Friday, July 10, 2009

Heads up, yet again! Another "episode".

Hi fellows! Thanks for making ANIPAC a success! The first episode was released to NO promotion whatsoever and already has around 300 downloads. That's about half of Anime Pacific in its prime, but considering that I didn't really promote ANIPAC, it is a pleasant suprise that so many of you decided to check it out.

I do wonder how many of you actually visit ANIPAC however. As it seems that our downloads skyrocket when I announce it over here at Anime Pacific!
If you check the latest post at ANIPAC, you can see some pictures of my lovely little daughter!

This post is basically a heads up as I recorded what could be best described as an "audio diary".
Download this "episode", here.

EDIT: LINK FIXED. Thank you anon!
I may record some solo Anime Pacific episodes in the near future, so check HERE and for goodness sakes, check out ANIPAC.


Anonymous said...

I'm checking animepacific site almost daily, but I only check anipac 1-2 times/week. There are few reasons for it.
1) anipac is half a blog, half a podcast. While blog posts are usually entertaining when I actually read them, I rarely do. A major advantage of a podcast is that i can listen to it on the go. To read a blog I need to be at my computer, and the competition for my attention is fierce.
2) I know that you will make a post on animepacific when new anipac comes out. :)
3) I'm too lazy to update my bookmarks(or use RSS)

Thanks for the update. Hearing that you're doing ok is one of those little things that make me think that world isn't such a bad place after all. Best of luck, in all your crazy adventures :)

P.S. You're linking to Anipac Ep1 instead of the "diary" episode

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Thank you, anon!

I consider that sort of feedback extremely valuable, and thanks for noticing my cock-up with the links.

I suspected the blog was not that popular. It's cool; the podcast is the focus afterall!