Monday, July 28, 2008

Anime Pacific: Episode Something-Something

Download Episode Something-Something, here.

Due to a sudden burst in comments requesting new episodes of ANIPAC, I decided I should record my own solo-episode.

Shootin' The Breeze

I talk about my experiences with acupuncture.

I should have consulted Alex beforehand. Who better than to tell me the feeling of 3 pricks looming around your head?

I then rant about Australia's extremely restrictive ratings system. In the words of many, "the most restrictive censorship laws in the western world".

Here's a little video giving a list of some recently banned games. I DID not make this video, and I apologize for the awful music.

Review: Batman; Gotham Knight

Does this actually count as Anime? Listen to find out more. Suffice to say, Warner's issued a challenge to the major anime studios; Who rose to the occasion? Who was the unexpected loser?

This will get you sold on High-Definition "Anime" if all attempts before it have failed.

It's a wrap!

At the beginning of the show, I discussed the future of the show; you might be suprised! Also, you can hear my sexy voice again; soon! I recorded another epic episode of the Iheartthe80's podcast, with my good chums Eeeper and Jeff Tatarek which I'm sure will turn up, soon!


Anonymous said...

OMGZ! What's this? A new episode of Anime Pacific in my Itunes? It can't be! This is madness! What's next, Anime Genesis finally releases a real episode after a million years?

Anonymous said...

glad to see "the return"

Root Beer King said...

Wow, Dane! You're back!

This is a nice little surprise, and just in time! I just beat MGS4 and needed something else to put my attention on.

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back on the air Dane!

Unknown said...

Awesome !

I never trusted accupuncture man.I mean one wrong finger movement , and then boom ! No more djdrastic

Well thats what FOTNS has taught me about vital spots.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Glad to see everyone happy.

Oh MAN! I totally forgot about that, I actually mentioned Hokuto No Ken to the doctor who was most amused. Remember, back in the 80's, Hokuto No Ken was as prevalent as Star Wars. You can Make HnK jokes in Hong Kong and everyone will get it.

Damn, that's the whole point of me bringing up the acupuncture story and I totally forgot to mention it.

And Benu, you've got a great excuse, you've been extremely busy with AX stuff. Anime-Genesis seems busier than ever!

Scays said...

i Cousin, nice to see you back on the air, Scays

Unknown said...

Hi Dane ; The part where the kids talk about Batman was ripped off from Batman - The Animated Show from the 90's.

I have to be honest , I really dont care where a show comes from.Whether it be the States or Pacific , as long as its good I really don't give an eff.

Besides I think the Americans have wised up a bit ; In shows like Avatar , they use Japanese folklore and art design combined with a non pedorific story about a powerful young boy.

ZombieToaster said...

I too was 100% sure that was a kawajiri creation when i saw it.

Glad to see you still know how to record an episode :)

I just watched macross, the tv series, the two movies and zero ova. I liked it, i think it was you that recomended it to me as a beginner robot anime.
Anyways, the only things i didnt like was the personalities of the female characters. especialy in do you remember love and the zero ova.
They ranged from really immature to just plain bitches.

Anyways kep up the good work.

PS. I still want to know how to ad a background picture to my blog :P


N15PCA said...

I wish marvel do a anime Wolverine movie just like Batman: Gotham Knight. Let the best anime studios get their hands on Wolverine. That would be sick. I always wanted to see Wolverine cut someone in half.

I really like the second story to Batman: Gotham Knight. I reminded me of Spawn show the came on HBO back in the day. I by my icon you can see I love Spawn.

Regan Strongblood said...

With my ultra ESPer powers
I see a new episode of anime pacific up very soon....that is unless you want your brains to explode!!!

Muw ha ha ha!

Unknown said...

Come Back Pumpkin Joe

Alex said...

Well, I was hoping to record one today (Friday evening for me, Sat morning for Dane) but he isn't online today. :-( That kills an episode with the to of us until next week because of my work schedule.

I guess I could record a solo show, but it isn't the same really.

Anonymous said...

Will you two get off your arses and record some kinda show? I'm almost ready to release the next show from us and I move slower than most political institutions!

Alex said...

well, really there is only chance per week. That is Friday evening here,Sat morning there. the last couple weeks Dane hasn't been online at that time.

Anonymous said...

Ok guys I just watched the 1st of the new space cobra ovas and its pretty good!

alot of girls with big boobs with guns,alot of weird aliens and of course
cobras still cool as hell...

Alex your call for some newer anime to go back to the old ways has been answered!!!

Anonymous said...

Tie Dane up (actually he might like that..) stick a mic in front of him and threaten to take away his pron collection if he doesn't :)

Regan Strongblood said...

Lets riot!!!

we want anipac!
we want anipace!

get the hammers!
get the swords!

Alex said...

We recorded a show over the weekend. So, there is one on the way.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Yes, apologies!

Regan, has it been subbed yet? I saw a trailer on youtube, the production values look great!

Though my fears that it was a remake as opposed to something new seem to have been realized to a certain extent.

Mr. Eeeper! When's the next Capricorn Theatre coming out eh? *wink wink*

Anonymous said...

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