found in the rubbish, it's not really feasible in that location to find some delightful trinkets.

The computer chair was in fact, to this date one of the most comfortbale, classy chairs I've ever owned. That chair was simply moved outside of a nearby dwelling around "Dagobah", was completely clean and not covered in semen (much to Alex's eternal distress) or in anyway soiled.

The table that I took, was a lovely oak table; It was indeed found in the trash area, but I took it home and restored it; it wasn't even grubby to begin with but I cleaned, wiped and polished it!

ZombieToaster said...

Good show Alex, you handled it quite well. And thanks for the compliments on the picture.
The reason that Dane is blue is because i wanted you to have different colors and the brown made him look like a turd ;P
Only having 6 colors to work with is a big handicap. But thats also why i love doing that kind of art :)


ZombieToaster said...

i mean 16 colors, not 6 :P


Alex said...

Well, I can imagine the great difficulties involved in making Dane not look like a turd. :-)

But yah, great job.

Anonymous said...

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