Sunday, March 29, 2009

Anime Pacific: The "Lost" Video Episode

The Lost Video from Episode 43.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you.
I'm having trouble expressing myself beyond the standard "great episode, waiting for more" so I'll leave it at that.

Root Beer King said...

Haha I remember this! Good times... I don't understand why it's being posted again though... Was it really lost?

Isn't the original post still around? or is it lost as in; you just found it kicking around on your hard drive, amongst the porn, one day and thought, "Might aswell post this again!"?

Kent said...

Man, that video takes me back. I like how you called out Happy House of Hentai for podfading. After checking out their site, it looks like they are still going strong. Also, damn you Connecticut Leather Company. You and your cabal of Cabbage Patch Dolls, secretly plotting to take over anime podcasting. Please, just stick to the Coleco games like you used to.

Finally, imagine my surprise when I noticed that you are linking to (It's Kentagious) as Wang Tickler's Annonymous. This is horribly offensive. You misspelled anonymous!

Alex said...

It was originally posted at Divxstage 6, which died a while ago. So it was therefore "lost".

A request was made in the comments section a while back. Hence, Dane's repost.

As for a new episode, we have had trouble co-ordinating our time-off. However, Dane has Easter holidays coming up, so I suspect that something will be in the works.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

My goodness, I DID spell anonymous wrong! I must correct that, post-haste!

I actually thought the video was truly lost until I found it on my hard-drive in the "podcast" directory.

I recall at the time, Happy House Of Hentai moved webstites and/or hadn't updated in a while; thus the podfade mention: Ooops!

Anime Noodles, on the other hand. There's your typical two episode Podcast. Any podcast with a picture of Naruto on the mainpage is destined to fade.

Anonymous said...

Please excuse my ignorance, but can you explain to me what a "Gaijin" is? I read the information about episode 82 where Dane refers to Alex as a "mysteriously thin Gaijin" and I have heard you use the term before.

Good show too - could you review games as well?