Monday, October 18, 2010

Episode 99: Alex & The Unicorn's Redline

Episode 100, will be broadcasted LIVE on Saturday 7:30pm PST. Stay tuned for twitter updates. Stickam page link is listed under the episode link.

This episode, we discuss our adventures in Malaysia, our upcoming plans for episode 100, Redline and Gundam Unicorn. Very exciting eh!

Download Episode 99, here.

Our Stickam page link is here.

Shootin' The Breeze

We discuss our plans for the 100th episode of Anime Pacific, I am very excited about Stickam; Alex...Not so much! (Probably due to the fact that he'll have to wear pants)

We also discuss new fan, The Mangaman and his amusing tweets that fill us with nostalgia.


China-Smack has become increasingly negative and tabloid-ish and has been removed from the links section of our website. It has since been replaced with China-Hush.

After discussing our memories of Malaysia, we discuss Red-Line. Which has attracted a lot of buzz lately.

Who could have guessed that a Hindi action film would attract this much attention? 

The always great Colony Drop has an excellent review of Redline, here.

                                                "Wait a minute, they don't look Indian...."

Alex wishes to reiterate that this is not a review of Gundam Unicorn, but more of an impression of what Gundam fruitycornUnicorn actually is and what it means for the UC Gundam Franchise.


We discover more DuoMatrix gold, I discuss my disdain for Dog owners (those who own dogs and "Dog-Owners" are very different things)

Stay tuned, and see you on Saturday!

Promos Played:

(a.k.a - "Revolt your audience whilst occasionally mentioning anime" cast.

Up A Paddle (try as he might, Kent shall never surpass Anime Pacific in episode count!)

Special Extra:

If you stick around after the ending song, there's a little extra snippet about the latest Japan-China crisis. Listen if you are interested; It didn't really fit anywhere else in the show.