Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Anime Pacific; Post Eclipse #1

Download the first "Post Eclipse" special, here.

Berserk fans should understand the title.

We're cuttin' this episode in half; AWO style. That way, you're guaranteed something else soon. It's a bit crackly, but I'm afraid we had to record this on the fly.

Shootin' The Breeze

I recount an epic mobile phone conversation with my good chum, Eeeper.

Whilst recounting my excitement for the new, "Space Adventure Cobra" OVA, I tried to look it up on youtube. Regan's old youtube show, "AnimeTalk" was the first thing that popped up. One of the comments, and Regan's subsequent reply had me giggling like a schoolgirl.

Alex has verbal diarrhea, and gives his full-on review of, "Darker Than Black" as well as a recommendation to check out "Bounen No Xamdou",

We talk about atmosphere in anime; Something that's very important for both me and Alex.

More coming soon!


Anonymous said...

A new episode? Ha ha! I knew my hollow, empty threats would work!

Anonymous said...

Hey wait a minute! There's no show! You guys lied to me!?!

Alex said...

hahahha yes I see.. the download link is messed up... hmmmmm

I'll be he will fix it when he gets back from work (early in the morning our time).

Root Beer King said...

Yay for a new episode! Even if the download link is broken...

Anonymous said...

Alex I will tell you how to fix it:just go back to garage band on the mp3 link and click "copy short cut"
instead of just "copy"..

and then we can have the

Dane Scaysbrook said...

It's google chrome's fault; Honest!

Well...the copy IMAGE button is located at the same place as Opera's copy link button, thus the confusion.


Root Beer King said...

Haha gotta love Google Chrome! Why I'm using it right now in fact! Good to see you fixed the link, Dane. I can't wait to listen!

Anonymous said...

I see. Yes, it's was Google's fault. Of course. I'm downloading the show now. Woo-hoo!

Dane Scaysbrook said...

You should be happy Eeeper; This episode is rated E - For high level Eeeper references!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

This new layout has confirmed my suspicion.Dane is "down with the brown".


EEEGads a new episode !

Alex said...

Hahahah Down with the brown.

BTW - I converted to Google Chrome too. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Yep, let's all laugh at the Paddy. Go on. Get it over with.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I'm actually mostly of Irish descent too; However my love of rice as opposed to potatoes has barred me from the possibility of an Irish passport!

Root Beer King said...

Dane my friend, I've bought a domain name finally! You can now find RPG Lamer at www.RPGLamer.com, please update the link on the site if you could.

Great episode by the way! I guess after part two your new project will be announced?

Anonymous said...

It looks like I'm gonna have to give Darker than Black a second chance.I was literally rolling on my cars floor when Dane did his Irish and Canadian impersonations.

djdrastic awaaayyyy

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Glad to see you enjoyed it! I'll have to work on my South African accent!

Anonymous said...

great show guys,when do we get part 2???

Unknown said...

It's on the way, probably today or tomorrow. Stay tuned! After part two, we'll probably do one more Anime-Pacific episode to introduce the next "project" which is nearing completion.

ZombieToaster said...

Hmm dane havnt i asked you for the info on how to ad a background picture of old wallpaper? With no answer. And now i see it here. Hmmm :-I

Anyways great that you made another episode. Ill listen to it tomorrow.

N15PCA said...

Glad to see you guys back podcasting again guys. Can’t wait for the next episode.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Borky, I don't recall you asking me about an old paper background! Actually this one is just a standard blogger template. I just kind of tacked it on. After the next episode which I'll post up tonight, we'll record one final Anime Pacific episode before the new "project" (which will come with a new website, also)

All will be revealed!

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