Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Episode 78: The Cursed Episode!

Download Episode 78, here.

Perhaps it could be called the Anime Pacific Holiday special!

I tell you folks, this episode was cursed.

I'll keep the shownotes short, as I am not feeling too well today.

This episode we talk about:

Dead Rising 2

A Gundam Wedding

JIBTV (Blog, here)

And the delightful, Namco Namja Town!


Alex gets a male mail of a political nature and is utterly jubilant, resulting in an impassioned response.

Here's where me and Alex get political. This can often spell the death of a podcast!

We also discuss an utterly epic, hilarious e-mail from Regan!

Next episode

We look at that "anime" stuff. I review the Tower of Druaga!