Friday, October 17, 2008

Anime Pacific Episode 69: Out like M*A*S*H?

Download episode 69, here

Yes, the true final episode of the world's greatest wannabe seldom on topic Anime Podcast.

Shootin' The Breeze

Notice the nicer audio? (I bloody hope so!)

Consider this episode a quality test for our future "project".

Behold, the new "project". ANIPAC, our new Asian entertainment/geekery/(retro) gaming related podcast and blog. It's still in early stages though I've posted two blog entries to get it kick started. Expect it to be regularily updated, soon.

To all who wish to link to us, please do so. Visit ANIPAC, here.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the new site, please e-mail us at our new e-mail;

Additionally, we will upload the first few podcast episodes here at the Anime Pacific website; On the Anime Pacific feed. Hopefully this should work as a transition and will encourage you to get off your admittedly fat arse (come on, just stand up and look at it!) and grab the new ANIPAC feed in your podcatcher.

Expect the following from ANIPAC:

* Guilt-free rambling
* Asian related entertainment (including Anime, fear not)
* Retro-Gaming
* And hopefully exclusive coverage and interviews
* Something new for us, and a true sign that we have grown and matured: gay jokes.

Essentially we hope to broaden our demographic...

We look back at the early days of Anime Pacific and provide some little bits of trivia to the show, including the gruelling recording session of our first promo.

Alex demands you check out Chikipedia, for academic reasons, of course!
Promo's played:

RPG Lamer

Shoutout to: Fightbait Anime Podcast (check it out folks, it's good!)

New Anime Season Impressions:

As usual, we refer to StarCrossed Anime Blog's season preview.

Alex Reviews Monster:

A first, for Anime Podcasts (or anyone), Monster gets a bad review.

It's a wrap!

Stayed tuned for more at ANIPAC; updates will also be posted here for a while to ease the transition into the new site.


Root Beer King said...

Woot the boot! New episode!

Thanks for playing the RPG Lamer promo!

Now if only the podcast I'm already listening to would end, so that I could listen to this instead.

Root Beer King said...

Also, you're going to add an RSS feed to your new site, right?

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I certainly shall, my dear man.

I'm glad to have some new promos, I must have played Upapaddles's like fifty times.

And look at Kent now! Look at him! Up there on his high horse...

Root Beer King said...

Haha, now I HAVE to review Star Ocean 2...I own the Ps1 verison o' the game, but I'll save such a review for the PSP "remake".

And Dane you should totally record a stinger for the ol' RPG Lamer Podcast ;)

Unknown said...

I guess it's a case of The King is dead (make that Queen) , long live the King/Queen ?

And yeah .Episode 6-9.Yeah.

Rhayader said...

Alex: Im a man with a need to listen to people ramble on about stuff while im working. So I was serious when i said id relisten to all of it. I dont listen to enough podcasts to fill up my time anyways, and yours is the best.


Dane Scaysbrook said...

I've taken a page out of Borky's book and started to listen to old episodes. I have to say those early episodes (10's to 20's) were pretty good, and I noticed a downturn in audio quality which until Episode 69, never got good again.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to thank you for talking about my show...for like 15 minutes. Heh. No really though. Thanks a lot.

N15PCA said...

I watched all the episodes of True Blood so far. It’s ok show. I wish they would show more of the lives of the vampires in the show. Why do I care about Tara Thornton mother and whats happeing to her during the show.

Alex said...

its more character drama than sci-fi drama.

Don't tune in looking for the next Alias or something. Tune in if you liked 6-feet under.

N15PCA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
N15PCA said...

This week episode of True Blood was much better. Now I don't mind drama in True Blood. I just want it to be on the vampires. I hope they finish the last three episodes in style.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!!!


Anonymous said...


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