Sunday, August 30, 2009

Episode 74: A GOR-geous look into the Arena...

Download Episode 74, here.

We're back yet again, with yet another enchanting episode of Anime Pacific.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex furthers his descent into perversity the world of Gor, which has also apparently taken over a sizable chunk of second life.

Here's another interesting article, here.

Review: Arena

Torrent is here. Video is great, my best work. Audio, not so great.

Check out another great review, here.

Arena is one of the greatest displays of imagination used in Sci-Fi ever, against all the odds.

Old imperial probe droid shells have become a fashion sensation...

Quick, call the paparazzi! The Olsen Twins are here without their makeup!

Dismayed at being reduced to a mere internet meme, Admiral Acbar downs his twelth drink.

Despite protests from the producer, Rosie O'Donnell insists on returning to "The View".

We might as well enjoy this while it lasts, Alaimo! I mean, how many times will we get to play aliens in a sci-fi story set on an intergalactic space station!?

Fearing the wrath of Cobra, Crystal-Boy goes into hiding, joining a small band with Tina Turner and a Rhino.

No doubt enraged at the fact that evolution saw fit to make it impossible for him to wipe his own bottom, this alien flies into a rage.


After a final word on Gor and Arena, we promise that we'll be back next week.

And we will!