Monday, January 31, 2011

104: Sanctuary is up your Alex

This episode, we actually focus on Anime for once: We discuss the Fractale debacle, the upcoming Berserk films and I review the classic Seinen manga: Sanctuary!

Download episode 104, here!

In a nutshell, this episode is about:
  •  The controversy surrounding episode 103
  •  The Fractale Committee's insistence that ALL fansubbing be eradicated before the simulcast continues (good luck)
  • The completion of Red Photon Zillion, now at BakaBT!
Review: Sanctuary 

It would be cliché to say that they just don't make Manga like this anymore; and it's not true anyway: The same team, Sho Fumimura (Aka Buronson!) and artist Ryoichi Ikegami are working on popular Crime Manga, Heat. Which is currently being scanlated.

Immaculately well written; Sanctuary's greatest accomplishment is its perfect synergy in its depiction of both Japanese politics and the underworld; the nature of which seems interchangeable, and often are.

Yet on a deeper level, it addresses the problem, which is still very much a problem: the repression of the young and Japan's fear of change. Unfortunately, given what has happened in the decades following Santuary's creation, the events in Sanctuary could best be viewed as a (mostly) optimistic historical "what-if".

Long out of print, Santuary is still obtainable if you hunt for it; Naturally it has also been scanlated.