Friday, May 14, 2010

94: Wizardry sans Rick Moranis

Download episode 94, here.

In this, our 94th episode, we discuss Y2K panic, moving home, Anime R.I.P., and I spend more time reviewing the mediocre 90's OVA, Wizardry than any other sane podcaster would dare...

Shootin' The Breeze

We start the show by discussing my big move; finally a room for my computer. Masturbation jokes ensue; what a surprise.

Mail & News:

That little darling, Kent, e-mails us supporting my love of Summer Wars. Alex rolls on the floor and squeals with utter despair. Or not. But it's a funny thought, is it not?

Review: Wizardry; The Anime

Wizardry the Anime is not in and of itself an important title; nor is it an especially good one. However, Wizardry itself is extremely relevant in gaming history; almost single handily being responsible for J-RPG gaming as we know it, and through the ripple effect, the Japanese AND North American anime industry. How? Listen and find out...